Friday, March 25, 2011

* love the way a hot, just-poured cup of coffee feels in my hands.

*just finished reading Ape House by Sara Gruen. Loved that book and now I just started reading
Water for Elephants by her as well. i cannot wait for that movie to come out but I really
hope there are no clowns in it. I just don't do clowns.

* can't wait for lilac season. our lilac bush out front has teeny-tiny buds on it. we transferred it last Spring from my in-laws yard so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it does well this year. i love, love, love lilacs...one of the best smells. ever.

*need a date night. and i want it planned for me {hi honey}. i don't even care what/where is is. i hate when we finally have a night out and then get in the car and say"...where do you wanna go?...i don't know, where do you wanna go?" i want a real, good old-fashioned date. and soon.

* love jewelry. i love to buy jewelry and to get jewelry as a gift, of course. i love it cheap, vintage, home made, department store, rummage sale, handmade... you name it. i'll take it all.

* go through reading phases. i won't read for a while and than i will read four or five books in a row and not be able to put them down.

* think oatmeal is a perfectly acceptable dinner.

* feel so much better after all the beds are made and upstairs rooms are picked up in the morning.

* have not forgotten that this is my one little word this year. well, not entirely anyway. BUT, i'm also not feeling real good about where i am with it since it is now march and well into the new year now. ooops.

* have had some kind of little stomach bug this week and have not been feeling too great. i am behind on laundry and cleaning and...yeah...pretty much everything else in my life. and where's my cleaning lady, anyway?

* think tonight calls for ordering in pizza. this mama just doesn't have the energy for much else.

* never, ever really watch oprah these days but have seen some of it the last two days and have found myself crying over her trip to australia. good lord, do i need a vacation that bad? what's wrong with me!?


and how about you? how are you...weekend plans? anything fun going on in your little world?
do tell.
i hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. my son is turning ten on monday..so his bday party is tomorrow...that in and off itself has my mind spinning...last minute cleaning and shopping and phone calls from my mom telling me she invited more people...i need a vaca too....I love this post and your pictures rock....beauty queen you are!


  2. I LOVE Oprah! I have watched her on and off over the years, but lately, I don't miss one! that episode is actually a repeat, I already saw her trip to australia, so I didn't watch this week! it's been all repeats!!!

    this weekend: tomorrow meeting my best friend at barnes & noble to look at books, write in our kids journals, work on my Project Life book , talk , go shopping and out for dinner! can't wait! I need a day away. I started homeschooling this past fall and NEVER get a break anymore!
    hope you have a fun weekend!
    and to your honey: get planning that date, somewhere fun & buy your wife some jewelry ha ha!

  3. This weekend: hoping to relax and not do much of anything(which would be a big change for us around here). We bought a new TV today so perhaps we'll search for some fun new movies on Netflix.
    My 7 year old DD had a procedure done today thats been pretty draining for all of us so Im thankful to not have plans.
    HOpe you feel better soon! My girls had a nasty stomach bug last week and couldnt even keep down water!Awful:(
    Have a great weekend.

  4. a. I need a vaca, too.
    b. oatmeal is perfectly acceptable at any time.
    c. There aren't any creepy clowns in that book.
    d. I'm looking forward to the movie, too.
    e. I have a date night with hubby tomorrow, woot!
    f. I want it to be a "REAL" date night as well.
    g. Lilacs make me sneeze. I can't have them :(
    h. Really I'm sure I could finish the alphabet but
    I... really liked your "I" post! :)

  5. I love this post! A warm cup of coffee is the best feeling! I'm going to my best friend's (of 20 years!) wedding tomorrow! I can't wait. :)

  6. well crap...I hadn't thought about clowns being in that movie.


    I'll have to suck it up. I really want to see it because i super liked the book.

  7. I love your post.....
    we had cereal for supper - I'm totally okay with that!
    And I just finished Water for Elephants - I can't wait for the movie either.....
    My weekend will be spent doing my job as an ICU nurse....not usually fun but always exciting:)

  8. I ... could have written this very same list. Well, almost. Enjoy Water for Elephants. It's so good. You won't want it to end.

  9. i do the same thing with reading....well i do that "freakishly into it" thing with lots of things. sewing, crafting, reading, cleaning, blogging.
    i just get really into it and then need a break....

  10. i...love your post! and
    i...will make one of my own this weekend!

    thank you ♥

  11. Paige will eat oatmeal for any and all meals if we supply it :) Love your list... I would love a date night planned for me... and jewelry... yum!

  12. Such a great photo and thanks for the book recommendation. Hope you have a great weekend and have your date x

  13. I just love your blog! I am new here and loving it.
    I am having a giveaway and it seems right up your ally!
    xo, misha
    p.s. I think oatmeal is just fine for dinner, too......

  14. I love your blog... you are the BEST! my favorite blog out there! I wish we lived close.... we would have so much fun! yes, date night! I hear ya... wish my husband would plan something really cool! hahaha... ok.. you call my husband and I'll call yours... we'll fill them in on a cool date! once.. I planned a fun one... you may want to hint to him... MINI GOLF! it was so FUN! then dinner after! have a fun weekend!

  15. oatmeal for dinner is totally acceptable in this house! :)

    Hope you are feeling better! :)

  16. Well, I always love these random lists. Such a glimpse into the girl behind the blog. ;)

    Also, what is UP with that young guy in the black shirt? I just looked over and saw him on your follower thingy and he follows me, too, and seemingly every one I know! Who is he? Is he legit? Color me intrigued/befuddled.

  17. Great post. Love that first picture.


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