{A Little Relieved}

Friday, October 8, 2010

So,  I have to say I am a little bit relieved by the response from Wednesday's post;
Don't get me wrong,  I don't think everyone (or even anyone)  has to agree with me, that's not it.
I have seen topics like this,  along with ones on nursing, homeschooling, daycare,
vaccinations, etc. where people actually take offense to the post.
And get really upset.
Like it was a direct attack on them, when clearly it was not.
Have you seen that happen?
It's surprising to me but I have seen it happen several times on other blogs.
But let me get onto why I am glad no one took my post the wrong way. 
Here is what happened last week....

{it's me, the offender, in desperate need of a haircut}

Wellllll(she says, looking a little sheepish), last week I posted something on facebook
 that at least one person took offense to.
I jokingly posted something about all the political ads we have been
 getting in the mail and basically how dumb and wasteful they are.
This is what I said:
"Uh-oh,  Bob Flider is rolling up his sleeves folks, I think we should all be scared."
{the mailer showed him rolling up his sleeves and "getting down to business"} 

I was making a joke, quoting the mailer exactly and didn't mean anything by it, really.
I was not making a negative or positive comment about any candidate or either party. 
I really do try to avoid all things political on places like facebook,
 because sometimes I can get a bit fired up about them...
so it is best for me not to discuss these things,
at least not on a social networking site.

And something that is hard to remember at times... on blogs facebook, etc.?
Apparently one's tone does not always come across in their writing.
In real life I can tend to be a bit of a smart-ass, a little on the sarcastic side at times,
Just so ya know.
So I thought it would be evident that I was only making a joke, 
poking fun at all of the political craziness.
After going back and forth with a couple of friends on how many mailers we get daily, 
which ones are the worst, etc. someone else made a joke about what the opposing 
candidate's mailer said,  and I might have made another, slightly inappropriate
joke about doing bodily harm to him if we got any more of his junk mail.
Again, joking...but maybe in bad taste.
Yeah, Probably in bad taste.

Anyway, someone  proceeded to send me numerous emails, forwards about the
 different candidates and wondered (in a third email) what
one of the candidates ever did to me,  along with lecturing me on voting
 and all of the problems with politics in our country in general.
Ummmm...really?  It was a joke.
So after that little incident I am trying to consciously remember that my tone, 
mood or sense of humor may not always come across in my posts.
Sometimes it's easy to forget that.

So thank you for not taking anything I said the wrong way and for not sending me
 any psycho emails. I loved reading what you all had to say, I read and re-read all of your
 comments and wondered why we could not all live near each other and hang out and
 drink coffee together. Seriously.
Thank you.

Well, it's Friday.
You can find me here today, too.
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. You're adorable in that hat! And, I know how you feel. I am a smart-ass and sarcastic also. I'll shoot off an email or make a comment and think nothing of it. Then I'll get a reply that surprises me and I'll reread it and think, "Oh, that could have totally been misunderstood." That's why I tend to use lots of words in caps and quotes b/c I am hoping people can read how I speak.

  2. Ha, don't you just LOVE when people don't catch your sarcastic tone??
    I know I've been on both ends of that kind of communication:) It's awesome. LOL.

  3. That happened to me during our last pretty big election... I'm (surprise surprise) a very liberal democrat, and sometimes I forget that not all of my Facebook friends are as well! :)
    Tone in writing is so hard... I'm a smart ass at times as well, and finding the right words to convey sarcasm is tougher than I ever thought possible!
    Hope you have a good weekend :)

  4. Ha - I thought you had been a little quiet on FB lately. So sorry you had to go through that - you are not alone. There needs to be some way to get across that sweet sarcastic tone when you are typing - I just don't get why people can't read into it what we mean (insert sarcastic tone here).

  5. Oh yeah, that is so true. People tend to take such offense at what others say. I want to say, "get over yourselves!" It can be hard to edit yourself and a large part of me says you don't have to on your own blog - this is your space to say and post what you want. If someone doesn't like it, tough toenails. Same with Facebook, if it's your own page. What is the point of even "owning" this space if you can't say what you want. It's not like you threatened anyone. And as for opting out of preschool, my hat is off to you. Each moment we spend with our kids, at any age, is a gift. And if you are able to do what you do when they are so young and not go postal, well then I take all my hats off to you.

  6. this is the wierd part of online interaction.

  7. oh my gosh...ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!

    that email i sent you this morning ...you know the "wine" one....well that is pretty much in line with this post!

    i always feel i can say what i would to my aussie girlfriends back home...but someone else my hear me and think i'm a raging drunk!
    it's called tongue-in-cheek.../wit...people!

    oh honey...what is it with the world...lighten up folks!!!

    ....loved your wagon of pumpkins linked up photos...

    melissa xxx

  8. Geez.

    Some people need to get a sense of humor.

  9. Oh, Facebook. Yep, I've gotten in to trouble on there before. Some people just take themselves way too seriously. Way. I'm glad you got nothing but blog love about your nothing, because yes I have seen some comments before that have made me sad. :(

  10. ok - you must reveal WHO to me amy!

  11. Hi Amy,
    I can read your posts and see when you are making jokes or when you are sarcastic, so no problems for me understanding you. Even though I have no clue who that candidate is, not living in your country... Enjoy the Sunday,


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