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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good morning friends. Happy Tuesday.
Another chilly day here calls for a nice, hot cup of coffee this morning. Well, actually it's not nearly as cold as it has been...the temperature this morning is a balmy 33*. Don't be jealous.
I do love a hot mug of coffee in my hands on a cold day though, don't you?

So if we were really meeting for coffee today....

I would come in and you would immediately look at me and ask;
"What in the *&%$ happened to you, Amy?"

And since we're really friends and you don't mind my complaining and whining, then I would tell you...
That yesterday was not the best day. Here's what happened.
I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning at 10:30 (or so I thought) and had checked with my sister-in-law the day before to see if she could watch the kids while I was at my appointment.
Thank goodness for family close by.
So I wake up in the night and the whole right side of my face is swollen up. I have a root canal scheduled on a tooth that was/is infected for next Wednesday. I have already been on antibiotics twice for it and was hoping to make it to that appointment with no more problems.
No such luck.
But back to my appt. I get a call from the dentist office at nearly 8:00 a.m. telling me my appt.
 is actually at 8:30 that morning....in thirty minutes.
No time for baths or showers for anyone, we throw clothes on, call my SIL and thankfully
 she says to still bring the kids over. Whew.
I walk in the office only about 5 minutes late looking a hot mess. Hair looking like a rat's nest,
 a little make-up was thrown on but the cutest thing of all was that my shirt was buttoned
wrong and when I took my coat off there was a big gap where my stomach was showing.
So attractive. There were looks of sympathy all around for this mama with the swollen face that appeared to have just rolled out of bed. Like literally. Just rolled out of bed.
So, back on the antibiotics now but the swelling has gotten worse. It goes from up under my eye all the way down to my neck now.I'm hoping it all starts feeling better today.
Oh- and the icing on this little piece of cake called life? No dental insurance.

It was one of those days where you want to go home, crawl under the covers and not come out or talk to anyone all day. Maybe wake up the next day and get a fresh start. There would probably be lots of crying and feeling sorry for myself, too. Well, not probably, there definitely would be.
But alas, there are kids to take care of and meals to prepare and dishes to do.

Enough of that though.
Let's talk about these babies.

  Let me tell you, I was so excited and proud of myself that these turned out.  I used this recipe from the The Pioneer Woman. It was easy to follow and I love the way she explains everything.We had cheese soup and these rolls and it was a good meal that everyone loved. It feels so good to make something from scratch that actually turns out. A perfect Winter meal. We had so many left-overs that Charlotte and I took soup and rolls to Eric's grandparents the next morning. Now I'm thinking I might need to get
one of her cookbooks.

Well, thank you for meeting me for coffee and for listening to me whine talk this morning and being a good friend. Thank goodness we can laugh at ourselves, otherwise things could be really depressing, huh?  Right now I need to get going so I can get an ice pack back on my face.
Remember, the coffee link is up all week.
Happy Tuesday everyone, hope your week is off to a better start than mine!


  1. Thanks again for hosting. I love Virtual Coffee :)

    And I am so sorry about your tooth! That sounds just horrible...and I've never had a root canal before, but I hope it goes well. I have to get one soon, and I'm going to make sure that they put me out for it...


  2. You poor thing... Hope the swelling goes down, and thank goodness for antibiotics ;) Those rolls look delicious! And the pioneer woman? She is amazing! I have one of her cookbooks, and she always makes things so easy to follow :)

    Thanks for sharing friend!

  3. I wasn't laughing at any of that. Nope. That would be MEAN. You poor thing :D Oh dear. I hope the swelling goes down. And I love that PW Lady. But I am scared to get her cookbook. I would probably immediately pack on 20 lbs!!!!

  4. you poor thing. i wish i could come and cook dinner for you and wash your dishes. hope you are feeling better SOON!

    and those rolls look amazing!

    thanks for hosting coffee today. i always love participating. :)

  5. oh my goodness. i'll be praying your infection heals quickly. i'd be linking today if i weren't home with two sicklings and a load of errands to run. hugs. (and p.s. i loathe the dentsist. ohmygosh loathe it. so i feel your pain.)

  6. Oh my goodness.....I am so sorry! What a day! :-( I sure hope that you start feeling better soon. You are so lucky to have family close by, that is one thing that I have always missed greatly. And those rolls, Wow! I could almost smell them, they look so yummy! You can't go wrong with the Pioneer Woman! Thanks for hosting....I'm back after a long hiatus (a.k.a. sewing frenzy for soon to be arriving baby!)

