{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good morning everyone.
Are you ready for coffee?
I definitely am so I would invite you all over here, so pick up your coffee and head on over.
I scrounged up enough money for a Cinnamon Dolce Latte so that's what I am having this morning.

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning....
I would tell you that after coffee Charlotte and I need to go deliver cookies to Eric's parents and his grandparents. My mom made a bunch of Easter sugar cookies on Sunday and the kids and I went
over there to decorate them. It's a family tradition and the kids loved decorating cookies with their cousins and and a friend and her little girl came, too.
Don't worry, we don't pass out the ones the kids decorated.
Tomorrow I will show off our cookies and share my mom's famous sugar cookie recipe. 
Hmmmm...what else did we do the rest of the weekend....

Oh-Saturday night was Date Night. Nothing super exciting, just out for Mexican and margaritas, which is usually what we end up doing. BUT, I'll take it. The kids went to grandma & grandpa's and had fun so a good night was had by all.  And any night that we can get away for a while by ourselves and I have an actual reason to drag myself out of my yoga pants and t-shirt and take my hair down 
off the top ofmy head and actually fix it, I welcome it. 
And I bet Eric does, too since he doesn't see a whole lot of it.

The past few days I craftin' and makin'...I am on a roll. I have also tackled a few small projects
  that I have intended to do for a long time...like pretty much all Winter. It's amazing how with the change in season I am instantly more motivated to get things done. I do love me some Spring and it could not have come soon enough for me. Now to tackle my long list of bigger projects. 
Those little buttons, top right, are actually earrings. I have been making button earrings and even converted a few pairs of old clip-on earrings that belonged to my grandma in to real wear-able earrings. 

Tuesday is a busy, busy day.
Tonight is ballet, then another meeting for the kindergarten musical and then I am meeting
friend's out for dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday. Wyatt has been practicing all of his songs at home and I know I may be a bit bias, but it is sooo cute. Okay, yeah, definitely bias, but seriously.
 I cannot wait for the musical.
What I am not looking forward to is all the work in the next couple of weeks that the whole musical involves....costumes and meetings and scenery. But it will all be over soon so I'm not complaining,
 not really anyway.

Well, I need to get moving now but thank you so much for joining me here for coffee this morning.
Tell me what is going on in your little world this week...how was your weekend?
 Oh-and wait, is Easter really this weekend?!
Wow, it's so late this year but I'm also not quite ready for it at the same time.
Happy Tuesday, y'all!

*i have been having trouble with blogger, hope the linky-thing shows up and stays here now!


  1. hi amy! loved coffee today!


  2. i am laughing about easter! it IS so late, and yet it seems to be still sneaking up on everyone! i am kinda focusing on my son's confirmation on may 1, which leaves me skipping over easter (eek!) but my girfriend & i had this whole ongoing conversation saturday about when easter really is!

    mexican & margaritas? i think that is the perfect date night! and i am, trying to finish up some little projects too. i'm not very good at the finishing part either...

  3. I'm totally not ready for Easter either.....

    Love date nights and Mexican food. {perfect combo}

    Can't wait to see the cute cookies!


  4. Good stuff, Amy :) i'm not ready for Easter, but I'm hoping to make those Resurrection cookies...I've always wanted to do those. I love those little earrings!! Why don't you have an Etsy shop again!?! I can't wait to get my little flower earrings! yahoo!!!
    ps: are we linking up today? i've got a coffee post ready for you now :)

  5. I wondered the same. Is there a linkup for today? I was going to do it for the first time:)

  6. Date night? What's that? Ha!

    Glad you were able to get out and enjoy yourselves. I need to give my hubby some hints on that one.

    Yep, Easter is right around the corner. At least I made our brunch reservations, but the Easter bunny needs to head to Target to pick up some stuff or it will be slim pickins this year.

    On a side note...how do you post the photo collages and rounded corner pics on Blogger? My pictures look so boring :-(

  7. Your date night sounds like a blast. We really, really need to do those more :D Send some of your creativity mojo up this way.... i haven't been feelin' it lately!
    HUGS and thanks for the coffee :D

  8. Yummo. Cookies. Maybe we'll have to bake some. Although I'm trying to stay away from things like cookies. So maybe that wouldn't be smart. :)

    I imagine that little musical is going to be stinking DARLING. I love kindergarteners. So cute. :)

    Thanks for the coffee this morning!

  9. Mexican and margaritas are one of our go-to date nights too! Always followed by a book store. :)

    Thanks for coffee!!!

    Oh, and I am super excited about the sugar cookie recipe!

  10. having my coffee now....
    I will be homeschooling my girls in a few minutes. we start at all odd hours sometimes not until noon. it drives me crazy, yet I can't seem to get up before 8:30 am and we all need some time alone before we start!
    I love margaritas and mexican but my hubby isn't too fond of it, so I don't get it often, which is probably a good thing!
    I lost 14 lbs recently, but had gained back 3 of it, but I am not giving up. I have 21 lbs. to my goal!
    well I hope you have a wonderful day! it's busy, but full of good stuff, so enjoy every second!

  11. hi amy! i'm new around here :) i love your virtual coffee idea so i linked up today.

    i'm excited to see photos of the cookies tomorrow. what a fun tradition!


  12. Hi! I sorely miss margaritas, in Italy they are terrible! I also just realized that I need to explain to my kids what Easter is... as the only non-catholic in the family I don't know if I'm the best person for the job, but apparently no one else wants to step up!
    Thanks for coffee!

  13. Oh, I am coveting those little blue shoes - what size did you say you wear?

  14. hi hon....
    have i ever told you that i love your looong list of family traditions!
    seriously...you make me want to go and create a whole bunch for our family...
    being so far away from all our family & long time friends in Oz has made me really establish traditions of our own here in England...now three years old- they are little moments of our family life that i hope the kids will always remember & carry forward...

    can't wait for that cookie recipe- i will be baking that with my kids and two nieces here from sydney for easter!

    have a lovely week...we are off to London in the morning for a big city fix and some Buckingham Palace love before the wedding next week!

    melissa xx

  15. You can never get enough Mexican! I always love checking out your photos! :)


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