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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So they weren't really taken with a Polaroid camera, just my Nikon but they have a polaroid-ish feel to them I think. Anyway. This is what I was doing when I should have been folding laundry today. I have a natural ability to find anything and everything to do when I should be cleaning, folding laundry and fixing supper, among other things. It's almost like a Super Power, although it doesn't really do a whole lot of good for anyone and all of my work is still waiting for me when I am done wasting time. There are worse habits to have though, right? Yeah, well, I pretty much have those, too... Oh well. So now I am going to go listen to some of this while I waste even more time or get some things done, we'll see.

Today is the 30-year anniversary of John Lennon's death. Thirty years. Crazy. And even more crazy might be that I remember something that happened thirty years ago...wow, I feel so old. For me, it is not one of those; "I remember where I was when..." things, I was young so my memories are not good. I do have hazy memories of it though; of my parents talking about it and pictures of his face on the front page of the newspaper and my dad playing the Beatles albums in the basement. My dad is and always has been a big Beatles fan. We grew up listening to the Beatles and I feel like their music is embedded in my childhood. And I grew up to be a fan myself. I could never, ever pick a favorite song or a favorite album, just too many to choose from but this would be somewhere at the top of my list. I do remember listening to Beautiful Boy for the first time after I had my own little boy though and I remember laying on shag carpet in our basement in the late-70's looking at this album cover . I just love how music is entwined into our lives and memories. Like I said, I could never choose a favorite, but this is what I'm loving today...

{Do you have a favorite Beatles song or song-related memory?} 


  1. I'm not a huge Beatles fan, but some of their songs are inspiring.

  2. what a sweet video. loved sgt. pepper album (over & over & over). i am ignoring my tasks, too. such lovely photos. hugs, cathy

  3. I love {doesn't everyone?} Hey Jude. And I think Hide Your Love. And, well, about every other song they penned.

    I have that uncanny ability, too, to do whatever could be done when I should be doing something house-work related. {annnnnd, here I am doing one of those somethings.}

  4. I sang Beautiful Boy to Dominic to lull him to sleep. I would just sit at the edge of my bed or in my rocking chair and softly sing in his little ear. I can actually see it in my mind when I hear the song.

    Hear comes the sun... When I was pregnant with Dominic the winter lasted for so long. I rubbed my big round baby belly singing Here comes the "son" instead of sun.

    So the beetles played a big part in Domo's early life. With Anthony it was Frank Sinatra & Teri Desario. (A old Motown song that she remade)

    Yes, music is deeply embedded in my life as well.

    Your pictures are so lovely and a little melancholy. Perfect for the frame of mind I am in today. Thanks for this post!

  5. Oops, Here (not hear) comes the sun. ha...

  6. you and I share the same Super Power, my ability to avoid doing what I should be doing, grows in strength every day...

  7. Hmmm.
    Nikon, huh? You like that camera? which model is it??
    Did you get it new, or second hand/refurbished?
    I'm still trying to evaluate my options for when I buy one soon here. I'm stuck on the idea of Nikon. Hehe. Something under 500...but over 150.

    Super powers.....oh yes. ya know, that's a popular super power!! ;)

  8. Your photos are beautiful!
    Love your Woody Jeep!

  9. Those are great pics. They do have that "feel".

    I remember the night he was killed. My parents would let me stay up later than most kids, so I remember it hitting the news wires. I remember that picture of him on the screen with his army fatigue jacket and circular lens glasses. I remember my mom sitting down on our orange couch and crying slow, silent tears. I remember my pops shaking his head and lighting a cigarette as he waited for more information.

    I remember feeling sad myself. I had a small record player and the first album I requested was Abbey Road. He was my favorite.

    The world still feels the loss.

  10. beautiful photos...love that turntable!

  11. Gorgeous photos! Love them all! Love that you incorporated the anniversary of John Lennon's death.

  12. Very cool polaroid-look shots! Perfect for the subject of John Lennon.

    Beautiful views...as always! :)


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