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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday morning means coffee
But this morning I am having Yogi Peppermint tea.
It's yummy and I am trying to cut back on the coffee.
A little.
I said trying.

So if we were really meeting for coffee today I would tell you...

that I took the kids with me to vote this morning.
 That means we had to get out of the house a little earlier than usual,
which naturally has me running a little bit late for everything else today.
Oh well, what else is new?
I think it's important that the kids realize at a young age the significance of voting.
I mean, I know they don't really get it yet, but we want them to know from an 
early age that it is important and it is a big deal to us.
I remember it being a bit of a big deal growing up.
My parents always voted, always.
And they would never say who for.


How was your Halloween?
The kids had a good time and got way too much candy, but that's Halloween.
I am done with the candy.
No more.
I usually have a day of eating way too much and then I cut myself off.
I am officially cut off.
Cinderella and The Army Man have a couple more days before I throw it all out though.

 {we do love us some PhotoBooth on my macbook}

If we were really meeting for coffee today, in real life, I would ask you who cuts your hair.
I need someone new.
But I can't seem to make the switch.
I hate trying new people.
I mean, I don't usually even like what my regular hair dresser does so why would I
 want to start all that up with someone new?
I need a really good cut, from someone really good.
But it can't be over-the-top expensive.
 Honestly, I never really like my hair at all.
Is everyone that way?
I can't stand it, need a change, and then don't like the change.
Want bangs and then hate them and want them grown back out.
Then hate them grown back out.
It's too long, too thick and I am guilty of usually throwing it up in a little bun so I don't have to fix it.
I need a hair intervention I think.

If we were really meeting for coffee today I would tell you that 
I love the trees and all the Fall colors right now.
Unfortunately,  I know one morning soon I am going to look out our upstairs windows 
and the trees are going to be empty. I hate that. We have been lucky enough to have a beautiful
 Fall this year and I am so not ready for Winter. This is the view from my back door...

So if we were really meeting for coffe today I would ask what's going on with you.
What's new?
How's work? How are the kids? Your business? The house? 
The man? What projects are you working on?

I would tell you thanks for meeting me for coffee today and sorry I was running late 
and have a bit of a grouchy mood I can't seem to shake.
That's kind of annoying, huh?
Hope you have a great Tuesday!
Oh-and go VOTE.

If you join in for Virtual Coffee today make sure and add your link below.
Then make sure you link to this coffee post and not the blog.


  1. Snap, I was on tea too! No voting here though....

  2. Good for you for drinking tea, voting and being done with the Halloween candy! You are off to a great week! I am with you on the hair thing, in a rut and need a cut. :)

  3. I am so there with you on the trying someone new with your hair. I went 9 months without a hair cut when we moved here, because I just dreaded finding someone new!

    Hope you have a good day!

  4. I love your new look - it's so... YOU! :)
    Mmm... tea sounds good. I've had two cups of coffee, so anything else this afternoon will be tea.

  5. Peppermint tea sounds delish. I could really handle some of that right now. Especially with my mood... quiet.

    I just got my hair cut. Quite a bit in fact. It was very long and now it is almost a bob. I'm VERY pleased with it. I even have side swept bangs... and if we were having coffee that means you lived closer I would suggest my girl cause she never gives a bad cut.

    Loved the pictures. We use a PC so I'm not sure what the photobooth is, but I likey ;)

  6. Oh a hair intervention sounds lovely!
    Can I have one too!!
    My philosophy on the candy is eat as much as you want and then it's gone in 4 days! I do sneak in each night and empty some out into a big bag for Dave to take to work but shhh don't tell!!
    We are loving the trees too.,
    Enjoy the day Amy!

  7. I had tea today as well. It is a nice change sometimes, but I am a latte girl...
    That is so great that you are exposing your kids to voting. I didn't really get the importance of it growing up but really wish I had. I am off to drop my ballot off in a bit. Plan to wear my sticker today! Cute costumes :)

  8. Oh i agree with you Amy.. i am thinking of getting a new haircut as well... i hope that you get a one that you like

  9. If we were having coffee today, I'd give you the info for my hair stylists. She's amazing. I can just go in and say do something different, and it's always perfect.

