Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things are finally coming together around here. Slowly. 
Which I think is a good thing, both the coming together and the slowness of it.
I must admit, I am still waiting for that big burst of 
Christmas excitement and energy to hit me and ....yeah, it really hasn't yet. 
I mean,  I am excited and the kids are which makes me more excited but I am
also feeling a little overwhelmed like I talked about here
but I'm determined to not let it get to me. Really. I won't. I won't. I won't.

So right now I am sitting in my fairly clean living room, listening to Pandora and drinking
peppermint tea while the rest of the house is quiet. So I thought I would share some
 pictures to show you that I really have been decorating over here. 

We just love our Christmas tree this year, it is so pretty and smells so good and now I just have to remember next year what kind it is because I always forget what kind I like. I know I don't like the trees with the long feathery branches, sorry if that's your fave but I just can't do it with those flimsy branches. 
And I don't like a too-perfect looking symmetrical tree either. I mean, this is my kind of perfect. 
Perfectly imperfect. It looks and feels and smells real. I love that.

I have broken three of my vintage Shiny Brite ornaments already and the kids have not broken even one yet. Oh well, I snatched up about 5 boxes of these awesome ornaments a couple of years ago
 at a rummage sale. It was one of those things where you can't believe what you are seeing,
so you literally snatch them up as fast as you while looking over your shoulder.
I think they were around 50 cents a box.
Love these ornaments. And I do love me a good bargain.

Above is a little scene from Wyatt's Tree Farm he made all by himself. Cardboard box,
cotton balls, fake snowy cotton stuff, lots of little trees and a ton of glue made him so happy.
 He loves a project, that boy. He really does. He did it all himself and was so proud
of it but it took a lot for me not to butt in and "help" especially since I watched
him use nearly an entire bottle of glue in the process.

Hope you are all taking time to enjoy all of your most favorite things about this season...
soaking it all in, taking it slow and letting go of the not-so-important things. Tell me one of your
favorite movies, TV shows, songs or activities that you look forward to every holiday season.

Tomorrow is Friday. Wahoooo!
*eeek. I almost forgot, tomorrow is Ten on Ten.


  1. what makes it feel like the holidays for me is the build up of the last few weeks of school, and then a long break. also, when my mom boils over the cranberry sauce. she's done it twice now, so i'm really in the mood :)

  2. Your decorations look beautiful!
    Wish I could see more of Wyatt's tree farm.:)
    Enjoy the day

  3. Love all the vintage goodness! And, your tree! So pretty.

  4. I love vintage decorations, too. Half of my tree is vintage... from my great great grams & my great grams. Passed down through the fam. I looooooove them.

    Thanks for the 10 on 10 reminder.

  5. Love those ornaments, I can't believe 50 cents a box, that is awesome!! :)

  6. Growing up our ornaments came in that bottom box in the first picture. We had all of those glass ornaments. Most of them broke over the years, though. They were very fragile.

    Love those glittery blue houses and tree-lined street. So, so sweet!

  7. loove the ornaments. what a steal you got on them.

  8. looove the ornaments. what a steal you got on them.

  9. Hmm.
    We've never ever ever had a real Christmas tree.
    I guess it just wasn't our thing?
    I want to have one someday:) It sounds lovely!

  10. Gorgeous!

    I have some vintage Raggedy Ann ornaments from my childhood that I refuse to put on the tree. If they broke it would kill the season. So for now, they are safely in a box. I'm looking for an old fishbowl to put them in.

    We got feathery branches this year because I couldn't handle (or should I say, my OCD couldn't handle) picking up another effing pine needle this year. But it's not my favorite.

    Honestly, I'm still searching for my favorite kind of tree. Let me know what kind you have...and be honest about needle droppage.


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