Crazy Town

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome to Crazy Town, folks.
On our way down to The Cabin Saturday we stopped at a town sale in a small town and it was a trip.
And you know I am a junker, right? And not a snobby one, either.
But this was something else.

The freaks were out on Saturday and we were right there with em'.
There were multiple auctions going on at the same time, junk laying everywhere.
Everywhere. Broken furniture, animals (some broken, some not), plants, old mattresses, 
farm machinery, cool antiques, Christmas tress, you name it and it was probably there.
The stuff was laying around, not priced and no one around to tell you the price for the most part.
You have to be in the right mind-set for that and I just wasn't.
We left empty-handed. Well, besides a few hotdogs for the meat-eaters in my family.
Oh, and don't think I didn't briefly think about knocking the old man off the bike in the third picture
and stealing it. It was a vintage bike in a gorgeous shade of blue. I seriously considered it.

These pictures make me laugh because I think they make us look even more hillbilly than we even are down around here. I almost said down around these parts but didn't want to scare you off completely.
So it is 4:30 on Wednesday and I am just getting online for the first time today, internet problems yet again. I wanted to post this this morning but couldn't get online before school.
I would be really made about it except we were gone all day is still super annoying though.
Charlotte has a little cold (allergies? i don't know) and I have the kind of head cold where it feels
 like someone actually inflated your head with a pump.
I need to pick up the house, fold laundry, answer a few emails, try to figure out what's for supper....but all I really want to do is lay in bed and watch bad tv.
If I don't get to the earring give-away later tonight I will definitely do it tomorrow. I also need to get around to all the coffee posts from yesterday, I'll get there, I'll get there.
Signing off for now, from Crazy Town.


  1. Well, at least it was an interesting experience. I'm too avoiding the dishes and dinner, my excuse is a boy with strep. He gets to watch movies, why shouldn't I?

  2. Sounds like a trip...I guess kids need to be subjected to all kinds of crazy. Gives 'em a well rounded experience of life...right?

    May your internet problems go away and you are able to curl up and watch some trash TV. Ciao!

  3. sounds fun -- and crazy -- a great place to people watch. my sister-in-law goes to Pecatonica, IL to their big flea market ... finds all kinds of cool stuff. you should look into it :)

  4. I love vintage bikes too! Sounds like a crazy (but fun) adventure. hope you feel better soon.

  5. hmmmm. sounds interesting :) i'm a total junker too, and i don't mind a little digging...but there's junking and then there's JUNKING!! i don't think i would have been too keen on this type of sale either :) hope you feel better soon!

  6. Ok, you really made me laugh at this one! Because I have seen those kind of sales...but I just kept driving!:)
    Have a happy day

  7. I love a good junking adventure! That town must have made you crazy. I don't see an old man on a bike. Or am I crazy?

  8. WOW, look at all that stuff! I wish I could find something like that here. But I probably wouldn't have the guts to find prices, etc. :)

  9. scary town junking...perhaps even too much for me...!!

    brilliant photos though- so if thats what you've taken away from the sale then how lucky are you!

    now come get this award- between folding...dinner-ing...tele-ing and the like...

    M xxxx

  10. i think i'd love it.
    but not with kids.
    that'd be too hectic.


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