Happy, Little Things

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So the sun has not been shining at all lately and girlfriend is really starting to feel the affects. 
Seriously. I can handle the cold but I NEED TO SEE THE SUN!
No sun and cold and sickness and a root canal later today. Sigh.

Yep, Charlotte is still sick today ...my poor baby.
Neither of the kids have ever been hit like this with the flu before and actually I don't think I ever have either. I feel bad for my girl. And let me tell you, I have watched every Princess movie we have. Beauty and the Beast at least 6 times, seriously....Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, you name it. I think it's time for a trip to the library for some new movies, these are getting old.
Oh, wait.... I can't go to the library, remember?
Oh well.
So in an effort to make myself feel a little better today, here are a few things that just make me happy...

Balloons in a cornfield at sunset. And this boy.
This boy who just this morning while getting ready for school said;
"Man, if Char isn't better soon I'm gonna have to call in to school."
I said; "Why?" and he said; "So I can help take care of her!"

Grocery store flowers from my husband. But I don't care if I have to buy them myself, I do.
Flowers in the house just make me happy.  Oh and the back door open with the sun shining is
 up there pretty high on my list, too.

Juke boxes. But not just any juke box, a good old-fashioned juke box.
Full of good music. Good bar music.

Sitting on my front porch drinking coffee in the morning. In nice weather...barefoot and still in my pj's. With pretty green trees to look at. Now that's the way to start your day.

 How much my girl plays with these bunnies. Best investment ever.  I love all of these Calico Critters
 and I'm not gonna lie, I  secretly want this elephant family for myself. I bet not one day has
 passed since Christmas that she has not played with them, seriously.

Perfectly gorgeous sunlight. And sun flare. And family holidays at the cabin/Farm. This was Labor Day.
I feel warmer just looking at this picture.

Our little children's library table that sits right in our living room. This was given to me by a family friend complete with little chairs. I keep paper and craft supplies in a caddy right on the table and the kids use it every single day. Having that stuff out for them to see makes a big difference.  Love this table.

Old signs. The old ones painted on brick buildings that you can barely read are the best though.

Records. Old records, new records...some things just sound better on vinyl.

Vintage cameras. Love, love, love. Always on the look-out for more.

Cute shoes. And most of all, a reason to wear them.

I feel a little better already. A little.
I hope everyone is having a good week. It's Wednesday, the week is half over.
Oh, I'm loving this song today, too.
What's making you happy today?


  1. your list makes me happy too and it's helping to warm up my fingers that are presently freezing while i try to work on the computer. that table is making me want to go thrifting. it's SO CUTE!

    p.s. my hubs is a HUGE old crow fan. love them!!

  2. p.s.s. i hope miss charlotte is feeling better very, very soon!

  3. what a sweet big brother. also - love your chalkboard door!

  4. I loved those little critters when I was little. I had a bear family that I adored.

    Hope your girl is better soon. I need warm weather, too. I'm just in the dumps lately. I need a long, brisk walk in short sleeve weather.

    Your pictures do help, though. :)

  5. Your pictures are certainly helping with the happy factor. Also on my list- another "boring" appointment with my midwife. I'm always thankful for a boring (i.e. healthy) pregnancy. Question- where did you get that coffee mug? LOVE!

  6. Well, actually your photos and that song really helped - thanks so much for that! No sun here, either! I wish I could do something nice for you, too!

  7. I'm with you sister! I need some sun!! Good luck with your root canal. :)

  8. These are lovely photos! Love what your litto man said about Charlotte. I hope she feels better soon & good luck with the root canal! xx

  9. A lovely post today, just like always. I absolutely love your photos. What I would give to be able to take shots like these, they are gorgeous. Hope you get some sunshine soon :) xxx

  10. Beautiful photos. I hope Charlotte is better very soon x

  11. oookay. that one of your sweet boy in the cornfield? amazing.
    *sniffle* that one of the coffee mug on the porch with the sunlight through the trees? makes me want to cry, i want that day SO bad!!!
    i love that one of char, with the view of the room. LOVE. :)

  12. oh!
    p.s. hope the little dear feels better soon!!

  13. I hope your girl feels better soon. That flu bug is rough.

    I'm glad you are seeing the positive. I am hating January and looking forward to February. I'm considering February the real start of my 2011.

  14. Looking at your gorgeous pictures made me happy today! And if it makes you feel any better, i went to reserve a book online and my account is BLOCKED. I have a $10 fine so they blocked the account. We can be outlaws together. ;)

    And thank you so much for your sweet comments recently. I think I am ready to come up for air now. :)

  15. Oh my gosh I love your shoes.

    Your photos make me feel better over here in grey Portland.:)

  16. These photos hit the spot! I was just typing up a post about trying to get happy. OY! Why do we live here again? :D

    PS. I hope your girl gets well soon!

  17. Amy, I am just catching up on a few of your recent posts and I am just amazed at how well you weave the pretty pictures with the reality of your life. I hope Charlotte feels better soon, don't hesitate to take her to the doctor if she doesn't feel better soon! I hope your root canal has made things better for you! I cannot believe you are cooking! Yeah for you, I knew you could do it!! Love your painted kitchen and yes those cabinets are going to be fab with some paint!!! Hang in there, January will be over soon!! hugs, Cathy

  18. Amy, sorry your baby girl (they are always our baby girls, no matter how old they are) isn't feeling well. I remember watching Little Mermaid over and over and over again...but you know, I love the coffee photo. I'd bet the east coasters would love it too. (You know I am leading up to a request). Let me know if you'd like it on the coffee blog...it would be a happy, happy cuppa!

  19. i'm the rotten kind of mom that used to actually like when my kids were sick because they were quiet and cuddly and cozy...
    well, YOU made me happy today, and i clicked on the library link and LAUGHED! thanks for being so awesomely real
    come by my blog and pick up a stylish blogger award :)

  20. Keely- The coffee cup is from Crate & Barrel... or Pottery Barn. Those stores are like one in the same to me...eeek...I think it was C&B though!

  21. Thanks, Amy! Found it on Crate and Barrel's website! :)

  22. oh, good, glad you found it. my first one broke so i got another one a few months ago... now i wish i had gotten a whole set! : )


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