{My 1950's Kitchen}

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No deep or whiny posts here today friends, this one is all about my out-of-date kitchen
 and my cute new curtains. Welcome to my lovely, little 1950's kitchen. These cabinets and the counter tops are straight out of the late 50's (early 60's?) along with the counter tops/back splash.
 I would love new counters at some point but I can live with them for a while, the cabinets are just screaming for a make-over though. Anyway, there's a lot of wood in there.
 Lots of cabinets, which I love, but oh so much wood.
But I did have to show off my new curtains,  therefore you will need to see a little of my kitchen. 
Now that the husband is finished with school I think he plans to do the cabinets this 
Spring/Summer and I can't wait. Wahooo! But until then, hello wood.
My mom just finished these curtains for me. I had curtains pictured in my mind but could not find the
fabric I wanted, I hate that. So we went to a super-cute fabric store in a little town not
far from us and they had pretty much exactly what I had in mind. Don't you love when that happens?

What I love about my kitchen::
the size. not too big, not too little and enough room for a small table.
cabinet space, lots of it. 
the windows and natural light.
the little built-in shelves over the sink.
the swinging kitchen door.
my new color!
 high ceilings

My only real complaint is the cabinets. 
But I think with a coat of paint and new hardware they can be transformed and this space will
 lose a little of the 50's look. I'm not knocking the 50's, you know I love all things vintage but I will 
be happy to lose a little of the wood in there.  We painted the cabinets and changed the hardware in the kitchen at our old house so I know what a huge difference that can make.

My sister got me that big silver bakery tray at a local antique shop. 
It says Return To Van Zetti Bakery. Van Zetti's was a donut shop ( long since closed) that used to be here in town that we have many fond memories of from when we were kids. Let's just say my mom passed on her love of donuts to us. And you know I do dream of opening up my own little donut and coffee shop one day, partly because I think it would be so much fun to decorate.

 I bought this bird plate for myself (Pier 1) because I love birds and this pattern and
 the blue one with the roses belonged to my grandma. I love that color. Well really I love almost any shade of blue and I love roses, I think this is one of my most favorite things in the house.

The sun barely popped out today and when it did I tried to hurry and get a few pictures.
The lighting is pretty bad but if I wait for real sunlight I could be waiting until Spring!

The little bird planter holds scrubbing brushes right now, the coffee mugs are from Target.
That apron in the second picture (at top) was the inspiration for the color scheme here. I love the colors in the apron and knew I wanted yellow & white curtains. I wasn't so sure what I was going
to think about the wall color at first, I thought maybe it could be too bold for me, but I love it.
You can see there is not a lot of wall space;
there is the wall there that you can see in the picture and then the wall directly across from the sink (that you can't see) where the fridge and the door that goes into the dining room is. Because of limited wall space I think the color is not overwhelming in there at all.
Well, there's my little kitchen in my 90+ year-old house.

It's Wednesday, the week is half over!
Have a lovely day, y'all.



  1. I love the color! It's actually much like the color I was thinking about for my kitchen's next makeover. And your curtains are great. I think a coat of paint on those cabinets would be just exactly what you need to make a kitchen you love.

  2. I think it looks rather lovely, and homely. Our kitchen is still stuck in the 70's all brown and yellow and yuck!

  3. Yellow is my favorite color! That shade looks great with the wall color! Lovely.

  4. Amy I looove the blue and the yellow! I wanted to get a little yellow and orange into my living. And the bird plate? LOVE it! I love birds too, in case you didn't notice from my blog haha.

    You're kitchen's adorable. And a little paint on the cabinets will be so much fun. I'm excited for you =0)

  5. those curtains are scrumptious! i love the era of your kitchen and all of the memories in the items. my favorites are the little chicks!

  6. Love it! A coat of paint on those cabinets, and it will look even better. The birds and the wall color and the donut tray...great touches!

  7. I love yellow, it's so bright and cheery. I have those same little blue bird S&P shakers too! They belonged to an aunt.

  8. Such a cute kitchen! I LOVE the colors, and you are right paint & hardware will work wonders, but you are totally rockin the wood right now! It looks good :)

  9. isn't "so you can decorate it" the best reason to want to own your own little business?? ;)

  10. I love your kitchen! It's so cute and quaint! The curtains are perfect! xx

  11. those are some pretty lovely curtains!!
    and...um....ADORABLE kitchen, Miss Amy! yeah, the only thing i'd change is a coat of paint on the cupboards.
    but gosh, what a sweet place!!

  12. Such beautiful curtains - that colour is really gorgeous! And I'm all ready to see a before/after makeover of your kitchen sometime in the near (?) future! ;-) Have a great day!

  13. What an adorable peek into our kitchen. I would have known it was you a mile away...super cute and vintage chic. Some day - me and an old farm house are going to be very good friends....for now - we have to choose the practicality of resale value. Have a great day - hope you are feeling better.

  14. Love, love love your kitchen. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I love your kitchen!! The scroll wood work is awesome!!! LOVE your color choices too!
    I have really been "into" the color yellow lately (even though I don't have much of it at all). Your curtains are VERY SWEET! :)

    I hope your tooth infection is doing better. That doesn't sound like fun...:(
    Saying a prayer you will feel better.

    xoxo Gloria

  16. Love the curtains. Our kitchen cabnets look very similar to yours. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  17. Oh! I might have forgot to mention that the husband does not want to paint the cabinets white, he wants to stain them instead ;( maybe I'll have him read all these comments and he'll see painting is the way to go! :D

  18. so cute!!! i love the color you chose and the fabric of your curtains! and i agree with the ladies, white painted cabinets would look mah-velous. ;)

  19. Lovin' your birdies...delightful !!!

  20. Replace yellow with red and add more white and you've got my great-grams kitchen. And you know what... I LOVE IT! :)))

  21. i so get the moment of finding the right piece of fabric...the one that makes you smile....
    & yours does!!!

    PAINT the doors for her lovely husband....they are begging for it...then she'll serve you mugs of hot choc with heart marshmellows in her happy SUNNY kitchen daily!!

    still need to live next door!!

    m xx


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