{Weekend Mornings}

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh, how I love laid-back, relaxing weekends.
My favorite part of the weekend is the mornings though, as long as they don't
start too early...and they really don't anymore.
The kind where there is plenty of time for coffee and the newspaper and Saturday morning
 cartoons and breakfast together and staying in your pajamas for a good part of the day.
That's the kind of morning we had yesterday.

But this morning I am going to meet my sister to do a little Christmas shopping.
Coffee and breakfast and then a few errands, no hard-core shopping for me today. But it's
just the girls and being able to do it with out dragging any little ones is a treat, really. My kids are good little shoppers but there's only so much you can do when one of them is with you all the time, ya know?
I'm looking forward to today.
We woke up to snow this morning. It's not a lot but it is our first real snow this
Winter which is unusual for us, usually we would have a decent amount by now.
The kids are excited about the snow, Eric is at the store shopping for whatever
 it is he is making for the big game today and I bet at some point the kids will talk
 him into going outside to play.
I hope you are having the very best kind of weekend, too.
I think you should go dust off your bread machine and bake some yummy crusty bread now.
And serve it warm with some Nutella. You won't be sorry.


  1. Weekends are the best... even though I don't work (not in the conventional way anyways... cos what I do sure is hard work), I still get that Friday feeling... help is at hand... but most of all I don't *have* to do anything... bliss... Enjoy what's left of your weekend Amy. Lx

  2. nobody can be sorry with nutella. happy weekend!

  3. So it's not blizzarding down by you? Shopping and a dinner out were both on my list today, but the blizzard had other ideas for me. :) I will, though, take your cue to make some bread while I'm cozy inside the warm confines of home.

  4. weekend breakfasts always taste better, and love that they're not at a specific time, and there's no rush. Love the look of that crusty bread with nutella. Yum! Sonia :)

  5. I've never tasted Nutella.

    And my kids don't like it.

    I'm wondering if we are human.

  6. Mmmmmmm. It's been a few months since we bought Nutella.
    We had 2-3 little tubs of it at all times for a while there:)

  7. I just ate Nutella for the first time this past year. I'm in love with it! Yum.

  8. Nutella makes everything wonderful!

  9. I love your photos, you inspire me!

  10. Wish I could have MY nutella with a side of *snow*. It was 82* here today. My hubby took the kids to the pool. Your photos are mesmerizing; thanks for sharing the winter.

  11. You just reminded me that I have some Neutella stashed away. On a freezing cold day like today it might be just what we need to warm up.

  12. Nutella. I realize you could eat other things. But why?


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