{Embracing Winter}

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After the Holiday season is over the harsh reality hits. Well, it hits me anyway.
All of the things we have been looking forward to and counting down days to are here. And over. And...that's it. Now we still have the whole winter ahead of us and it promises to be a long one.
It always is. This is Central Illinois. Long cold winters with lots of freezing temps, a decent amount of snow and not enough sun. Scraping the cars, driving on ice, dressing in layers and pale, lifeless skin. Days without sun and everything seems to take just a little more effort.

So here's what you do, or what I  have to do. I basically have to trick myself into liking Winter. There's not a whole lot you can do about it,  short of moving. So I make myself like it or at least feel like it is a bit more tolerable than it really is for me. First, I tell myself that if we didn't have these long, cold Winters, I would not appreciate the coming of Spring, our hot Summer days and our 
beautiful Falls. Right? 
If every day was nice and sunny what would we look forward to? 
See? You can kind of trick yourself into being okay with Winter. 
Without Winter we would not have our scarves and boots and hats and coats. 
Snowmen and sledding and snowsuits and hot cocoa.
Winter can be beautiful. And long and cold....but beautiful in it's own way.

See. It is an art, this business of tricking yourself into loving a season. And I don't hate Winter, I just wish it was about half as long as it actually is. It is pretty. Yesterday I got out briefly and took a walk at my favorite little park, with my new camera lens which was a Christmas surprise from my husband. 
It was pretty and quiet and...cold. As soon as I pulled in I saw this deer and actually got several decent pictures of it before it took off, then later I heard a noise, turned around and saw two baby deer running away. It was the coolest thing seeing those baby deer running through the snow. 
So here I am forcing myself to embrace Winter, while counting the days until Spring. 
Tomorrow I think I will make homemade bread and soup in my brand new slow-cooker. 
Because that 's just what we do in the Winter.


 I remembered late in the day today that it was in fact Tuesday and Virtual Coffee day. Ooops. 
I can't keep my days straight with Eric not working, no school and our last Christmas celebration yesterday. I will be back for coffee next week though and it will be 2011 then. Crazy.
We are still in full "vacation" mode over here and trying to enjoy every minute of it, hope you are, too. Hope everyone has a great week. Any exciting New Year's Eve plans? 
I'd love to live vicariously through you and your plans, do tell.


  1. It will be a long one! But I couldn't agree more. Without Winter, what fun would the other season's be? And it IS pretty - I mean... just look at those photos!
    And I am glad I am not the only one who keeps messing up my days this week!

  2. It is we west coasters who are living vicariously through YOU i think, in that beautiful snow. For New Years, Shauna (the Reed Life) and I are getting our families together, letting the kids stay up, watch movies, perhaps have a dance party with flashlights, and be crazy. Just like last year. Such a blast watching the little ones enjoy one special very late night.

  3. A camera lens and a slow cooker? Your Christmas really rocked! I feel the same about winter but I'm not giving up hope of moving to a more friendly climate. I am always surprised when I meet someone who actually loves winter. We are going to a New Years Eve party - the first one for me since I was in my 20's. I am usually asleep by 10:00 so this will be a challenge to be heading out the door at that time. I'm still trying to find the spirit to look forward to it, I feel like such a grinch.

  4. I love this post, infact I couldn't have worded it better myself, it is all so true, and what a lovely way to look at it. I will most certainly be looking at Winter in a differet light now. Thank you.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation and I look forward to reading your posts in 2011.

    Have a Happy New Year


  5. you have such an amazing gift, I'm always in awe of your pictures, so so breathtaking....
    I'm usually in love with snow for the first 2 snowfalls of the season and that's it... winters should be half the time they are.

  6. What beautiful pictures. Driving back home yesterday it also hit me...it's just the beginning of winter. Stay warm friend.

  7. Growing up in Central Illinois, I remember loving winter and the snow and the sledding and the cold. Then I started driving and working and I started missing sunlight. But, your deer picture is gorgeous.

    When we first moved to Colorado and spent our first winter here last year, I really loved it. And then it dawned on me...It's sunny here. Even when it's 20 degrees, it's sunny. So, here's to hoping you have a fabulously fantastic winter. And you did make me miss Illinois winters, a little. :)

  8. I, also, have that post Christmas let down. I love winter up until the holidays are over, then I feel the same. It's beautiful, but long and dark and cold. I am so looking forward to summer this year as I am now working FULL time at a school and will have all summer off. CAN'T.WAIT.

    I DID a virtual coffee post yesterday even though I saw there wasn't a link. I figured it was due to the holiday break, but had something to say. I so appreciate those posts because they can be random spill it types of posts. Thank you.

    New Years Eve? no plans. I may just have to host a gathering so I can create a child friendly-parent friendly evening. Happy New Years!

  9. You have found a way to make those cold winder days look amazing as usual. I can't say that I miss all that snow, but the rain we have been having has me wishing for a change in the weather as well. Keep an eye out for the crocus flowers...spring will be here before you know it.

  10. Great post Amy. I like that "positive" crowbar. I need one of those myself. It seems the older I get, the more I dislike winter and how it draaaags on (we live in N.E. Ohio). I'm trying to force myself to see it differently. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. I remember the long winter. I lived in Minnesota for 10 years. I wasn't a huge winter fan either.

    Heck, I live in Houston and I'm not a fan.

    We are going to the local pub to ring in the new year. The Offspring are getting time with my parents, so fun of the adult variety, can commence.

  12. gosh, homemade bread and soup sound really good.
    our snow is mostly melted!!! it's weird. and definitely not pretty.


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