{The Wall}

Saturday, January 29, 2011

This morning we went to breakfast at the new little place up the street then stopped in the comic book store next door, then stopped at the thrift store a few blocks away.
For $5.75 we got the airplane, the creepy baby doll  and this awesome little suitcase.
 Look at that suitcase! 
 I sware my heart skipped a beat when I saw it (hello, drama queen). But really, I have been looking for a kid-sized one for a while and actually wonder if this did not once hold a little record player. 
And check out the stickers. I wanted to take a few quick pictures of the kids and remembered this old building...so we did a quick U-turn and headed downtown. The kids were good sports today and there was really no complaining. It was a little cold but I was really fast and they survived. 
And the wall... love that wall.
Oh- and if you think her outfit looks familiar, you're right. She loves herself in this outfit  that
she "made up herself". Please note that her shirt, skirt, tights and hair ribbon all have polka dots on them. Oh, to be four years old. 


  1. love the wall!
    and LOVE that she picks her own outfits!
    that's what i like to see, a lady who knows what she wants to wear.

  2. AH! This post made me so so happy :) The outfit, the beautiful brick wall, the amazing suitcase find....

  3. Love it when kids pick their clothes... she looks great! I love that you allow it too. I let my eldest chose her clothes at the weekend and she looks like a colour explosion! The wall pictures remind me of 70's in England... hanging about on the street playing 'May I'... Take care. Lx

  4. love the variety of polka dots (and always love her braids!). it's great when the kids are sports about photo ops ... looks like a relaxing day with family.

  5. Ooh...I do like that wall. And that suitcase too! My mother-in-law collects old suitcases and I have dibs on them if she ever decides to get rid of them.

    My eldest used to "match" stripes together. :)

  6. swoon! love these photos Amy! hugs, Cathy

  7. These pictures are soooo cute!!! Love the suitcase!!!

  8. Without reading your words, I was already going to comment about that adorable case! How awesome is that?!?!? Complete with vintage stickers?!? What a find!

    Your kiddos are absolutely adorable, as always!

  9. Amazing photos and I must say, a great choice of outfit! x

  10. the wall is awesome, but that suitcase is fantastic!!!! what an amazing find!

  11. Precious photos....love the suitcase too !! YUM !!!

  12. Amazing shots, finds, and creativity! Love visiting your blog Amy.

  13. Beautiful. LOVE these shots! And that suitcase is adorable! What a great find! :)

  14. Love your pictures! and that wall and suitcase are pretty cool. ;)

  15. Can I borrow that wall sometime??:)
    I keep looking for a cool one around here for when things warm up.
    Beautiful Amy!
    Enjoy the day

  16. yep the suitcase cannot be oooohhhed and aaahed over enough!!
    what a find!
    what a plane!
    what a wall!!!!!!
    what an outfit!!
    Audrey {5} did all stripes on friday for non-uniform day at school!
    who wears all stripes....probably your gal!!

    melissa xx

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog... :)
    (And I love your daughter's fashion sense. My 8 y/o has an affinity for all things polka dot!

  18. Gorgeous photos and such great finds!

  19. Super cool suitcase! I love that last photo. :)

  20. That is a fine looking outfit. She wears it well.


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