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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hi there.
{Yes, The Boss' iphone was hijacked again}.
This week is flying by...kinda just like they all do.
This week I had to work the school Book Fair one day, the next morning we had Donuts With Dad
and Muffins With Mom...and the kindergarten play is coming up in just a few weeks.
My job will be working on scenery and basically harassing/begging other parents to pelase help with costumes. I don't mind helping and going to the meetings but I don't like being "in charge".
I don't mind bossing around my own family but don't especially like bossing other people around.
Well, not usually anyway.

Tonight I am going to my mom and dad's for an official Noodle-Making Lesson.
My mom and a few of her sisters make homemade noodles for Easter and Thanksgiving dinner
for around 65+ people every year. Every single year. Just like my grandma did. I know I have
mentioned it several times before but I think it bears repeating, my mom is one of 15 kids, so we have BIG family get-togethers. Big-big.
The noodle pot looks like one they would use to serve people in a Soup Kitchen or Homeless Shelter
or something...seriously. Not trying to be funny, it is just that huge.
Anyway, wish me luck. I love to bake but not so much with the cooking.
I do feel strongly that this is a tradition that has to be passed down and kept up by the next generation though, so a noodle-making I will go!  A couple of my cousins are coming tonight too and I think they have a lot more experience than I do, which is a good thing. So there might just be hope, yet.

Today we plan to go buy some grass seed, run a couple of errands and get these earrings packaged up and ready to mail. Sorry girls. Remember what a procrastinator I am? I know, I know. See the little orange juice set in the sixth photo? My aunt got me that set at an antique store recently, it is so cute. I need to get some good pictures of that and the rest of my treasures soon. I will, I will. It came with about twelve little glasses, a little pitcher and a decanter. Now I have envisioned a big Sunday breakfast with an omelet casserole, fruit and orange juice in my new little set. Hahhaha...at least a fun little antique set can inspire me to cook, I'll take inspiration anywhere I can find it.

I guess in yesterday's post I made it sound like I got a brand new lens, huh? Yeah, well....I didn't. 
I meant the new-ish one I got for Christmas. I am just now able to really use it since the weather is FINALLY nice and there is actually something to photograph. The lens is the Nikkor 55-200 mm.

Well, lots to do around here today although I really just feel like curling up on the couch, reading blogs and looking at gardening magazines, drinking coffee and painting my nails. Maybe I will squeeze that in later though. Hope everyone has a great day. The weekend is just around the corner...wahooooooo!


  1. I love the picture of the dishes stacked up. So pretty! Good luck with noodle making. It's on my list someday. I still remember our day care lady making noodles when I was little. Good memories!

  2. Love this set of photos..so happy and sunny and fun. Can't wait to hear about the noodle making!

  3. Well, this post just made me so happy! I loved it!

  4. ooh that's a good lens. you'd never have to change it out. love the affects on your pics too. really fun.

    i have stuff i need to be doing too. geesh i need to get off the computer already!

  5. LOVE your pics! What a wonderful gift from your aunt. Enjoy your weekend as well:)

  6. What a sunny set! Makes me smile. Noodle making sounds really fun actually. I hope you're going to document it so we can take a peek. :)

  7. hello lovely....gorg photos...you still got that i-phone of his!!??

    that noodle making tradition sounds brilliant!
    yep-those things have to continue....your mums family must have some serious stories to tell of life....that is one BIG family!

    have a wonderful weekend doing it all in the sunshine- fingers crossed!!

    melissa xx

  8. those orange juice glasses! My grandma had those. Oh, love!


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