    Take care,

  7. I hope hope hope your swelling goes down... poor thing! Those biscuits look fantastic, I'll have to try them soon. Yay for warmer temps ;)

  8. oh, how terrible! i now just how you feel, but i hope that you feel better soon!

  9. Oh, poor you - I'm so sorry to hear about your tooth! Feel better soon! Those rolls look great - I think I might give them a try!

  10. Oh dear! I had a wisdom tooth pulled out last year and then suffered from something called dry socket. Seriously the worst pain I've ever felt in my life and to boot my face was swollen up like a tomato. I hope you feel better soon!

  11. Ugh, what a day! I sure hope that today is turning out better for you, and that you finally got to shower. ;-)

    What is that lovely looking coffee drink? I'm also dying for one of the Pioneer Woman's cookbooks. Here blog always leaves my stomach grumbling.

  12. we are so lucky in the UK to have the national health I can't imagine what it must be like to worry if you can afford to be ill, I hope you feel better soon toothache has to be the worst kind of pain

  13. Oh no! That does not sound like fun at all -- the dentist part. I've been really lucky with my teeth but the hubby has had some issues and an infected tooth does not sound like fun. And don't worry -- everyone appreciates a hot mess who is honest and fun. Your rolls look delicious. I keep putting her cookbook in my amazon cart and then not buying it because there are so many recipes online. Mmmmm cheese soup. What is your recipe?

  14. ugh. I super hate all things that have to do with dentistry. I hope your meds work and that the swelling goes down.

    I LOVE PIONEER WOMAN'S COOKBOOK. I've made a billion of her recipes and my family has loved almost all of them. In fact, her spicy pulled pork is currently cooking in my oven.

    I hope your day is better today. I also hope you get her cookbook asap. :)

  15. That is lame-o. FYI: I use a thing called Care Credit for my dental. It's like a credit card, but not. It's not Visa endorsed or anything. And it can only be used for medical purchases. It's great, because you can put the balance owed on it and pay interest free for a certain number of months without it affecting your credit (unless you default on your payments anyway). I only use mine for my dental.

  16. oh my word, i'm so sorry about the dental issues!! that sucks! :P
    on the other hand, those rolls look divine. really really. i'm going to start drooling right here in the library thank to you;)

  17. UGH! So sorry! I hate the dentist, but I hate tooth pain more! I hope you are feeling better soon. I always felt much better after the root canals, but the bills...those hurt!
    Oh and your linky is not working for me!

  18. Oh Amy! That totally sucks. Tooth issues are so flipping depressing, and the insurance thing more so. I needed a root canal once (with no insurance), and I stood there and cried right in the dentist's office. I hope you're feeling better soon! I miss having coffee with you.

  19. You poor thing - I can't imagine the pain, of your tooth....of the cost to get it fixed. Been there too. I say drink a glass of wine and crawl back into bed. The family can eat PB & J until you are better. Take care.

  20. Oh No! But I was kind of hoping for a photo of the face...

  21. oh sweetie...i'd have taken your kids when your sis-in-law done and put you to bed and done your dishes and fed the fam something nearly as good as your cheese soup and those stunningly great looking rolls!

    god....dentists...you were seriously brave...if a little dishevelled!

    hope tomorrow is a little better....thinking of you...
    & if you need another good rant you know where we all are!
    melissa xxx

    p.s -when you and the kiddos ready send me your address for Cuppie to come visit....x

  22. Oh my deepest sympathies to you. I've had a couple of root canals but this latest one has been a nightmare! I actually have to go in bright & early tomorrow to have the FIFTH procedure done on it in 4 months. This time, minor surgery to drain the infection in the sinus tract in my gum. Sounds fun no? I 100% sincerely feel your pain! :(

  23. Ugh. I'm sorry to hear about the dentist-induced pain in your morning schedule, pocket book and mouth. That stinks. On a brighter note, the rolls look awesome, and the cheese soup sounds so good. That's, perhaps, what I'll make one night for dinner this week. MM. Feel better.

  24. ouch. ouch. ouch. ouch. OUCH! I hate dentists, too. Alas I need to get my booty in to see my doctor soon. We were without dental for quite some time, too. But that is because Nick worked for a small business that didn't offer it. However when he took the job in the big company a lot of things changed... including insurance. BUT... I still haven't gotten in. I hate the dentist. Ok so this was selfish, but I really meant to sympathize with you!!! HUGS to you my friend. Feel better, yo.


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