{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hello there, Tuesday morning.
Hello coffee drinkers and tea drinkers and water drinkers.
This morning I am drinking Yogi Peppermint tea. Yum.
So pull up a chair and grab a cup, time for Virtual Coffee.

Wow, it seems like it has been a long time since last Tuesday.
A looooong week and a long weekend.
So if we were really meeting for coffee this morning.....

Well,  first of all, I would have begged my mother-in-law to keep the little one so we could have coffee this morning sans children, maybe even at the coffee shop.
After the week of hell I could use some grown-up time today...seriously.
Like three uninterrupted hours. Sigh. Wouldn't that be nice?

Oh-but since that's not gonna happen this will have to do, having tea from the comfort of my own couch.
So remember last week how my post pretty much consisted of me whining about my tooth and that whole thing? Well, after a long, rough week I was so ready for the weekend. And then Charlotte came down with the flu Friday night. The stomach flu. Lots and lots of throwing up. Lots of it.
In my bed. And everywhere. Ughhh. It was bad and this is one of those moments when I
 would gladly hand off the MOM BATON to someone else. Just for the cleaning up part though, not the rest. I feel so bad when the kids are sick like that, it is really pathetic and you feel so helpless.
Neither one of them has ever had the flu like that before and I hope they don't again anytime soon,
it was bad. Fingers crossed that the rest of us don't get it now.

So that was kind of my weekend.  We did get a little more snow over the weekend but yesterday was actually kind of nice...like 31* nice. I have to say, it actually felt kinda warm, which is really pretty sad.
 And the SUN was out for a good part of the day which means everything in this weather.
So how was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would tell you
I am thinking of my friend Megan who is on her way to Haiti this morning for a Mission Trip.
We collected some items she needed over the weekend and I went to the store and bought a
whole bunch of suckers, blow-pops, gum and smarties for her to pass out to the kids.
I can't wait to hear about her trip and oh, someday I hope to go on a trip like that somewhere!

Well, I hope everyone is having a great week.
Thanks for joining me for coffee this morning and make sure to go have coffee with everyone else, too.
And now I am off to the grocery store because we are out of pretty much everything.
Like, everything. It's a sad sight, my pantry and fridge.
And why do I wait until it gets that bad anyway?
I hate when I do that.



  1. I LOVE your virtual coffee posts. Joining today for the first time. I hope your week gets much better, that you get some alone time, and that your pantry and fridge are well stocked! :)

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your weekend! This winter has been awful sick wise in our house, and it sounds like in everyone else's house as well.
    Hope everyone is on the mend...
    (sipping some Yogi tea myself right now ;))

  3. Sorry about your crappy weekend Amy. Things can only get better now, right? Hang in there.

  4. Oh Amy, the flu? Barfing? I often look in my linen closet and wonder why we need so many sheets and towels. Then the flu or some gastro hits and I use every one. I hope it was an isolated incident. I, too, felt like it was almost hot outside because we went UP to -20. Sad, indeed. Winter just feels so good when it stops, doesn't it?

  5. Doesn't it suck when 30ish degree weather feels warm?!? That was our weekend, too. Well minus the poor icky tummy. It was freezing here. In the negatives. And 3 whole hours to myself... I barely know what I would do. Oh wait, yeah I do. Sigh!!! Thanks for reminding me. lol... Get that grocery shoppin done girl before the next blizzard. ha!

  6. I love this! I learned about it from Boyd's Crazy Mama, Nicolle. I just joined in! What an adorable blog :)

  7. Things can only get better surely. It seems that everyone is having a tough month. Let's hope that February brings lots of joy and happiness to all our lives xxx

  8. I just LOVE your idea of virtual coffee! this is my first time joining you for 'coffee' but I am sure it will not be my last! I hope you have a better week, have I told you lately I love your blog? I do, I do! :)


  9. I am right there with you in the stomach flu bug thing right now. . .the worst part is wondering who will be the next one to go down with it, because you know more than one is going to get it!

    Hope you have a good week!

  10. Sounds like a tough weekend, hope the kids are feeling better! The snow photo is beautiful Amy. Hope you have a better week!

  11. Oh, your poor little girl! I hope she's back to normal now. We had a heat wave this week too it was like 25 degrees today. It oddly feels like spring. I wish.

  12. Sorry about the yucky weekend. :( I hope nobody else gets it and I hope your week is already looking better!

    (I joined in with my own coffee chat for the first time :))

  13. oh amy! i'm so sorry that the flu visited your place. ick! i hope that you are staying healthy and that you do find an hour or so just-for-you! sending up a prayer for megan- and hoping that this trip is all she hopes it will be! just imagining all of those little faces smiling over the treasures you sent along!!

  14. Oh my, the flu is horrible!! Saturday only my dad had something that was quick. He hardly EVER gets sick, but when he does, it's worse than the sniffles. But it's over pretty quick--2-4-days. Lucky him.
    :) I've been drinking tea!! Heh. I hope your next week is better than the last, dear!

  15. Oh, how I hate the flu. It is traumatizing!!! Hang in there, my friend. I hope she is doing better today!

  16. hi you.....

    firstly- so glad to hear you feel a little warmer!!
    we walked to school and still zero this morning...but it's good for us apparently!!

    i would give you three hours to us...i'd get my lovely big girl ella to hang out with all our kids together and we'd really put on a pot of something...
    if we timed it right we could even share a bottle of something nice together whilst we cooked up a big family meal for us all....

    remember paris- poor little gal...hope she's feeling better...get her a madeleine goes to paris book...they make everyone feel better!

    hugs to you mama....hope it gets easier and your pantry fuller!

    melissa xx

  17. So bummed I missed coffee this week. It's ok, I would have just blubbered on about the state of my messy life anyway!
    xoxoxx, hope to catch it next time.

  18. Stomach flu is THE WORST!

    I was thanking the lord for swine flu simply because it wasn't the throwing up kind.

    I pray for wellness and strong immune systems at your house.


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