Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello, Monday.
That wekend went fast. 
But then they always seem to, don't they? I hate that.

Today I am at home looking out the window, checking the weather online and waiting for this
 big storm to hit us. We are supposed to be getting hit with lots of snow, freezing rain, ice and 
"dangerous conditions"over the next few days, starting tonight.
Everyone is freaking out, the grocery stores are packed  and people are talking about 15+ inches of snow. And lots of ice. Bring on the snow, we want a snow day, but keep the ice.
We have had so many false alarms lately with supposed huge storms coming our way,
 that I feel like this one might just really hit us this time.
So I am waiting... and waiting...and hoping that it does not get bad until everyone is home safe and sound. The anticipation drives me nearly crazy though. Is it really gonna hit us or miss us again? 
And the ice...we get a lot of power outages here in our neighborhood so needless to say I am a little worried about that. I don't know if I have ever mentioned it before, but when Miss Charlotte
 was about 5 weeks old we had a horrible ice storm and our power was out for SEVEN DAYS. 
Seven days, people. I think I might still be traumatized from that one.

So,  we have been keeping busy with other things.
Like Valentine's Day things.
Last week we made these wax crayon hearts and today I finished a few lovely little banners.
This one below was so easy and only took me about 15 minutes to make.
I got the letters and hearts here. I do have to say that she is super sweet though and sent me the file to download them just because.
She also has a really cute blog full of creative things and awesome photography, 
make sure and check it out.
So I just downloaded and printed them and there I had the letters/words to spell out: 
Be Mine, I Love You, U R Loved, XO XO, XO and the hearts, too. So cute and so easy.
Then I just cut the triangles out of newspaper, glued pink scrapbook paper on and added the letters,
hole punched it, and added  the red bias tape to hang it up. I do love me a quick, simple project.

Ta Da!
and how cute are my little helpers?
I never think these two little cousins look that much alike, but I kind of do in this last photo.

I really don't want this storm this week. We've got 100 Day at school tomorrow, Eric's birthday is this week, I still have shopping to do and my BFF is coming in from Chicago with her new baby that 
 I haven't met yet. And a Girl's Night Out is planned for Friday. 
I really don't have time to be snowed in, not this week.
So while we're waiting for the storm to hit or not hit and waiting for Eric to get here from his commute home from work, maybe I''ll bake something. Or move some furniture...or make another banner...
or something. Oh, how I hate the waiting. And if you don't hear from me for a few days you'll know I'm probably snowed and iced in at home with no power. 

But hopefully I'll be back here tomorrow morning for Virtual Coffee.
Happy Monday!



  1. I'm crossing my fingers the storm won't hit! 7 days without power - oh my!!! I think you've had enough of that for a life time! ;-)
    I love your Valentine's preparation - gorgeous photos of your lovely helpers, too! Have a great (storm-, ice- and snow free) day/week! :-)

  2. Sending good wishes your way that the bad parts of the storm will pass you by!

  3. Stay safe, and here's to hoping you make another day with power. I always look forward to virtual coffee!! ;)

  4. oh my gosh that sounds crazy. i hope you don't lose power. but if it does get bad, i know you'll make the most of it too, and probably come away with some deep thoughts and precious memories. those are the things we never plan for. they just happen when we least expect.

  5. your valentine decorations are ADORABLE!!

  6. love your photos and and your banners!
    hope you stay warm and cozy....

  7. I'm not sure where you live exactly, but your story about the storm could have been written by me! I live in Oklahoma and the storm is supposed to hit tonight. Expecting 8-14 inches of snow, blizzard conditions and the coldest temps in 15 years. A few years ago we had a bad ice storm and we were out of power for 8 days. We stayed with my parents until their electricity went out and then we went to a hotel because my dad had pneumonia and just couldn't stay in that cold house. Anyway, I'm praying you and yours will be safe when this storm hits!

  8. I hope you stay cozy...with the power on.

    We have 100 Day celebration tomorrow, too! Happy 100!!!!

    And I have yet to really think about Valentine's Day. I'm barely hanging on through January. Maybe we will string some hearts tomorrow.

  9. Tell me about it... everyone is holding their breath around here. All my guys are beyond excited. Chase is hoping for a snow day :D But, oh dear, I hope your friend makes it down and you get your girl's night. Keeping my fingers crossed that the snow stays NORTH ;D

  10. I love me some Valentine crafts. All the pink and red and hearts. It's so girly and frilly. I just love it all.

    And, yes. Those cuties DO look alike. :)

  11. Loving your wax hearts and those girls are way too cute!!

  12. I love what you did with the stuff i send you :)

  13. loving the banner and the helpers....!!! gorgeous -both!!

    hope you dont get snowed under...but do get to enjoy some white with the kiddos....

    see you later for virtual coffee- fingers crossed

    melissa xx


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