{She's Got Big Ideas}

Thursday, March 31, 2011

And they can be annoying sometimes.
Especially for my husband.
A week or so ago while the boys were on their way home from Menard's I called and asked Eric
 to stop and buy me a tripod for my camera. And no, I don't know what kind of tripod,
 just get me one, please and thank you. I had an idea.
I had bought the kids each a new kite a couple days earlier and I thought it would be a perfect
 day for flying the kites AND trying to get a few family pictures of all of us.
Hmmmm...did you hear that? Kite flying and family photos. Hahahahaha.
I should have thought that one through better. If it's windy enough to fly a kite it just might 
be too windy for family pictures.
Sometimes I just kind of just go with my ideas and don't always think them through real well. 
Yep, that's me.

But that's okay. Just look at my little family.
I love the one of Eric holding both of the kids. He won't be able to do that for much longer, ya know?
Oh and are you wondering where I am in these family pictures?
Well, come to find out you need a little practice figuring out the tripod first...
and then there was the whole wind thing.
 I looked like an actual drowned rat...hahahhaa. Oh well.

Happy Thursday and last day of March, y'all!
Today we are meeting my two best girlfriends for lunch, a mom and kids lunch, but tomorrow 
night it's all about a Girl's Night Out! Wahhhooo! I am definitely looking forward to that.
Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    I have a tripod, but I don't like to use it often, it just feels unnatural to me...I am sure with practice I would love it though.

  2. Gorgeous pics! I think the third is my favorite.

  3. those pictures ARE aweome...and your family is so cute. have fun at girls night out!!!


  4. These are so beautiful -wow! And, yes, have fun tonight! :-))

  5. the pictures turned out great!! i NEED a tripod...for sure! i want, i want...i need! LOL

    have a wonderful time for lunch and an AWESOME girls night out!!!

  6. Such dear pictures! Love the idea - have a super girls night out!

  7. LOVE the photos! My fav is the one of your little guy peeking through his dad's arm. So great!

    Can't wait to hear how the Girl's Night Out went. Man I need one of those. :-)

  8. We have had quite the kite flying weather haven't we?
    Love them all Amy!
    Have a happy day

  9. beautiful!
    do what I do and sent the camera on the ground or a bench, or a rock or whatever works!!!!! even if you were partway in the frame, would be cooL~!
    these are AWESOME!

  10. the third and fourth ones down=the money shots baby...
    love the black and white.

  11. gorgeous!
    love the one under that also where the kids are looking at one another and wyatt through his daddys arm....

    looking forward to the *whole* family pickies soon...would love to know how you work a tripod!!!

    melissa xx

  12. Awww- these are darling shots :D I love that you included Dad. I don't think I have ever seen him in these parts!! Yeah, tripod on a windy day might not be a good idea. I have one that is a bit flimsy and I rarely use it. I have been told that it is worth investing in a really good one - some day! *sigh*


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