Ten On Ten

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ten hours.
Ten pictures.
April 10th.

So none of these pictures today are too spectacular, and I was off a little on my times
today but there are multiple pictures taken outside today...
and my kids are wearing sandals! and things are actually green! By god, it's Spring in Illinois!
And I added an extra because the sunset was really pretty tonight.
Happy 10 on 10 y'all.

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  1. I love that bunny!!!

    I went antiquing today and I thought of you. :)

    I bought 5 old Chicago postcards that I'll have to post to show you sometime this week. Two of them are post marked from 1940 and were written by the same couple. I love them!

  2. WOW Amy! Wow, these are great shots - and YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEE for Spring. Even if it was for only 2 days. We will take it :D

  3. you are shooting in manual.
    i love it.
    the earrings....so cute!
    wish i had pierced ears.
    ps. i know we are friends....you knew what i meant.

  4. Can you believe this weather? We should NOT jinx it sistah. And a bunny... dang. That is a cute picture. Also, yes yes yes to sandals, and glorious sunsets. Great set (I really like the curtain shot, too... just fyi.)


  5. I love your pictures! (And I'm definitely grabbing some Scrabble tiles and putting the word SPRING somewhere in my house today!) :)

  6. very sweet pics, amy. i love your yellow and blue accents in your house...what a great combo.
    this looks like a fun linky...i'll have to look into it.

  7. I always love your photos! My favorite is the curtain shot. Great fabric!

  8. I love the picture of the shoes with the love sign!

  9. Of course I love them all, but the one of the two little people in the car makes me smile. I love how the bokeh behind them makes it look like they're zooming around the floor. And their 'expressions' make it look like they're having the thrill of their lives. :)

  10. love this set!! the blues and yellow are just cool..

  11. That rabbit shot is so crisp...great pics!

  12. You always capture the absolute glory and magic of an ordinary day! WhAt a beautiful talent!!! Just think when your kids are adults they will have a treasury to look back on and be able to remember all the wondrous details of their childhood!

  13. love your ten on ten! and hooray for spring!!! i took my pics... but never got to posting them. seems i'm searching for motivation this week...

  14. Love your ten! I love that little bunny too!

  15. Beautiful pictures!!


  16. I love the shoes next to the yellow wall...and of course, the sunset is mighty pretty.

    Great 10, Amy!


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