{The Christmas Hangover}

Sunday, December 26, 2010

{.....or the Completely Random Christmas Post}

The day after Christmas. 
Do you feel like you have been run over by a truck? Cause I kinda do.
And that was with almost twelve hours of sleep.
Yeah, twelve hours, folks. As in I slept in until about 9:45 this morning. For real, that's no typo.
What am I--an infant?  In college?
 Eric didn't even wake me up, he just let me sleep away, cause he's sweet like that.
I think the crazy busy-ness of the week along with not getting home form mass on Christmas Eve until almost 2:00 a.m. all caught up with me. We got a lot of snow on Christmas Eve, it snowed all day long and through the night and it made driving very slow. I picked my mom up for church and took her home, hence the 2:00 a.m. arrival home. I had big plans of staying up last night after the kids went to bed and curling up on the couch with a glass of wine and watching one last Christmas movie...
Christmas Vacation or Miracle on 34th Street. Instead I went to bed when the kids did. 
And was so happy to do so.

We had a busy Christmas. It was so exciting for the kids and fun for us and it was white, very white.
The kids had so much fun with all of their family and are excited to see if anything was left at Grandma's for them tomorrow, too. All the way home  Christmas Eve evening the kids kept saying that that they couldn't believe Christmas was the next morning, they wondered if Santa was coming, wanted us to put carrots out for the reindeer and told us to please go to bed when they did so Santa could hurry up and come. They were so anxious for the morning to come they could hardly stand it.
 Four and six was such a fun age for Christmas this year. And not even just Christmas
 morning but the whole Christmas season. How truly lucky we are to get to experience
Christmas again through the eyes of our children. Packages have been wrapped and unwrapped, hidden and placed under the tree. Stockings stuffed, toys put together, candy & treats delivered.

Today I am surrounded by boxes and wrapping paper and messes on top of messes.
My living room/dining room looks like a bomb went off and I don't really care. For today anyway.
No one has showered/bathed and I declare that this is the day we will stay in our pajamas all day long. Too much tv, chocolate marshmallow Santas....bring it on. I will attempt to go all day with out picking up much or making the kids put away any of their toys. I remember that feeling.... so excited too see all of stuff spread out, playing with one toy, then the next... so much fun.

Today is a day of slothfulness. 
Nowhere to go, no one coming over and absolutely nowhere to be. 
All. day. long.  And I love it.
Tomorrow morning we have our last Holiday celebration with Eric's family and then it will all be over...until next year. I have tried by best, I really have, for us to all enjoy this holiday season this year. And I think we have. And I promise to not ruin it today by snapping on the kids around 3:00 with a raised voice because of the ridiculous mess and way too many toys out and the fact that we can't even really get up the steps due to 1.5 million army men Wyatt has strewn about the house...and that I just can't deal with it anymore and everything is going up to their rooms right now before mommy loses it. Nope, not gonna do it. Things will be put away tomorrow...the tree will probably come down later this week. My house will be clean again soon enough. And sometimes, clean is over-rated anyway.

How was your Christmas? Are you still celebrating too?
Hope you enjoyed a relaxing day at home with your families...
or whatever it was that you really wanted to do today.
And I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.



  1. Sounds like a simply wonderful Christmas!
    Wasn't the snow so beautiful??
    What an added bonus.

    You are so good Amy...I didn't yell for them to put away their goodies...I just quietly started folding and stacking it all back under the tree...I'll blame that on my toddler, but really it was me!!:)
    Enjoy the quiet day

  2. Sounds like a great day and Christmas!

  3. I love it... our place was (still is...) a mess! But the kids are having a blast, and it only comes once a year :)

  4. i love a good random christmas post amy!
    your day sounds heavenly- a storybook!
    so glad you had a wonderful day hon....

    enjoy the mess for a bit....
    i eventually grabbed 5 washing baskets - tagged them with their stockings- and stacked everyones gifts in them....
    the floor was instantly more organised- after 2 days of lovely chaos...i may add!

    very sweet hugs to you and yours dear friend...
    melissa xxx

  5. i had a wonderful christmas, but i'm jealous of your snow! what editing did you use on the first three pictures? i love it.

  6. Your tree is so pretty. Is it a blue spruce?

    I love post-Christmas hang-overs. Pajamas all day, actually getting to really explore what you received and pigging out on all those cookies that can't go to waste. :)

    Also, those mustaches are hilarious!

  7. I'm glad you had a great Christmas. I feel like this myself. You wait so long for Christmas and then you blink and it's all over. At least we have the memories.

    And your tree is gorgeous!

  8. Your day sounds a LOT like ours was yesterday. Love it! It was just what I needed. :D

  9. Ha, that's great. I slept in till the same time.
    Well...today, anyways. Sunday I didn't. I wished it wasn't Sunday, but I played O Holy Night at church on my guitar.
    It was lovely. And later, I got a nap!! Yes!

    Hmmmm. Our house is in recovery. :P Gah. I hate the mess. *laughs*

  10. sleeping in is such bliss. i was able to do it the last two days too and i feel like a new girl. so glad you're having a relaxation day and enjoying yourselves. the day after is one of my fave parts of Christmas :)

  11. Christmas hangover for sure! I kept thinking, "Man, I want to switch to Hanukkah. One gift each day for 8 days. What a great idea! No overload trying to figure out which present to play with, no mad mess all over the house!"

  12. I'm glad yours was nice. Ours was as well.

    The tree came down today. The toy mess is confined to The Offspring's rooms. Tomorrow we tackle that chore...together.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the season. I sure did.

  13. Sounds familiar. We are slothing it too and it's great. We also have two with the chicken pox so we aren't venturing out which is fine with me. Board games and jigsaws seem to be us at the mo. Have fun with your kids as we all know that's what they will remember for ever. Cleaning is so yesterday!

  14. Slothfulness! That's the best word ever. :)

  15. Nice pictures! It's funny, yesterday, I posted a picture very similar to your first one with the nest. Although mine isn't quite as close but I was trying to capture the snow on top of it!


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