Ten on Ten:: October

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten on TenTake a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month.

It's Ten on Ten, October-style.

Normally I do not explain my pictures for Ten on Ten, I figure my pictures tell the story...
 but I will tell you that in picture #9  I was having a virtual glass of wine with Melissa, as she was
 on the other side of the world doing the same. I love this little online community, I really do.
Happy Sunday everyone...
 Hope you had a fabulous weekend! 


  1. you are so so rad.
    i love that peely paint background.
    is that your porch?
    love it with the pumpkin.
    i need to paint something turquoise.
    right now.
    look out kids.
    unless you want to be turquoise.

  2. These are really great! I love your first shot...so creative. Looks like a wonderful day!

  3. As always, fantastic shots... I really do look forward to this. Lx

  4. awesome idea...
    love the photos.
    especially the first.

  5. Your acorn date is the bomb! And, that blue porch can never be painted. I swear poop would look gorgeous photographed on that porch.

    We painted our little walkway up to our house in San Diego a funky blue color. Your pix always make me miss it. I need to paint something blue here.

  6. I love the acorn photo and like that you had a virtual glass of wine with your friend.

  7. Ahhhhh!!
    I love your TEN - but first, I really, REALLY love your acorn 10.10.10 sign. The first thing that came to my mind was - how in the world did you do that without any kids messing it up???
    So cute.... and the wine date... that ROCKS!

  8. Awesome pictures. That first one with the acorns is so cute. I love it.

  9. Fabulous set. Love your necklace and your 101010 acorns!!

  10. I must admit, the "Cheers, Melissa" picture made me smile real big. Thank you. :)

  11. Love those. Especially your daughter showing you her doll. :)

  12. the first picture...so creative! great pictures as always! happy 10-10-10!

  13. I love all of your photos, really creative ... love the vibe.

  14. oh miss amy...i loved each and every photos...little moments of your day...loved the pumpkin...10 on 10....your gorgeous necklace....

    but mostly LOVED your message...i seriously laughed out loud and clapped my hands with excitement!!!!!!!
    posting mine now...you are my mid-afternoon in the sun....you'll see...

    huge hugs....
    melissa xox

  15. Gorgeous pictures. What a cool day, 10-10-10. I wish I had remembered about the 10 on 10. Thanks for capturing it!

  16. Beautiful Amy,
    I love the cemetery one...is that weird??:)
    Enjoy the day

  17. I think the one of Charlotte holding Polly is my fav. Her sweet little hand. . .what a priceless memory!

  18. Shut up. I ADORE your POV. Have I told that to you yet? You rock! And really, yes your pictures tell their own story. Coffee is a must. Toys are a must. I may disagree with the recipe books but that is just because I'm like TAZ in the kitchen, but then the pumpkin!!! LOVE IT!!! and the acorns...

    FAN-FALL-TASTIC set chica.

    Ps. The first shot is a candle decal window cling illuminated by morning sunshine :)

  19. Ohhhh, the window.
    I heart windows:)

  20. Whoot Whoot - I finally joined along. Loving a glimpse at your day. The fall trees in the cemetary reminds me so much of where we lived in in IL...and you know how much I love that chippy painted porch of yours. Beautiful day.

  21. They're always so colorful, your photos. They do make me smile. I can't wait to pick pour pumpkins just so I can take photos of them :)

  22. Lovely!! Ten on ten is so fun to take part in, mine came out with an Autumn theme as well, unintentionally! I love them all but I think my two favorites are the cemetery and the rose in the window.

  23. What a great set! I adore the last photo. Nice touch indeed.

  24. love this!! favorite is the window shot...ray of sunshine, rooftop and rose!


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