Sunday, March 27, 2011 pictures. with the boss' phone. that would be eric since i don't actually have a boss, ya know. i am officially addicted to the iphone now. {sorry, honey} i can do without the games and all the other stuff and i can get online on my own phone but all the fun camera apps? love, love, love. i have deemed myself not responsible enough for an iphone to date,  but i'm not sure how much longer that can last. i have dropped my own phone in the toilet countless times, left it on top of my station wagon and drove all  day with it up there while searching everywhere for it. i drop it daily, spill coffee on long would an iphone last with me? it's not looking real good, is it? i know.

so saturday we had to go out of town so eric could take care of some graduation business...we made a day of it and ate lunch out and went to the book store. origami kit for wyatt, new book for charlotte and the latest artful blogging magazine for mama. oooh, what a good day. it was a nice family day, really.
 no sarcasm here today.

hope everyone is having a great weekend.
it is chilly here today but sunny.
we plan to go visit my sweet little baby niece later today and cook out tonight.
and i got my date night last night. life is good.
peace & love, y'all.


  1. I am addicted, too!!!

    If you're on Instagram, my handle is @yepallmine. And if you're not, get on it!!! AWESOME.

  2. I am addicted too! This post made me smile because I did a post with all iphone photos and it includes a Chipotle shot as well! Great minds :)

  3. Such lovely shots! :-) I don't have an iphone, but with all those wonderful iphone photos around I slightly get the feeling, I need one, too... ;-)
    Sounds (and looks) like a fantastic day you had!

  4. I LOVE my iphone!
    what is that app photo that says, URBAN?!
    I NEED that?!

  5. Right there with you on the whole being really hard on a cellphone...once dropped it in the ocean...but do love those fancy touches!

    Love me some Chipolte!!

  6. I hear ya! I have a Droid, but I only wanted it for the cool camera apps. I have no idea how to use the other 99% of the phone features but I can make a call, send a text and take fun pix with it. I'm completely satisfied.

  7. hipstamatic?
    yah addicting...i start to get annoyed with my "big girl" camera even....

  8. Sounds so wonderful. Can't beat new Artful Blogging.

    I love the iphone camera apps. I wish I had one too. I only have the ipod touch. :-(

  9. dang those are beautiful! love them!
    and i really want to go to chipotle someday....... never been there!

  10. Yes I'm addicted too!! Instagram is my favorite photo app . So addicting!!

  11. Funky images! I love my iPhone too.

  12. oh i need you to know at last i have had my proper amy fix...big time!!

    i have caught up on all your last posts over the weekend...and i want to go to that amish town with you...i promise to sit in the back with the kids and be real quiet!!!

    i want your rose earrings- so does my big gal Ella...we could have one each!
    and i am in lurvvvvvve with my i-phone camera apps...yep my hubby has got used to it al last!!!!!!
    the last trip to london i didn't even take my camera!! yowzers that says alot!!

    see you tomor for virtual coffee...melissa xxx

  13. Yep. Go ahead. Join the cult. It's fun.

    Instagram is *the best* camera app. I've done so many 10 on 10's with it. I'm @littlefists.

  14. Get an otter box to go on your iPhone and you'll be set. I have one on mine so it can survive my 3 year old and baby.

  15. Hey - we hit up Chipotle with the kiddos on Sunday! Calvin is officially obsessed with their pinto beans. Weird.

    ps - I adore the name Charlotte.

    pss - I should be hoop-arting right now...


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