{Four} Part 2

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I thought I would share some more of the pictures from
 Miss Charlotte's Birthday photo shoot a few weeks ago.
 I took a bunch of pictures.  I mean, a bunch. 

I can't remember if I mentioned before that this baby doll bassinet was given to Charlotte 
by Eric's mom last Christmas. It was hers when she was little which puts it at around 60-years old, or so. 
Thank God for in-laws that kept these things for all these years, seriously.
And I love these pictures of her with the bassinet and her babies because this is what she is
 doing right now. She loves to gather up all of her tiny little pillows
 and blankets and make little beds for all of her "friends" then covers them all up.
 She loves the art of arranging.

I mentioned in Part 1 that we had this park to ourselves, completely empty.
Which is a very good thing because I drug along this bassinet, a baby doll and balloons 
among other things out there. So glad there was no one there to witness that 
or me wollering around on the ground taking pictures.
  Not pretty, folks.

I was happy to get just a few shots of Charlotte actually looking at the camera because even when 
she is okay with me taking her picture, I still have a hard time getting her to look at me.
So this was a small victory. 
And a pretty cute one,  I think.

Now to actually get both of the kids' Birthday pictures printed.
What a novel idea.
Because really? In 30 years?
I want my kids to have actual photographs to hold in their hands 
and look at and share with their families.
So that is next on my list. I have gotten so bad about actually printing my photos. 
I am going to do that this week. I sware I am.
You can even quiz me on that next week.


  1. aww, gorgeous! Love the light in these pictures, it just so heavenly :)

  2. oh miss.amy ....my lovely friend so far away....

    so much has happened since the sandy aussie cousins moved in here...your blog posts as gorgeous as ever have been a wonderful source of escape for me this morning....
    sunggled up with the laptop in bed...devouring all those photos and all your thoughts....
    charlotte is 4!! and just gorgeous!!
    appretiating the outdoors for a little longer- we hear you!! every second before the cold kicks in...
    gosh i have had a hundred things to comment on- all in my head- whilst reading the last few posts- playing catch-up...
    but now all i want to say is ...*i've missed you*...
    melissa xxx

  3. they all turned out so beautifully. i am terrible at printing pictures. it is definitely something i need to work on. sounds like a new goal for myself.

  4. Always enjoy your posts. I hadn't noticed previously how much she looks like you, but you can really see it in these photos.

  5. love the ones of the acorns and her legs in that grass. such a beautiful girl!

  6. She is absolutely GORGEOUS! and I had to lol at the rolling around on the ground taking photos comment. ha!
    Also, printing pics? I do it in one big order once a year, i must be CRAZY...I'll have hundreds to print. yikes.

  7. Gorgeous photos - and totally worth rolling around in the grass to get.

  8. Your little girl is beautiful. That bassinet is such a wonderful gift. I can just imagine the stories that it knows.

  9. Seriously, Amy, those are beautiful.
    *happy sigh*
    The sunlight --and I am in LOVE with that tree... :)

  10. beautiful beautiful pictures and a lovely girl:)

  11. I always love her cute little outfits. I wish mine were still little enough to let me dress them in cute dresses and knee-highs. The light is so pretty in these pics.

    I am right there with you on the failing to print pix. And then when I do, I don't know what to do with them. Pathetic!

  12. How Precious!! Great pictures and lovley little girl!! Blessings to you! ♥ Amy

  13. Wollering - I love that word - I'm going to use it all week because there are so many things that I Woller around in (currently my laundry).

    Such beautiful shots - in love with C's little acorn hands.

  14. Such wonderful light Amy. Great captures! I "woller" on the ground for shots, too. I've been known to hang upside down to get the shot, too. Dorky <----- ...

    I need to get mine printed, too.

    PS. all caught up on your blog. I love Saturday mornings and Monday evenings. I get my blog fixes on those days. :)

  15. Such a pretty girl...

    I haven't done a "formal" photo shoot with The Offspring. I should.

  16. What a doll your daughter is! Beautiful moments caught on film to remember her fourth birthday...and what a cute shot that is of her looking right at you!! It's so good to make a commitment to print out some of your photos. I am really bad about not printing any out lately. With our newly born granddaughter being born (on October 29th), I need to commit to being better about it too!! Preserve some of these precious memories in actual photographs we can all hold!

    p.s. I always enjoy catching up on your blog and viewing the beautiful photos I have missed. Your new header is great too by the way!!

  17. Oh these pictures are so adorable! I adore them!


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