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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I have had a few questions about what camera I use as well as specific editing questions I have
 been meaning to answer for... well, a long time now so I thought I would just do it here all in one post. 
And just for the record: when people ask specific questions in the comments I try to answer them by email. If I am unable to email you back because your name doesn't link to your email then I try to
answer in the comments. I said I try but I don't always remember. 
If you do ever have a question about anything feel free to email me though.

*My camera: Nikon D3000
*lenses: Nikkor 18-55mm 1: 3.5-5.6
Nikkor 55-200mm 1: 4-5.6

*I go this camera a year ago this past Christmas, my first DSLR.
*And I know I shouldn't admit this, but...I have yet to read the whole manual or actually very
 much of it at all. It's a goal of mine-yet another goal I am failing horribly at.

* I edit all of my pictures in Picnik. I do love me some Picnik. 
I should add that for a monthly/yearly fee you can upgrade to Picnik premium and that's what I use.
There is a lot you can do with Picnik though at no cost at all. 
All the photo collages, text, etc. I do are in Picnik.
{Wait-- I just realized Picnik should probably be paying me....}

*I have my camera with me most of the time. And by most of the time I don't mean school
 drop off/pick-up every day or every trip to the grocery store but I do have it with me a lot of the time.
I am still plugging along on my 365 so I kind of have to have it with me/available a lot.

* I try to keep my battery charged so it is pretty much ready whenever the mood strikes, 
which could be any time at all. And if I was smart I would have a back-up battery but apparently I'm not
 that smart. I would also order a couple of extra lens caps but again, not that smart.

 I love using my camera to document my days and photography really is a creative outlet for me. 
Through my lens I feel like I am able to capture moments and little details
 I would have missed otherwise...or that I wouldn't have been able to document otherwise. 
I love photographing nature, architecture, food, still life's and basically just about anything and everything that makes up our days and our lives. And yeah, uhhhh...my kids, too.
But you knew that already. 

So that's what I know... not a whole lot really.
 I am always on the look-out for fun, vintage cameras. These all sit on top of an old china
cabinet thing in our dining room. Most are from antique shops or rummage sales but the
Brownie Hawkeye camera in the first photo belonged to my grandma.

Happy Wednesday everyone.
Today I will be trying to get some things done around the house and I have to finish
a craft project that needs to be in the mail later this week. oooops.
 Wish me luck!


  1. Thanks so much...I've been dying to ask you about your camera and the editing software you use. Thank you.

    BTW - I think I had a Fisher Price camera just like that when I was a kid (wow I'm old).

    Have a great day.

  2. Great post!! Your pictures are always fabulous with wonderful editing touches. I love Picnik too! If it wouldn't have been for blogging, I would've never known about it.

    Hope your day is going well!

  3. oh we really do need to live in the same street for a year or two...i know we've harped on about this before...but i'm getting serious now!!!

    how much do you love picnik.....!!
    if i'm not on it...miss.ella is!!!!
    yep- we did the premium thing and have never looked back!

    think i'm going to do the 365...i really feel like i've missed a moment there...there's a few of you girls i would have loved to do it alongside...
    but it's lovely to watch you from the side lines....

    anyhooo...i could rave about how much i love your photog all night...but i have a glass of wine with the hubster waiting after a busy kiddo afternoon...so speak to you tomor...

    melissa xx
    p.s- want a brilliant risotto recipe??
    super easy - you'll love it....x

  4. I love all your edits. love picnic too. and I love all your sweet vintage cameras...sigh

  5. Hiya, long time no comment. I have been in a fog.
    I have a D3000 also, I am going to go for a 50mm lens, how much do you love your Nikkor 55-200mm 1: 4-5.6? I like piknik but a friend gave me her her light room and PS so I could use them for school. Do you also have Polaroids? or manual, I just got a Pentax k1000

  6. the thing i admire the most about your photography is your natural eye for what to photograph.
    yes. your editing and camera lens are awesome, but when i scroll through your photos on flickr i have to call reedo over every once in a while and make him gawk too while i ask him, "see? why don't i think of this stuff?" like a key in a lock...or a certain angle and background of an object...you have a very creative eye and (sadly) i don't think that can be shared...but i do get a lot of inspirational motivation after flickr stalking you for a half hour or so.
    my goal is to get better at photographing things besides my amazing kids.
    yah, i love that. i love photographing relationship.
    but i want to challenge myself in other areas.
    btw. i totally dropped the ball on 365. i am so ashamed.

  7. hey, another q
    Nikkor 55-200mm 1: 4-5.6

    which letter do you use for you 3000


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