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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just posting this morning to remind everyone that Ten on Ten is tomorrow, Sunday.
I totally did not realize tomorrow was the tenth or I would have reminded you yesterday.
Just sitting here sipping coffee this morning while the kids are painting
 and watching cartoons while Wyatt practices his snapping skills.
Eric is gone for the day so I am flying solo, maybe we will go buy Tangled.
I haven't seen it yet and I must admit, I kinda want to. Have you seen it?
Family movie night, popcorn, living room forts with flashlights is what I am thinking for tonight. 
Early this morning it stormed, the good kind of Spring storm complete with thunder 
and lightning and now it's sunny. Hope you are doing something fun this weekend! 
See you tomorrow for Ten on Ten.  Peace Out.


  1. I have seen it 37 times since the DVD was released.
    Sickness plus rain plus spring break means it's kinda a free for all with tangled over here.
    But it really is sooooo good.
    Great music.
    You will love it.
    And the lanterns!
    Yep it's a real winner in my bOok.

  2. I would recommend going to get Tangled. We saw it in the theater and now own it on DVD. It's one of those everyone likes. My boys love it, I like it and even my husband thinks it's funny. :) Have a wonderful Saturday!

  3. I loved Tangled! We saw it in the theaters and I laughed a lot. Both my girls were enchanted as was my 4 year old nephew!

  4. We saw Tangled in the theater for my daughters birthday and are waiting for my inlaws to buy it for the same girl this next week as she faces yet another medical procedure, knowing it will keep her mind off things(a tube being inserted up through her nose and down into her food tube.Ugh) I'll look forward to the distraction as well.
    Its a really cute(& funny movie)

  5. are totally artistic girl!
    Thanx for the reminder!!! I forgot


  6. Love the fortune :) Haven't seen Tangled yet, want to though!

  7. watching tangled right now! we love it around here, and i'm the only girl old enough (so far) to care about it. my boys love it!

  8. i finally got to see that movie, Tangled.
    loved it! pretty darn funny.... just wait for the "smolder" scene. el oh el!!

  9. I have a feeling you will just love Tangled!!
    Many moments of tears for us mommies though!
    Have a happy day

  10. I love that saying!!!...

    and a good rain storm.

  11. grrrr its sunday night- & i FORGOT 10 on 10!!!

    I can't bare it.....but I'm getting ready for my brother & family from Oz at I'm kinda occupied!!

    melissa xx


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