{The Cycle}

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lately I find myself in a cycle of no motivation, no exercise, bad eating and feeling just plain tired. 
It sucks.
And the worst part is that I feel bad but it is all my own doing.
Ughhhh. Don't you hate that?  I mean, really.
I have the power to change all of this and yet I don't do it.
So then I am disgusted with myself and promise to make big changes the next day.
But the next day comes and I am back to what I was doing the day before.
I feel tired and generally crappy so I'll have another cup of coffee and then I stay up too late and
feel bad again the next morning. And so the cycle continues.
It's depressing.
But I cannot seem to break it and I need help.
Believe it or not, I actually know what to do and what not to do but it's just a matter of doing it.
Making changes and sticking to them.
That is the hardest part for me.

So much of it is in my mind to, if I could just get out of this little funk and be motivated...
Why is it so hard?
I think it is so interesting that we, as women, (me) make promises to ourselves, swear we are
 going to do this or that the next day, etc but don't follow through-because we don't feel like it, ran out 
of time, it wasn't really that important or had to do something for someone else- 
and let ourselves down time and time again. 
We would not do it to our kids or spouses or friends but we do it to ourselves and find it acceptable.
All the time.
We have the mindset of; "Oh well,  it's just me, it can wait..."
But we shouldn't. But we do. Or at least I do.
Who else does this?
But just to clarify, I am also not saying that the only reason I am not taking care of myself is
because I am a mom/wife and put everyone else before me. The biggest reason is pure laziness,
lack of motivation and feeling overwhelmed by it all. And that's the simple truth.

For me this applies to taking care of myself; losing weight, eating better and exercising regularly.
But really, it could be anything...work, home, relationships, projects, time away for yourself, finances, school...really anything in your life that you are not working on, making time for
or accomplishing that you want to or actually need to be.
To be completely honest, I want to be motivated but I'm not and I don't know how to 
make myself be at this point.
Anyone have any genius advice for me?
A magic pill? I know that's not the answer but oh, how I wish it was.
Seriously though, share anything you want on this topic...how do you get and stay motivated?
How do you get yourself out of a funk?
I know I am not the only one struggling with this and I would love to hear what you have to say.

Finally, the earring winners... Sorry this took so long!
Email me your address and I will get these earrings in the mail to you!
Lisa O.
I just have to tell you that bottom picture of me in the yellow shirt was taken by Wyatt.
I was dressed and ready, hair done with make-up (gasp) so I asked him to take my picture.
He totally cut my head off, looked at it and thought he took a good picture {hahahahaha}.

Hope everyone is having a good week.
We spent the whole day at home today getting stuff done.And by we I actually mean ME.
Laundry washed, folded and put away, Charlotte's closet cleaned out, dishes done, kitchen floor
 mopped and even nasty fish bowl cleaned. I dread that job.
Happy Thursday everyone! 


  1. oh my love, i totally hear ya! i was just telling my hubs i wanted to start exercising and eating better again...and then what do i do??? UGH! i feel lazy too, i blame it on our crappy weather! (gotta blame something!?)

    i actually like that picture of you with the yellow blouse, it is a close up of the cool ruffle and your necklace, so i thought you did it on purpose!!! LOL although it would have been nice of him to capture you all dolled up with make-up...it is still a very 'artsy' pic!!



  2. I've been going through the exact same funk recently, and I was doing good for awhile.

  3. the cycle IS such a problem for me!
    there are times i feel just that same way.
    and then there are times where i find my stride and feel great.
    hmmmmm. what is the changing factor?
    is there one simple thing i can do to snap out of tired, pissed off shauna and appear in the happy strong one?
    cause here is the thing, usually it's just one thing that starts me down the path of self contol/self discipline.
    if i go to the gym, then i feel pretty awesome the rest of the day and then can get the laundry done and finish a blog post and be happy and cheerful when reedo comes home and be patient when the children complain about dinner...again.
    but it isn't always the gym.
    it might be a new framed photo i just got and now i am going to rearrange my hall table to accommodate it, or even just sweeping the floor.
    it's like when i get the ball rolling in the direction of service (the good kind) or healthiness, my whole being remembers how to do it and the momentum builds....
    wow. lotta words.
    i guess the moral of the story is, maybe just pick one thing.
    not 5 things that need to change. one.
    see what happens.
    talk to God about it.
    be honest with Him, like you are with us :)
    and honestly, Amy, i can testify to His intervention in my sad unmotivated heart.
    When i am really and talking to Him as i live my day, as i would, say to a sister next to me in the car, i feel like a different person.
    when i ignore Him....yah.....i start to become a bit of a mess(understatement)

    hope this wasn't too much or seen as "preachy"... it's just my experience.
    i really really like you Amy.
    i wish we could be real life friends.

