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Monday, February 28, 2011

So I am kind of cheating with coffee this morning, I can't lie.
I scheduled this post ahead of time, which I never do with Virtual Coffee.
Normally I actually sit down and have coffee while I am typing my coffee post.
But it's actually Monday night and Charlotte is sick so I am doing it ahead, just in case things are crazy tomorrow morning.

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning.....
first of all, I would say...Happy March! It's March 1 today, people.
Is March my favorite month? ummm...no, not really. But we are getting a little closer to Spring.
Twenty days to be exact. Not that it's magically going to feel like Spring on March 21, 
but again, we're getting closer.
So happy March and happy Tuesday and thanks for joining for me this morning.

Anyway...I took Charlotte to the doctor yesterday suspecting an ear infection but it is just a viral infection I guess. Running a temp, not eating much at all, laying on the couch and crying. That was pretty much our day Sunday and Monday. Poor thing. She just had the stomach flu
 in January and now this. Where, oh where, is Spring?!
Needless to say, we are laying low and hoping for a quick recovery.
This was Friday night...all was well then.
We made a big fort in the living room using every pillow and blanket we could find.
Living room fort complete with lights, snacks and our little begging beagle, Phoebe.

So we didn't do much at all over the weekend. At all.
 I have to admit, Eric really steps up on the weekend around the house/with the kids
and I usually get time to myself, time to run errands solo, etc and I
 missed that this weekend. Really missed it.
He worked on the bathroom all weekend long, like without stopping except to sleep,
so I was pretty much in charge. But the bathroom will be so nice when it is finished and we can't wait!

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would tell you that this week right here is why I wish I was not such a procrastinator. I am having a baby shower here at my house on Saturday and I
 have 1.5 million errands and things to do around the house and I have a sick kid.
This is exactly why you should not procrastinate, folks.
But I never learn my lesson. Ever. I  guess I like living on the edge.

So this is what we'll be doing today...
 Reading books, watching movies, drinking lots of water and taking medicine.
And I will be trying to squeeze in a little organizing, spray painting and banner making
while the little one is resting.
Hope you guys all have a great day. Thanks for joining me for coffee!


  1. oh i hope that she feels better soon!

  2. That's such a cute idea - a healing fort! Hope it does the trick and she's back to her self in no time. x

  3. hope charlotte feels better soon!
    ooh, have fun with that baby shower! lovely!

  4. doesn't procrastination also mean you will do your best work due to the pressure! :) just trying to spin it a little. praying charlotte doesn't share her germs with her shower-prepping mama.

  5. i learn that lesson everytime i procrastinate. seems like it would be a lesson that only one disaster would teach me to know better! but no. so you are not alone :) and as leslie suggested, yes, i do my best work under pressure (the only tim i get anything done!) maybe one day... i hope your baby shower planning goes better than you are expecting :) and that charlotte feels better before you know it. and that you can find a little time to rest in the midst of sick & planning!

  6. I hope she feels better... I love that chalk board box thing on the book shelf!
    Good luck prepping for the shower, you will do great :)

  7. oh honey....balance balance balance...
    do you know any parent that has it??!!!

    hope lovely little C is feeling a little better today...that was a virtual early monday night tuesday catch-up....this is all getting very jumbled....

    & hope you get your spraying & creations done...

    love your hide-out & your beagle!

    melissa xxx

  8. I loved the "fort" phase :) Hope your little feels better soon.

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  10. Love the fort!
    I am the worst procrastinator EVER!
    And I hope your sweety gets better quick!

  11. oh, sorry your little Charlotte is sick :( Fort night looked like so much fun! I love that idea :) Can't wait till my daughter is a bit older to try it for a movie night or something. I am such a procrastinator so I feel you. Hope you are able to get everything done this week without too much stress. :) and hope the little one feels well soon!

  12. Sorry your little one is sick. That's never fun. I hope you get some down time too, while she's recovering.

  13. poor miss charlotte! that's the pits. i hope she'll be able to rest today so you can get to your spray painting. i'm excited to see photos of what you're making.

  14. Our kids' illnesses can really throw a wrench in our lives, the things we have to get done. In the winter months I often shop in combat mode - under the gun! With all the "what ifs" running through my head. An extra loaf of bread for the freezer because "what if" Riley gets sick and I can't get out to the store for days. Viruses are so unpredictable too. Arrrgggg! I sympathize and commiserate and I will be duly jealous of your bathroom. Mine is on the list for a lick of paint once I can start opening the windows. Thanks for my cuppa.

  15. You're hosting a baby shower? Eeek, I can't host anything to save my life!

  16. So sorry the plague has hit your house too...it super sucks! Both boys have it (boogie-fest 2011) and now I have a the hacking cough with the sinus crap. Breakout the clorox wipes cause this is a doozie.

    I hope she feels better soon. And cut yourself some slack on the baby shower...cheering up sick kids is priority number one!

    Hang in there :-)

  17. so sorry to hear about the sickness! yuck! and yay for March! I am a complete procrastinator, so I hear ya. Hope today is better!

  18. Awww your poor daughter, and poor you! I hope that she is feeling back to normal in no time so that you can get ready for the baby shower!


  19. Oh poor Charlotte! I hope she is feeling better! Good luck plotting and planning and hosting! I'm sure it'll all come together beautifully in time.

  20. Hey! I am new to your blog - and am a definite follower - I love it!
    Just did Virtual Coffee for the first time today, and it is such a cute idea :-)
    Hope the sickies at your house are better soon!
    Take care and all the best!

  21. Hope your little cutie feels better.

    I'm counting down the days until spring, too. Getting closer! And today was even almost {gasp} nice out at 44 degrees.

    Also, I really love that little chalkboard that says I love you. Such a cute idea.

  22. Poor Charlotte! Hope she feels better soon! Happy almost Spring!

  23. Sickies here too. I had the same weekend except I never left my bed. My head never left my pillow. Then LB got sick. Luckily, hers is strep. A little antibiotics and good to go. Gotta love strep.

    Hope Charlotte is LOTS better today!

    Procrastination is the only way to go. I can't get anything done without a deadline. That's why I have a million unfinished projects around my house.

  24. Despite it all, I'm
    somehow SURE that you
    will get it all done!!
    I just linked up, as
    I've been crazy to do
    it since last SUMMER ~
    remember summer...ahh...!
    Good luck and I hope
    your wee one is bouncing
    around, soon!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Mine's an Eric, too : )


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