Sunday, February 27, 2011

we woke up yesterday morning to snow. lots of snow.
i know i complain like all the time about the winter and this weather and i was MAD when i heard the forecast, i'm not even gonna lie.
but this snow was perfect.
huge flakes, the soft and fluffy kind. so pretty.
movie snow, if you will.
and it's already melted off of the roads, so there's nothing to complain about.
now that's what i'm talking about.
i love when you go to bed and wake up to everything blanketed in snow.
there's really nothing else like it.

wyatt came in our room, looked out our bedroom window and yelled; "owl!" and ran downstairs
as fast as he could to tell his daddy and get his binoculars.
well, it was actually a morning dove, all puffed up to keep warm, not an owl, but still pretty cool.
and there was about five of them right there in that one tree.
this picture is from our window-through a screen,  dirty glass and all.
the snow is all melted already.
just a little reminder that there are pretty little things even in the winter, or especially in the winter, depending how you look at it. and i realize that although this may not be my favorite season,
i would miss the changing seasons of we didn't have them.

*thanks for all the comments on my last post.
they really made me laugh and reminded me not to take myself too seriously.
and because of this person, several new people were sent over my way, which means new blogs for me to check out and people to meet. gotta love that.
this blogging world/thing is so funny. i realized i blogged about being sick of myself and
in that very same post there were three pictures of..... me.
guess i wasn't as sick of myself as i thought, huh?
hope everyone has a happy sunday!
we are on Bathroom Demolition: Day 2. eeeek. more to come later this week.


  1. That is some beautiful snow indeed. Although I should say that I am perfectly happy admiring the snow through your pictures. I don't need it in my backyard anymore. :-D

  2. We got a beautiful snow here, and our roads are clear but a yucky fog had been accompanying it for the last two days, which is much worse than just the grey skies.
    Bleh. So I'm enjoying your snow through your photos a lot more than I am enjoying mine! Happy Sunday! Beautiful photos!

  3. "Her" blog got me here also!!! I love your blog!!! Beautiful snow photos...wonder how many times blogland has heard that line this winter???
    Have a beautiful week new friend!!!

  4. This is really perfect with the blue sky! And I also would miss the changing of the season though I'm constantly complaining about the oh so cold winter ;-)

  5. That is beautiful! We actually have good weather today, for a change. It is like in the 50's...my son finally got to ride his bike! Trust me, he needed to be outside. lol.

  6. that is my favorite kind of snow. this time of year i figure if i can't get a slice of spring yet, i love a blanket of fresh snow to brighten the landscape.
    p.s. the dove pics are lovely.

  7. love catching up with you!
    we have been away for 3 days -up to the wild beaches on the north east coast of england...no snow but for the tops of the hills on the scottish border...but like you amy, these last couple of days-whilst freezing my butt off on a wild beautiful beach with my kiddos and the hubby- i realised though not my favourite season- i will one day desperately miss winter and the seasons when we eventually move home to sydney australia!
    loved you getting sick of yourself...AND yep all the photos were of you...who you were sick of!! brilliant!
    and those wonderful days where all is good between siblings are a blessing to be mentally and emotionally drawn upon on those OTHER days!
    melissa xx

  8. We were dumped with it too, tonight it's thunder storming, tomorrow it's supposed to be near 50. I'm pretty sure Mother Nature is royally screwed up.

  9. these are so nice. the little bird sitting between all the fluffy snow is so sweet! I love the first clean white snow and the whole world seems quiet and peaceful

  10. Wow -you did get some NICE snow down there! And sun with it!! Even better yet. We have been cold and dreary for so long - I am itching to just get some sunshine :D Great shots!! Hang in there, spring is coming.

  11. bathroom demolition? ooooh sounds scary!

    ah, yes. yesterday we had that lovely sort of snow. thankfully it didn't do many inches. *whew*

    have a lovely monday, amy!

  12. Glad to hear things are little better.

    Even if winter just makes us sick, sometimes it's beautiful.

    Good luck with the bathroom chaos. :-D

  13. That is quite a blanket of snow you've got there.

  14. ahhh wow... this is so pretty! i actually got to experience some snow last week up in Canada! it was so much fun and so so beautiful! i love your pics!

  15. Definitely 'movie' snow. :) Very pretty!!

  16. Oh yeah! That is definitely movie snow. Beautiful and then gone. Perfect.


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