  4. I'm not gonna lie, I've been stuck in the same ditch.

    So Sunday I did yoga, quit drinking, and got back on my diet. Cold Turkey... it is the only way I know how to do it. I'm an all or nothin kinda girl.

    Good luck!

  5. I could've writting this myself. Every. Last. Word. Eeeesh. I have been dealing with pretty extreme exhaustion lately. And stress. And anxiety. And all I want to do is sleep! I agree with Shauna, just start with one thing. Because we, as women, tend to keep meticulous track of all the things that we are NOT doing and we pile on and it gets so overwhelming that we just continue to do nothing because we don't know where to begin. I guess we just....begin. I keep telling myself one simple thing: ENERGY FUELS ENERGY. CREATIVITY FUELS CREATIVITY. I just need to start and the rest will start to snowball....but in the good way. I'll do it if you will! Mmmmkay? K. Good. Let's go!!

  6. My suggestion is to start slow. Pick one thing and do it. exercise 3 days a week. Or only eat dessert once a week (or day). Don't beat yourself up if you fall back into old habits one day. But also don't use it as an excuse to continue the bad habit the rest of the day (eating dessert after every meal or skipping exercise all week). Give yourself small goals and add on as you succeed.

    Those are my thoughts anyway. Change is hard.

  7. your body is very wise and it seems like it's telling you to be tired (ie: "lazy"), because you *are* tired. i believe that when you are ready to take on more activities that require more energy, your body and mind will follow and it won't feel like effort --- it will feel natural and something that genuinely feels good. i agree that we (women) generally put ourselves at the bottom of the list, and it's not fair or kind to ourselves. i think you have unique ways of self-care ... it may not be in a form of a gym or eating veggies ... but sometimes it can look like a cup of coffee and reading through Pinterest :)

  8. Right on with this post. I can so relate! I'm not sure how I get out of the cycle, but as I am writing this I realize that I do get out of it.
    And maybe it is the little things, one thing at a time. Maybe it is just getting a morning out with a good friend and letting go of all the demands we put on ourselves and just enjoy living.
    But it is just that - a cycle - and it comes and goes. On the days where I feel unmotivated, I need to look at what I did do instead of what I didn't do.
    Thanks for being real!

  9. I could've written this post myself. But I didnt and you worded it way better than I ever would have:)
    Honestly, I just read Made to Crave and I cant tell you how amazing it is. Being that Im a fairly new follower Im not sure where you stand as far as faith goes(this book comes from a faith based perspective)but it is THE.BEST.BOOK I have ever read about weight loss/eating,etc.. AND I expected it to be solely about food but it touched on so many other areas of my life, why I turn to food,etc... that it really surprised me. Check out the review on Amazon to see if its something you'd be interested in. I highly recommend it to anyone!

  10. I completely and wholeheartedly know what you're talking about. And yes, it does suck. I'm there w/ you. All I want to do is sit and eat jelly beans and chocolate. And I don't remember the last time I exercised... gasp! Blah.
    Here's to getting some motivation :)

  11. Me! I want that magic pill. Will it make me like running? Cause I'd love to like running. And, will it make me not be an emotional eater? Cause oh.my.goodness. I would lovelovelove to not be an emotional eater. Sigh.

    Oh, and those chandelier earrings are gorgeous!

  12. i know exactly how you feel...i'm feeling it right now. i think that ultimately it comes down to a discipline thing...you gotta wanna...i know for me when i force myself to get up early, exercise, have my alone time...i feel sooo much better and that usually motivates me to do it again the next day. but ya, it's an everyday struggle...i hear ya, sista!

    oh, and btw...did you just say i'm a WINNER!?! so so so pumped about that! i'll email you my addy :) thanks a mill!