    I'd also tell you that I love your long hair. It's so beautiful, and that you would be crazy to cut it.

  10. I just want you to know I feel your hair pain. Truly. Mine is so bad right now and I have no idea what to do with it and I wish I could afford someone really good but I can't. Oh well.

    I took my son voting with me today. He was pretty underwhelmed by the entire thing. :)

    Thanks for the cuppa!

  11. I love the person that cuts my hair, but I don't go that often 'cause it's expensive. No voting for me today. I'm kinda bummed, but all my kids are home sick.

  12. I kinda thinking you'd look good with a pixie cut.

    this: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3296/2458645742_19f844f525_m.jpg

    or this (my fav of these): http://www.shorthairstylecuts.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/pixie-cut.jpg

    or this: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_NO2UOMMYKZ0/SKam2WapGnI/AAAAAAAAAzM/khthMkLam-I/s400/Very+Short+Dark+Hair.jpg

    I don't know, maybe you hate short hair on women, maybe not. I'm thinking to chop mine someday in the far-far-FAR out future, something like my fav up there. I'm just suggesting:)

  13. Oh, and this nice lady at church (she's seriously like an aunt; part of the family:) ....she cuts my hair.
    I just got mine done the other day, first time in months and months. All this time it was little trims, once every few months.
    She did a blunt cut in the back and a few layers around my face, and I'm really loving it. :)

  14. What a nice view. I'm going to have to join in for coffee (or tea in my case) one of these days!

  15. We voted. The kids hit the red button to cast the ballot...again. It is becoming something of a tradition.

    I like the guy that cuts my hair. I will stick with a style for a while and then go through a period of trying new things...and then stumble upon another style that I really like again and the cycle will continue. My hair grows insanely fast, so growing it out is easy.

    October was crazy. It went by at time warp speed. I'm hoping November doesn't kill me.

  16. If we were having coffee, I'd tell you: Don't throw out the candy!! First, check to see if any of your local dentists' offices are buying it off of kids. They are around here! And that's where our candy is going within the next day or two.

    As far as hair, my stylist moved this past Saturday back to her home state, Iowa ... and sadly that's too far to drive for a haircut.

    Wishing you all the best in finding someone. :) Thanks for the tea time today!

  17. I made my kiddos go vote with me today too :D They were only mildly disruptive and thankfully there was no line.

  18. i did it amy!!!!

    so excited to have actually joined you and all your lovely blog friends to share a slice of home made cake and a chai....

    now i need another pot of tea and am going visiting to all the others...

    melissa xxx

  19. oh and can i just say...i am sooo with you on the voting thing!

    in australia- voting is compulsory for all- you either face a fine or you have an opinion!

    the school hold the voting boots and have bbq's, cake stalls, jumping castles, etc so the kiddos are completely involved...

    our children should be encouraged to voice their beliefs through the power of election!

    i would have been there with you and our bunch!

    melissa xx

  20. It must be something about this time of the year b/c I always feel like I need a hair change about now too. I have sideswept bangs, but I'm not digging them. I think I need to get rid of them or cut in some shorter, actual down the forehead bangs. I have been leaning towards adding a bit more. Need to make an appt but I'm too lazy.

    Love your witch costume! You are an adorable witch. :)

  21. Tea? Cutting back on coffee? Good for you Amy!! That's what I need to do, too! (Have you ever noticed that I always post comments on Wed, what's up with that?)

    Your hair is gorgeous!!! Maybe find a friend who can play with your hair & give you a couple of quick "go to" looks, because it is beautiful long & maybe you just need a few more options in your "go to bag".

    I did vote & was reminiscing of how I would bring my kiddos to vote before they were in school. It felt like torture, but I am glad that I always took them!

    Hope you have a fantastic week! hugs, Cathy


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