Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ten on Ten is tomorrow.
How did that happen....already January 10?  Really?
Yep, I guess it is. So charge those batteries tonight and get to shootin' tomorrow.
If you have wanted to participate in the past but just haven't gotten around to it yet,  tomorrow
 will be a perfect day to start. The first Ten on Ten of 2011, baby.
See you back here tomorrow night. XO


  1. i am SO glad you posted this! i completely spaced it...again! thank you friend for reminding me :)

  2. awe, man. I LOVE ten on ten, but the last few months, I've been at work all day. I can't possibly get the photos when i'm working eight hours. darn. I'll look forward to seeing everyone else's though (and to summer time, when I can participate!).

  3. wow....the tenth.
    a month and a half until i'm 20. me no likey that.
    i need to write Time a letter about not going so fast......

  4. oh i looooooooove you for reminding me!!!
    i have just had my first morning of quiet for 5 weeks...& i am ready for a little project to recognise this...!!

    huge hugs amy...god when will we ever meet!?
    melissa xx

  5. oh gosh...a reminder! now i HAVE to do it. you are a good lady.
    BTW did you know that my parents-in-law live in you your lovely state? Effingham. that is kinda interesting to think about right? how close are you to effingham?
    i have been there once, but, dude that's FAR with three kids!
    but you never know, we may come out there soon.


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