Friday Fist Pump!

Friday, March 11, 2011

So, you might be assuming that the title is a Jersey Shore reference.
Well, I have never actually said I watched Jersey Shore here...have I?
And since you don't really know what I'm doing on Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m., you shouldn't just assume I am over here watching trash TV. Okay, now that that's straightened out, here's some Friday Fist Pumps; or things I am just loving this week....

*My lovely new camera strap. I actually got it a couple of months ago but kept forgetting to
photograph it. It's from Knitty Bitties, love her shop and I just love the colors of my camera strap.
I really think I need a coffee coat next... so, so cute. Check out more here.

*This necklace! I know I just bragged talked about it a couple of days ago but I had to mention it again in case anyone missed it. I'm in love, what's a girl to do?
I could gaze at the jewelry in her shop all day long.

*I ordered these baby shower invitations from this shop and they turned out so cute. Since we don't know the baby's gender I was looking for something kinda neutral and since she already has one of those vinyl trees, kind of like this one, on the nursery wall I thought these were perfect! If you order from her shop you can use the code: referral10 for a 10% discount. Order, and print, without leaving the house. That's what I'm talking about!

There is nothing better than a surprise package in the mail. Sure beats bills and junk mail. Yesterday
 I got a package from the super sweet and talented Corrine- beautiful yellow handmade dish cloths!
 Look at those. They look so good in my blue & yellow kitchen. Thank you so much, Corrine!

This print. And her etsy shop; The Wheatfield. And her blog. WOW. Katie Daisy is seriously one of the coolest artists ever. I love her style and pretty much everything about her.  I want to live inside one of her paintings. I ordered this print for my cousin's baby's perfect for a nursery (or anywhere) I think....

Even her mailing labels are cute, loved seeing that package in my mailbox Monday!
Go to her shop right now if you haven't before, you'll either love me or hate me for it. 
I really want a print for myself but I just can't decide....maybe this or this one....  

{source: Katie Daisy}

*I love this girl...her style, her spirit, her sense of humor. Oh, and her necklace. look at that. Go read all about it and more on her blog though. And seriously? Danielle makes me want to get my nose pierced
 so bad. What a dollface!

{source: Danielle Burkleo, Take Heart}

*And lastly, a big fat Friday Fist Pump for the new bakery and cake shop just a short four blocks from my house. We can walk there--as soon as it's nice out anyway.
Miss Charlotte and I stopped there yesterday and she picked out a double chocolate cupcake
with chocolate icing. I resisted and got nothing, believe it or not. Really, I did resist this time.

Got anything that deserves a big, fat Friday Fist Pump?
If so, leave me a link in the comments.
And this post makes me realize that women are awesome. Seriously.
We make things and share things and write things and do so many things that make the world
 a better place. I truly believe that.
Hope you all have a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

* Somehow my comments got turned off (?) now it is fixed so comment away!


  1. amy, thank you so much for your kind words. you are so sweet, friend! and i say do it! to the nose piercing ;)

  2. Look at all those lovelies!!! :)
    {you are welcome!!!}

  3. Wow,'re a positivity injection!! I'm so glad I found you!!!
    I'm going to have a busy weekend..and I'll find the time to bake something sweet for my hubby and my little 2-year-old man!!
    I follow you from Rome!

  4. I am totally getting one of those necklaces for my birthday :-)

    My Friday Fist Pump goes out to no more ass-wiping!

  5. i have that sunshine print from the wheatfield! love it!!

  6. I LOVE all your links. I can't choose just one to talk about. Thanks for them!

  7. What a great post!! and you totally crack me up!

    Do the nose piercing. It only hurts for a second!!

  8. your name links to your blog now! yeehaw!!

  9. I love all of these. ALL OF THESE. XOL

  10. Ahhh, thank you for adding me into such a great mix of happy! So many of my favorites on this list too ;).

    And being on day 7 of the flu this brightened my morning up ;).

    Thank you!!

  11. Calling by from Italy via Daydream Living at Maureen's recommendation to have a browse around your blog. I just love the poster about bird chirping weather!

  12. I think I need that print for Sophia's room! We call her sunshine, and I sing that all the time. :)

  13. All cool.

    My fist pump is for spring break, baby. No kindergarten peeps for a whole week.

    So very needed.

  14. So perfectly said... We gals are pretty darn amazing aren't we? Sharing, loving, encouraging.... I think that is why blogging appeals to so many of us! Your post (as every post you create) makes me smile and feel great! Thanks!


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