{Capturing Christmas}

Friday, December 17, 2010

Are you sick of Christmas posts yet? I hope not.
And are you ready for Christmas? Getting anxious? Overwhelmed?
Ready to be done with school/work or both? I am!
I mean, for my little man to be finished with school and on break.
I am so ready...Not to be confused with prepared or finished or anything like that. 
Keep it straight, people.
The kids are getting so excited that I couldn't be sick of  all things Christmas even if I wanted to.
My kids are at the perfect age this year and it has been so much fun already.

I feel like we have done a lot together without really going out and doing much, ya know?
We have made a gingerbread house and mailed letters to Santa. We have decorated the house
and our tree and watched Christmas movies and have read countless Christmas books. 
They have been beyond excited about their Advent calendar each day, that has probably been
 their most favorite thing so far. They have decorated sugar cookies made by their
 Granny and  have made their lists and have ate too many candy canes. 
 It's been a fun, full holiday season so far.

Besides shopping, which I don't necessarily want to do but need to do, there are still several
 things we want to do before Christmas is officially here. I think I will probably start all my
 baking and treat-making on Monday. Tomorrow Eric & I are finally going to have a chance to go shopping together while the kids hang out with the grandparents. Thank the
Lord for grandparents! Hopefully we can do some power shopping and squeeze in a lunch date.

One of my  most favorite Christmas things...which sadly lost it's cover recently.
What do you still need to/hope to do this Holiday season?
Are you done with your shopping and wrapping?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend....this time next week will be Christmas Eve. Eeeek.
Happy Friday y'all. I have a date with a bunch of cute football players tonight. Don't be jealous.


  1. Gosh Amy... I just love these pictures... love all the vintage elements. You do vintage perfectly! Lx

  2. Done with shopping, not with wrapping...going to try candy making...still crafting for some gifts...and lots of Christmas books still to get through with the little ones...all to the tune of Christmas stations on Pandora and the rain.

  3. I enjoy all your little Christmas trees. I apparently collect Santas. Elisabeth pointed this out to me after I kept pulling them out of the decoration boxes. I didn't even notice. :)

    I'm not anywhere near sick of Christmas posts yet! I love hearing how others spend the holidays and seeing how they decorate. It's one of my favorite things about sharing holidays with others.

  4. Is it possible to be sick of Christmas? Not in my book.
    I love the drink cola box and all it's artefacts... are those scrolls?!
    I have a three year old nephew and he is LOVING Christmas this year... he's so beautifully excited simply by the Christmas tree lights alone. Children make your heart light, don't they? Even when they're being little monsters.

  5. Um yeah, I'm about done with Christmas posts.....haha, I haven't even posted about Christmas yet. LOL.....
    Ah, lovely post though!

  6. Never done with Christmas...
    Love the book from your Dad! Merry Christmas!

  7. Randomly found your blog. I have been browsing it for a little while now. Loving your style and the way you capture pictures! Oh and I have your Crate & Barrel Coffee Cup :)

  8. What beautiful decorations you have, Amy! And it sounds as if you and the kids are having a wonderful season! Enjoy this last little bit of it...as relieved as I'll be, it'll be over before we know it!

  9. I have so much to do. But I'm not stressed...yet. I'll do what I can. My number one goal is to enjoy this year. Relax and enjoy. So far, I'm doing pretty good.

    Love your bits of Christmas cheer.

  10. oooh so many pretty things to drool over, beautiful pictures, can i fall into them? Can i just move in please? everything is so nice!

  11. awe, so so so beautiful! love the sweet book that you have from your dad... love how sentimental you are... it's fantastic!

  12. Love your vintage decorations!!! Very sweet images! Your sugar cookies look very yummy!!!

    How wonderful you still have the book from your dad...:)

    Awesome photo of the ornament and reflection!!


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