This Boy...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

is just adorable.
And it's not just because he is mine. 
Well, actually it probably is, but just look at that smile.
I've been meaning to share pictures of Wyatt with his top tooth missing.
Seriously, how cute is that?
I have to admit, I was feeling a little sad about him losing his first top know, that whole 
my-baby-is-growing-up-and-there's-not-a-damn-thing-I-can-do-about-it thing.
But he just looks so cute, so I got over it pretty fast.
Now the one next to it is loose, too, along with a couple others.

You know it is all about the kindergarten musical over here.
 Lots of singing and humming at home and telling us about who gets in trouble at practice at school, what his favorite song is and how he is feeling a little bit nervous about the performances.
The other day he told me he thinks I will cry when I hear them sing "One Small Voice". 
I asked him why and he said;
 "because it's just so good and because you will be proud and you will love it".
Sometimes I wonder how I got such a sweet boy. 
 I am so happy that I get to be this boy's mommy.


  1. there is something special about boys, huh?

    Better bring some tissues!

  2. That is just adorable. Have a lovely weekend xxx

  3. how precious that he told you why you were going to cry, the fact that he is so in tune to you is wonderful!!! some woman someday (A LONG TIME FROM NOW) is going to be one happy wife! good job mama!
    and he is going to look even CUTER with the other tooth missing! hard to top this look though cause he is so darn cute!!! get LOTS and LOTS Of pix cause those top teeth come in fast and they don't look so young anymore!!

  4. What a cutie!
    There is definately something special about little boys xx

  5. what a handsome little boy...and its so tragic the way they grow up...why cant they stay little forever? uggg


  6. Beautiful little boy! You must be thrilled to pieces about him!

  7. ooooh my gosh,,, I teared up too! what a sweet boy for sure! I am having a lot of those growing-up-too-fast-and-not-a-damn-thing-to-do-about-it feelings... my oldest is starting kindergarten in the fall and we went to the orientation last week... I melted! I was a snotty nosed sobbing mess! It's so hard to let our babies go isn't it! and my gosh, when they lose their first teeth... look out.. I will be putting kleenex into business! you're a great mamma!

  8. Awww - he is such a sweetie :D

  9. Holy moly! How does he know? I bawl when I go to kids' performances. It's just seeing them up there pouring their little hearts into whatever they're doing. It could be all kinds of terrible, but I still cry. And have to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb in my head over and over so I don't embarrass myself w/the hyperventilating sounds.

    PS...he's adorable!

  10. He IS adorable ... and as the mother of three adorable boys I consider myself an expert on the subject! (hehehe).
    Goodluck with the tears ... I know how that can be :)


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