  13. I have this EXACT problem! that is me 100%....I have tried EVERY single year for the past 10 years probably to lose weight. I go crazy and exercise 2 hours a day 6 days per week for 4 months, take off about 17lbs and then gain it all back and then some! this year I did something different. I waited until I was ready, feb 14th. only exercise 2-3 days per week , so far. eat sensibly but not starve or deprive. I am happy to say I have lost 14lbs since then and I feel like sticking to it! and this time I think I will....
    I really think you have to be ready, that's the thing. although I have felt ready a million times, I was being too impulsive before and wanting results instantly! now I am saying it's okay to have setbacks, just move on the next day instead of quitting like I usually do after a setback!
    just start out SMALL, change one thing, like maybe exercise 1 day per week or be active by going for small walks daily. just start out small and make them LASTING lifetime changes, that's the ONLY way it can happen! join a support group such as weight watchers too! that helps!

  14. Found myself nodding in agreement all through your post. We could start our own support group!

  15. oh...I'm in a funk too. I've started practicing yoga again though, it's been years since I did. I found a nearby studio, I look forward to it so much and it kicks my butt and leaves me sore the next day, but also with a feeling of peace. Have you ever done yoga? Maybe you should try...just my little suggestion since it's helping me :) I hope you start feeling better soon.

  16. Girl, I know how it is! Actually I have a different problem, but kinda the same. I'm supposed to be gaining weight. Instead of eating too much I don't eat enough. I've been dealing with health issues and boy...that can really bring a person down. I just sleep and not because I don't feel good, but because I'm in that funk you are talking about. ugh!! Anyway. cute blog!

  17. amy, this post is great. we ALL are with you and know exactly what you're saying. ALL. my biggest piece of advice (because i too struggle and don't know a secret) is to forgive yourself daily. the biggest complication that happens to me after those "bad days" is my own shame. its hard for me to even write it. that's the hardest part about my life, in fact - trying to not feel so bad about myself when i can't seem to muster up the energy to make good choices. give yourself a new chance every morning. forgive yourself, baby. "His mercies are new every morning."

  18. I believe it IS a "woman" thing -- we are used to putting ourselves last and it's a bad habit, but one that brings joy to others. We're doing something good while not being kind to ourselves. Vicious cycle!! And once we feel "lost" in one area of our lives, it is like a snowball effect and begins to touch everything.

    I needed to give up sugars and baked goodies...such a bad habit for me and bad for my heatlh. I knew it but every time I'd think about stopping, I'd just keep going...it was my "comfort" food. While trying to take away stress I was only increasing it. This year for Lent I decided I would give up my red wine and my pastries/baked goods/bad sugars. I'm not especially religious though I have strong faith and I knew I was making a commitment for myself but for something even bigger than me. So far so good. I'm at day 30 and feel sooo good. Having made that one commitment I am beginning to feel energized to make other changes.

    Forgiveness is huge -- Leslie mentioned that too. Once we learn to accept our own "failures" or our slip off the path and we say "it's okay, you're still a good person", we are ready to start again another day. Lord knows how many times I tried to do this is in the past and it just didn't "take". Once Easter arrives the true test will be here -- am I going to be able to maintain this and stay off the bad sugars? I know this -- I'm not going to beat myself up over it if I slip. You'll do it. The time just needs to be "right" and you'll know when that is -- if you listen closely and carefully. xo

  19. Oh hon, I so know how you feel. And I think we all do. It's easy to forget yourself and it's so silly that we do that all the time. Somehow it seemed to have sunk into our minds that it's ok to neglect ourselves, in fact, that we should put ourselves last because that is the right, and modest, thing to do.

    But the truth is, we have to put ourselves first. Because only if we take good care of ourselves we will be able to be the good woman/mother/wife/friend that we so want to be.

    And most importantly, ofcourse, we're so totally worth it.

  20. ohhh man i've been struggling with being motivated--er, following through with thoughts and wants--with doing stuff.....urgh!

    i can only imagine how things will change and or be as i get older...

    thanks so much, amy! they're beautiful; i can't wait to wear them! a bit of mascara and actually putting in a pair of earrings can make a day feel totally different... hehe:)


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