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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A parade.
Saturday was a great day for a parade.
Sunny and nice. A little bit windy but very nice.
Like in the 50's. Can I get a Hallelujah on that one.
Yours truly was the official photographer for the Pug Club so we had to get to the parade extra early
so I could take lots of pictures of the dogs before it started. Okay, so I should probably mention that my
friend recently started the local Pug Club...so it wasn't that official. But it was fun. And funny.
Everyone had their dogs dressed up and buggies and wagons totally decked out. The kids got more candy than they did at Halloween I think, that might have been their favorite part, besides the pugs.
Mine was all the cool old cars and the bagpipes. Usually I feel like crying, or do cry, when I 
hear the bagpipes but not today. Hmmm...wonder why that is, anyway?
Oh well, check out that beautiful blue sky.....

And don't you love the little boy's sign? 
It is in reference to the local women's roller derby team,
I thought it was funny. Which reminds me that I really want to go watch the roller derby sometime.
Eric is gone all weekend so it has just been the kids and I. We have been watching movies, making forts and popping popcorn and eating parade candy. Yesterday we took a walk and played at the playground. It is actually starting to feel like Spring really will be here soon. The sun was out all day today. 
All day! Unbelievable.
And just so ya know, I am totally going to have one of those old cars one day...one day.
Maybe when I hit my mid-life crisis, maybe sooner...
I was drooling over that second one, a baby blue Thunderbird. Swoon.
{Seriously, click on that photo to view it larger}
Happy Sunday everyone!
Hope you all have a great day.


  1. Beautiful pictures! It was the same type of weather here in OH, yesterday. It got to 60 degrees! We went to the park and completely enjoyed ourselves! I hope to see more days like that in the near future! ;)

  2. neat-o! love the Puggy Buggy. i can't wait to see you and your family in that T-bird :) ... one of these days.

  3. Love the pics. Our parade is the 20th...can't wait. Always loved the old cars. My father in law used to have a 64 convertible mustang and when my husband and I used to take it out I would always feel like Marilyn Monroe. Just remember...the sun is always shining when you are Irish : )

  4. Each picture made me ooh and ahh! :) Love the kilt shot! Isn't this weather great?!

  5. ha, great sign that boy had:)
    i'm loving today's weather!!

  6. We have roller derby here too and we've always wanted to go. I need a couple more tattoos tho...

  7. my fave pic is the skirt/boots shot!
    though I LOVE THEM ALL!
    what a fun time!

  8. we went to a parade saturday, too! peeking through your pic i thought "smart cookie!" when i saw the umbrella! we all got sunburned! but i love the bagpipes,too... and the irish dancers :) always fun to celebrate!

  9. That is a lot of candy!! Looks like a fun way to spend a Saturday!

  10. I thought, "now THERE's a sign of the times" - "soy" city rollers! Yah baby and granola grannies would lick any soccer mom in sight! So glad to hear you had great weather for your parade. Last year ours was rainy and cold (we went anyway), this year we have the opportunity of marching in it (egads, I say!) as my son can go as part of the Scout pack. Ours, however, is next Sunday, and with March being so volatile, I'm waiting to give my yay or nay for the go ahead. Pugs in drag? Oooo, I do hope you share more photos.

  11. love a parade!!

    that kids sign is a hoot!!
    made me laugh out loud!!

    serious car love here!!

    melissa xx

  12. That is a very hip parade. Love the doggies and the derby mom.

  13. Such a fun post! Looks like your weekend was a blast :)

    I am the blogger who started the Cupcake Challenge which I hear you won over at Miss Sew and Sew's. Can you please let me know if you still have Cuppie? I am following her journey across the world and back to me. Thanks!


  14. Beautiful pictures! The kiddos look like they had a wonderful time. Parades are always fun. Love that picture of the blue/yellow skirt!


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