Friday, October 22, 2010

Ever have that feeling that you just want to go somewhere, anywhere, far away?
And it doesn't even really matter where?
Actually it's not just a want but a need.
You need to go somewhere.
Do something.
See something. 
Pack those bags, make some plans.
It could be far... a plane trip away.
 Or close by, just a couple hours drive.
You mentally scan where you could go and with whom.
You realize that none of your girlfriends could really do that right now for various reasons.
But still. That need to get away is there.
She's rearing her ugly head, throwing a fit almost at how bad she really needs to get away.
She says she has to go.

There is nothing in particular to get away from, just the need to go.
For something different form your day-to-day.
Maybe a weekend away at a Bed & Breakfast, just the husband and I.
But due to homework (him) and lack of babysitters (us) you realize that really won't work.
And you briefly, just briefly, feel guilty about your urge to get away.
Because it's really strong.
To just go.
And you remind yourself that it's not even about getting away form anyone (read: kids), 
it's time for yourself, a breather, a break with new scenery and no laundry.
So you continue to fantasize about packing your bags and driving out of town a few hours away, 
in any direction, after dropping the kids off with the grandparents.
Because everyone needs to get away. 
And come back refreshed.

And then your dog throws up in the house again because she was on the run yesterday and someone named Anthony found her and left you a note to call him to come pick her up and he tells you
 he found her wandering down the street eating a dead bird so you should probably take her to the vet today to get some sort of sample taken because she could get really sick....
and then you wonder what in the hell you were thinking because you are not going anywhere. 
Anytime soon.

But a girl can dream.

Happy Friday.
Let's say you found out just late last night or early this morning that you had
 just the weekend to go away somewhere, you are off duty of all responsibilities.
Just two nights away.
Where would you go?
Do tell.

*You can find me here today, too.


  1. Well, if money were no object, I'd grab my husband and hop on a plane for somewhere with mountains and pretty fall colors and a log cabin with maid service. Do those even exist? I'm dreaming here . . .

  2. I'd head up to a hot springs up in the mountain with my husband. We keep talking about going, it's only 2 hours away, but things keep cropping up (aka: life). We'd leave on a Friday, come home on a Sunday.


  3. The whole mainiac clan would fly down to Arizona to spend time with our faraway family that we adore so much. I know it isn't a getaway from the family; it is a getaway for the family. AND I NEED IT! (We're going in January though...sigh)

  4. I would go ANYWHERE...as long as it didnt involve doing the dishes, wiping butts, sweeping or picking up after kids....that would be a great destination!!

  5. Two nights only? hmmm...I guess I wouldn't want to go anywhere too far away then. With time changes and all to deal with. So maybe we'd hop a plane to somewhere close. I'm thinking either South Beach to a boutique hotel for some sizzling nightlife and beach days. Or either up north to Boston for some New England fall weather and scenery.

  6. Um...a really nice hotel...somewhere close to home...to just sleep in, read, watch tv, go to the restaurants I want to go to. A weekend to be totally selfish, without any kids to clean up after (or husband to clean up after, for that matter!). Don't see that happening anytime soon though. ha!

  7. that is such a fantasy in my life right now that i'm not even sure where i'd go. i have to give it some thought...maybe sneak away to cali (cause in dream world money doesn't matter either) and go to san fransisco cause i've always wanted to go. or maybe back to oregon. to portland. just me and the hubs. ahh, what a nice little dream that is.

  8. I can totally see what you mean! I'd jump on the train to paris for 2 nights - especially to the St Germain area. I can dream!

  9. Somewhere quiet where I could hear myself think. A cabin in the mountains is sounding nice about now.

  10. You do need a get-away! Dog puck...ughhhh!!! Down time if vital for me to keep functioning. Head north - you can crash here :D

    Me, I would probably head to Door County - I bet it is AMAZING right now.

  11. Awww.
    If I lived closer, I would totally offer to babysit for you dear.
    I would love to provide someone with kid-free time with their hubby:)

    And yes...I get that run feeling too.

  12. Mmm ... time alone, I'm thinking a two hour flight to The Great Barrier Reef ... think ....white sandy beaches, water lapping at your toes, palm trees ...ahh Heaven!! we were there 15 years ago this week for our honeymoon. I am a bit of a homebody myself, but who could resist a couple of nights in a far-away place? Take a look here: http://www.greatbarrierreef.org/

  13. hahaha this made me laugh. it was so lovely and dreamy and then at the end...real life. so real, its almost comical :) i feel you on this one. i often dream of getting away. love these photos too! I think right now if i went somewhere i would go to Portland, Oregon. I dont know why, it just sounds fun. Or i have always thought it would be fun to go stay in one of those tree house motels in Oregon too! ah, that was fun to dream about right now! thanks :)

  14. I would fly on a fast plane to Paris... eat some amazing crepes... take our girls to the top of the Eiffel Tower... pick up some apricots at the market and eat them at the airport while we waited for our plane...

  15. hmmmm. Realistically I would probably just jet down to Boulder or Denver for some city action. IF I could go anywhere and I had no constrictions, I would probably fly to NYC for the weekend to visit my bestie....as a weekend isn't quite enough time to go to a far away exotic place. Oh, now you have me dreaming...

  16. Whoa. I thought I was in the wrong place for a second. Looks great Amy! Did you make your button?

  17. firstly ....LOOOVING that new header amy....the whole composition is brilliant!

    secondly....with no family anywhere near this ol'house i often have thoughts of just *taking off* for two nights....just a little re-charge...a tiny bit of non-accountable *me* time....or errr me and hubster time....!!

    without a doubt...i would go with the hubster back to venice...
    i can be there a couple of hours after i leave my front door...& there is nowhere in the world like it...so you KNOW you are away..
    at home in australia, i'd travel the dame amount of time & probably be at AT the airport!! Just two nights there fills your heart and re-chaages you with a good dose of italian living...
    in saying that- if the kiddos really pushed hard that they too, needed a bit of time out- then i'd take us all back to climb the eiffel tower again...
    nothing like a climb and a view to take you all away from reality for a bit!

    if we were all back in oz...i'd just escape to the beach and throw myself in the surf to clear it all away and go home and cook a bbq...totally recharged....alas no doing that here.....
    melissa xxx

  18. 2 days?

    Austin, Texas.

    No doubt.

  19. This chicka would want to head to Santa Fe, New Mexico! :-)


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