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Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Morning.

Happy Monday to you. This is the start of a very busy week, so I am actually writing this on Sunday while I sit at the coffee shop, alone. I needed a little quiet time away to get a few things done. I am trying to get a few posts done for this week as it promises to be a very busy one. There is much holiday preparation, the kindergarten Thanksgiving feast, work one night, friends coming in town, hair cut (and color!) for me, grocery shopping...and the list goes on. I admire those of you that prepare an entire holiday meal yourselves, seriously. All the other little things are stressful enough without that pressure,
I will gladly make my deviled eggs and pumpkin bars though.
So I will be around this week,  just not as much. I hope everyone has a great week with family and friends and safe travels for those that are travelling. This is one of my favorite times of year and I want to enjoy every bit of it!  Hope to see you here tomorrow morning for Virtual Coffee, I think we are all going to need it this week.

* In case you're wondering, those jars are full of apple butter, grape jelly and tomato sauce given to me by a friend last week. Don't you just love getting a handmade gift like that? Yum. Have a great day!



  1. What a perfect gift... Isn't it nice to receive something with so much thought put into it? I once made a Christmas cake for en exes parents (we were together at the time) and they gave it away to a neighbour... obviously they didn't feel the love! Lx

  2. I love your photos & the beautiful writing. I am glad you were able to get away for a bit! hugs, Cathy

  3. Beautiful photos. Enjoy your handmade gifts. they look lovely x

  4. gorgeous images amy...
    you do make me laugh!!
    my first thought was * can that woman do everything!! they are all home made!!!*...
    so when you said they were a gift...i put my jars back in the pantry & texted my british bestie to make us both some like yours!!!!

    see you tomo for coffee...melissa xx

  5. gorgeous photos. I love apple butter. My mom used to make it for me. yum!

  6. Yes I do love a homemade gift like that! My friend once gave me homemade Baileys in a recycled bottle with cute ribbon. It was very well received. :)

  7. I do, indeed, love gifts like those. YUM! Also yes this week will busy for me. It sounds like you have the very same gusto of activity in your home. A cut? A color? OOOOOooooh be-still my heart. I love getting my hair done.


  8. A gift in a Ball jar is always a good thing.

    I'm one of those fools who prepares the whole meal. So yes, busy week indeed.

    I'm wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and all that jazz now...I'll be up to my eyeballs in food and dishes for the next few days.

  9. Your photos gave them such a vintagey feel it reminded me of my Grandma in her big garden. Such great memories. Thanks,

  10. your photos are so lovely.
    they always make me happy.
    always. :)


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