Lovely Days :: Indian Summer

Monday, October 25, 2010

We have had gorgeous warm and (mostly) sunny weather the last several days.
Yesterday I think it got up to 80*.
Hello, Indian Summer.
I love you.
In Central Illinois you never know what you will get this time of year so we love this weather.
Appreciate it, savor it. And get out in it as much as possible.
Riding scooters at the park, spending time at a relatives house in the country, lunch on the front porch, sidewalk chalk, drives through the country and even extra walks for the dogs.
Just to spend a little more time outside.

Windows are open.
We have had turned on the furnace for just two chilly mornings and turned it back off.
Virtually no heat or a/c  for well over a month now. 
Pure bliss.
A state of bliss relative to the unpredictable weather that is the Midwest, anyway.

We know what is coming.
Cold, ice, snow, sleet, shovels, power outages, dread, below freezing temps, 
white knuckled driving, not wanting to leave the house....all of it will be here before we know it.
So this we savor.
Winter will be long and cold and at times, depressing.
We will be dreaming of these days much too soon.

And while we are talking about all things lovely....
did you see my HEADER?!
I'm so excited about it.
I absolutely adore it and it really feels like me.
Heather at Blessed Little Nest designed it for me.
And the new blog button?
Love it so much.
Heather plans to open up shop designing headers, buttons, etc.
 so watch out for that in November, she is seriously talented.

Hope you all have a lovely Monday!
And be sure to come back tomorrow for Virtual Coffee.


  1. Oooooh how I get this. Midwesterners unite! Indian summers are VERY VALUABLE and HIGHLY TREASURED around here, too.

    PS. Lovin the new blog header. I feel quite welcomed to your new digs! :)

  2. LOVE the new header! And this weather-- I agree 100%. I live in Iowa. Similar amazing weather patterns here. :)

  3. Fellow midwesterner here too. As soon as I read..."we know what is coming,"...I knew what was coming. I'm not looking forward to it! Love your photos today.

  4. we have it the opposite out here in the southwest. hibernating in the summer to keep from bursting in flames from the heat. i'm so glad you're getting another round of happy weather before the cold sets in. thanks for your kind words, too. so happy you like the new header and button. have a happy day!

  5. Ahhh, love the new look for your blog:) Adorable header. :)
    As always, your photos are the bomb:)

  6. We are having some seriously warm weather too. I hope it holds out through Halloween night.

    I'm always so jealous of all your open road expanse photos. We live in such a crowded place we don't get that feeling of open spaces and peace. :(

  7. The new header looks awesome... compliments your blog perfectly! Lx

  8. The new header is lovely. I really enjoy the background design of it. It makes me happy looking at it.

    My family is in central Illinois and they've been telling me how much they are enjoying the weather too. Especially my sister-in-law because she can still take my very busy 3 year old nephew to the park in this lovely weather. He needs to burn energy. :)

  9. Your words and pictures are so beautiful once again.

    Loving your new blog header, button and background, I have a new blog design too.

  10. Beautiful pictures!!! and LOVE your new header and button! Heather is truly gifted!
    Many Blessings!

  11. Love it! She did a great job.

    You can have some of my just plain ol' lasting to long summer. It's still 90* down here.

    For reals? Come on fall. SHOW ME THE LOVE!

  12. oooooooo! i love it! Heather is so great! you are so lucky!!!

  13. Amy the new header is just perfect!
    And so is this weather isn't it!!
    I'm right there with you enjoying every minute of it!
    Stay away winter...
    Enjoy the night

  14. I love every single picture Amy. They are all just fab... And i like your blog's new look

  15. U am new to your blog and can I tell you.... I just live it! Great pics! I'll be back in a bit for virtual coffee Tuesday!

  16. Gorgeous photo! You're making me o glad that winter is just a blip around here.

    Love the new look!!

  17. Oops! Typing one handed is not a good idea. Excuse all the typos!

  18. I love Indian summers! great shots once again. Love the light in them. and I LOVE your new blog look! such a great feel to it :)

  19. your photos are just heavenly!!! i am going back to look at them again!!! & love your new header!!hugs,Cathy


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