Friday, January 7, 2011

All week I have been thinking about my word...waiting for my word to fall out of the sky and
 land right in my lap. And....I'm still waiting. It hasn't shown up. I have also spent way too much time thinking about it and writing long, lengthy posts about my word and my goals/plans for the new year. Then I read the post and just don't like it at all. What's up with that? I usually edit my pictures then sit down and write my posts without even thinking much about it.

So I guess that will have to wait until another day for that post and maybe my word will
 come to me over the weekend. We'll see. Something else  I can't get out of my head this week is 
this song. You can listen to it while you look at these pictures I took at the cemetery last week, 
it's the same cemetery where I took pictures in the Fall. I love that place and want to walk all over it with my camera but I think I need a partner,  it's beautiful and maybe a tiny bit creepy.
Oh, how I love this song. 
I hope you have "la la lalalalala..." stuck in your head all weekend, it's a good thing.


 Hope you all have a great weekend. Once the kids are in bed tonight I have a date with some 
Ghiradelli chocolate, a glass of wine and Friday Night Lights. I will be on the couch, under a blanket while it is freezing outside. Oh and just so you're not too jealous of my evening, tomorrow we will be out car shopping. I think I might rather go to the dentist than deal with that circus.
Happy Friday, Y'all.


  1. i'm praying about my word, too. happy weekend, friend!

  2. Wow, gosh, that's a beautiful place!
    I think my word is "learning".
    Last year....was "growing".
    They might sound super general, but when I think of those words, it all fits like a few puzzle pieces...

    Your evening sounds REALLY lovely!! I've got tea, apples and peanut butter, and a pretty sweet BBC show called Primeval to watch with the siblings:)
    {the parents went to a cute restaurant in town for dinner, randomly. heck yeah!}

  3. La la la la la and your word hasn't appeared yet If I'm not mistaken you said to me a few days ago that this kind of thing can't be forced. You may wake up one day and know the word. So what that it didn't come to you on January 1st or early in the previous December. That it comes to you at all is the miracle. (Me, I'm still holding tight to hear from my own miracle.) Fingers crossed, eyes closed, waiting, listening and open....

  4. Good luck with your word. I already decided that mine was "contentment", but then my mom asked me today what that meant to me. Now I have more thinking to do! :)

  5. wish i was your partner....didn't you like my idea about the finger-less gloves and our new lenses on VC (you know virtual coffee...) the other day? i am so in, right? right?!

  6. i love your photos! they remind me of when i vistied the arlington cemetery!

  7. i love your pics too. something about cemetaries is so beautiful, still, and reverant, especially old ones. i hate car shopping too, but the result is sometimes fun :)

  8. I saw a funny tweet yesterday. "after 7 days of pondering on my word, I have chosen Indecisive."

  9. Mmm. That top pic is mint. Along with your gate.

    I think I have my word. It's evolved over this last week. I'm writing it up tonight...along with a follow up about my 2011 thoughts.

    Your Friday sounds excellent.

  10. Geez - these are all so amazing! It makes me want to visit a cemetary or two. WITH A FRIEND, you are brave... I don't think I could go alone! (I am a total wuss!) Good luck car shopping. Seriously, isn't it THE. WORST!!

  11. Unbelievably beautiful - the photos and the song.

    Don't stress about the word - it will fall in your lap when the time is right

  12. Hi Amy,
    All the best for 2011! Thanks for the link, love the word idea, I think my word is Focus, I need more of that this year!
    Perhaps you already found your word, lalala, it can count for a lot of things, but to me it reminds me of happiness, light, childhood, and fun! Good luck with it,
    Maureen x

  13. and while you are waiting for your word to fall from the ehavens, mine has... and i'm not sure i like it. not sure i really want to embrace it. but... i really feel like it did fall from God. hang on... if you are waiting, He is working on it!

  14. wowza~great photos! awesome that you are in org mode! keep going Amy! hugs, Cathy

  15. All of these photos are absolutely stunning!


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