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Friday, November 19, 2010

{I could have made this a couple of  posts but instead it's a whole bunch of Friday randomness...}

Last week the kids and I started working on a little Grateful Garland...Thankful Garland... whatever...
Wyatt keeps correcting me. I call it grateful and he calls it thankful. 
It doesn't matter, we are both grateful and thankful. 
So everyday we talk about what we are thankful for, usually over breakfast, 
and write it out on these little tags. 
Sometimes they want to write/sign their own and sometimes they don't. 
I cut leaves free-hand out of scrapbook paper, hole punched them, 
scrounged through our ribbon can, tied them on and hung it across the mantle. 
There ya go. 
Maybe I'll share our whole list next week.

Speaking of thankfulness and gratefulness and all that jazz, here are a few pictures 
from last week. Some were taken at our favorite park, some at one of my favorite 
parks and then some at our most-visited park (the one closest to us).
We had gorgeous weather last week,  it was even up in the 70's a few days!
  I actually think we went to a park four days in a row. For real. 
This week = not as nice but I'm not officially complaining....yet.
Look, short sleeves and flip-flops!

I say I am not complaining yet and I'm not but the complaining will come. Soon.
When the Winter Funk sets in and we are cooped up in the house and the sun is barely shining 
and you don't want to go anywhere because of the snow and ice and scraping the car
 and all you really want to do is lay in bed with a bag of Doritos watching old
 90210 and Gilmore Girls re-runs while the kids are forced to fend for themselves...
Okay, I'll quit. 
But you've been warned. It gets ugly in the winter around here.

Eric is hunting hanging out with the guys at the cabin this weekend. Lots of beer drinking, chest pounding and general ape-like behavior going on there while I am at home with the kids. 
I think he must have felt a little bad because he found me bootleg copies of Friday Night Lights
 episodes 1-3 of this season that just started. The final season of one of the best shows ever.
 We don't have Direct TV so normally we have to wait until Spring for FNL and yes, 
I know it's possibly illegal but it's Friday Night Lights and I love that show and 
I want to be Tammie Taylor and yeah,  I don't really care.  
So you know what I'll be doing tonight!

Other weekend plans include:
Christmas Parade tomorrow night and cousins spending the night
Possibly taking the kids' Christmas pictures before it gets way too cold
lots of lounging around in our pajamas tomorrow morning and
  Saturday Morning Cartoons and cinnamon rolls, by request.

How about you? Anything exciting going on?
Happy Friday, Y'all!
*Oh, I'm doin' Cartwheels over here today, too.


  1. Sigh.
    The pictures.
    I....totally miss having my camera alive. :(

  2. Love the photos...Especially the seesaw one but they are all great. One thing about california is we don't get all those beautiful piles of leaves, our 'piles' are pretty pathetic! That garland is great, I was actually planning to pick up some fall color paper today to make some decorative goodies and name tags for thanksgiving. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Amy,
    I think I have to copy-cat your idea for the thankful/grateful banner, this is such a great thing to do! Enjoy the saturdaymorning pj-time, my girls love doing that also!

  4. Seriously...you still have a playground with seesaws? That'd be my favorite playground! I'm pretty sure kids around here don't even know what they are.

  5. I love your idea you did for the thanksgiving thankful, grateful thing....That was really great!
    Your pictures are awesome! And I always enjoy reading your post. :)

  6. lounging around in my pajamas is my favorite....:)

  7. Love the garland! Adorable. Loving the quilt too - does it have a story? Have a great weekend!

  8. Your garland is darling. I wish could do the same. I can't wait to move! Oh my GAWD this has been exhausting.

    Your pictures are exquisite per usual and your weekend sounds wonderful. Oh and during the winter I do the same, minus gilmour girls. I've never seen it. I've heard it was a good show.

  9. I love your Thankful Garland! :) Well done!

  10. I'll be complaining right along with you soon. Is it sad that we are already anticipating complaining? Love that shot of Wyatt on the teeter-totter.

  11. love your garland....no matter what you call it!!

    gorgeous photos as usual...esp love wyatt on the sea-saw!

    enjoy the weather before you feel house bound & cross!!!!

    hugs to keep you warm my friend...melissa xx

  12. That garland is amazing! It makes me wish we had a mantle. Not that we couldn't make do with a bunting style garland across the dining room doorway...

    The Mr. and I had the weekend to ourselves. We did nothing but sleep in, eat, and drink...It was perfect.

    We sound like lazy, fat, lushes...don't we.

  13. I adore the photo of Charlotte: the red ribbons in her beautiful pigtails, sw sweet! I also love the one of Wyatt & the retro Polaroid~very cool! hugs, Cathy

  14. what a great set of pictures and I love the angles on the see saw, fantastic.

  15. up high on the red see saw, wow !!!

  16. The pictures are fantastic. You did such a great job of making ordinary things look extraordinary.

  17. Hey! We have that shirt!!. The one with the muscle car on it. Can't tell you how many times I've had to secretly sneak that one into the wash. It's a favorite. I love that seesaw image by the way. They are all very good. what a great idea for the garland. We were going to do a give thanks tree, but ran out of time. But my son still doodle out a turkey that we made into a cards that he wrote a quick note in for everyone.

    Beautiful, captivating photos. I love it. I'm hooked. Count me as a follower.


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