{She's Gone Junkin'}

Monday, December 13, 2010

Yep, you read that right. Junkin'. Like the song She's Gone Country
(by Alan Jackson, I just googled it cause I had no idea who sang it or any of the words but that line gets
 stuck in my head all the time for some reason )
...but Junkin'.
And Junkin' she went.
Which sounds pretty country in itself and well, yeah, it kinda was.
If you have read much at all around here you know I love antiquing and rummaging.
I know a lot of people call them Garage Sales but we call them Rummage Sales.
Let's go rummagin'. I found this rummagin'. 
That's what my mom has always said.
Anyway. Just look what I found Junkin' over the weekend.

When I say Junkin', I actually mean scrounging...as opposed to rummagin' or antiquing.
 I'm talking about the kind of place that resembles an episode of  Hoarders. The
 kind of place where you need to take your coat off and put your purse down so you can get down to business. Things are actually laying on the floor, knocked over, in piles, boxes on top 
of boxes. Not an antique store, a junk store. But good junk, if you dig far enough.
One thing I was looking for was ribbon or lace or anything to embellish Christmas packages.
And that's exactly what I found....and more.

I have plans for all of this stuff. 
You might see JUNK and I do, too.....but just wait.
I have projects lined up. I'm excited.
A free Saturday + Junkin' = A lovely day.


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  1. Ooooh, picture frames!
    Just seeing that photo sparked some inspiration:)

  2. sounds like a dream day. i love the junk you found and i can't wait to see how cute your packages are going to look with that seam binding.

  3. My mom always called it rummagin' too. Love it. :)

  4. Score for you! You got some good finds there. I love the pic of the buttons.

  5. Those tiny Santa with his reindeer make me smile! I use lots of ribbon and lace and old Christmas cards when I'm wrapping too.

    Now I need to go thrifting. (cause that's what we call it!)

  6. oooh - I need those little santa picks for my bento, and buttons - I need those too (although not for bento). Great finds....what a fun Saturday out.

  7. Ok, I'm seriously impressed that you have that much time on a weekend in December--I'm feeling frantic! You found some great stuff!

  8. Lovely pics, as always! :)
    Garage sales do sound interesting. We don't have them over here.

  9. I love your vintage reindeer & Santas!! :) SWEET!


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