{Patio Art}

Monday, April 11, 2011

This is where we spent Saturday morning.
And most of the day, really.
On the back patio.
Barefoot. Sun shining. 
In and out the back door a hundred times.
In the sandbox, getting cups and cups of water from the rain barrel.
Reading magazines, drinking coffee and eating our lunch outside.
We got out the paints and painted canvases and these pots. 
The kids loved painting the canvases and can't wait for them to be hung.
Sometimes I forget how proud they are of their work when I step back at don't butt in at all, 
not even to mention how they are missing the cardboard and getting the paint all over the patio.
Oh well, the rain will wash it away.
So our pots are painted and dry and ready to be planted in now.
Basil? Lavender? Daisies? Hmmmm.....decisions.
Charlotte's braids were each dipped in paint at least twice I think.
It was a lovely day on the patio.
Happy Monday everyone!



  1. Fun pictures! Glad to hear you had a good weekend.And braids dipped in paint?:) Sounds just like something that would happen around here.

  2. love it! i see some painted pots in my future :)

  3. fantastic :) i love art projects with my kids.

  4. Great photos! What a fun day.

  5. Perfect way to spend a day - I have a big pot with the kids handprints on them from years ago.. a cherished pot for sure.

  6. it was so nice here yessterday (plainfield IL)...hot actually, my girls had the hose out spraying each other!!
    lOVE the pots, so cute!

  7. Oh, so fun! Love all the cheerful colors. Perfect Saturday afternoon.

  8. oh man...in and out a hundred times...my kids do that...hahah


  9. i love those photos! and the painted pots? gorgeous:)

  10. The colors in these pictures are absolutely beautiful. Love them! Sounds like yall had a wonderful weekend :) Simply perfect.

    Happy Monday, Amy!

  11. sounds divine! i think i need to paint some pots with emerson...great idea :)

  12. love this post - what a fantastic idea! the colors are divine!!! :-)
    hope you are well - and enjoying SPRING in all it's glory! going to go do virtual coffee now... before everyone wakes up from nap! :-)


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