{lovely little spot}

Monday, April 18, 2011

lovely little projects.
started AND  finished.
that's a really good feeling.
because really? i start an awful lot of things...and yeah, well... i don't always finish them.
please ignore the big whole in the wall and all the nails.
old plaster walls = a hanging job for the boss and he says he will do it tonight.
so i just took an old frame, took the glass out, cut wire and busted out my staple gun to staple it to the back. i love the staple gun, now that's my kind of tool! hahaha.
i love my little fabric wrapped frames there, too. i have more and i plan to hang them all together on a wall...i just need to decide which wall.
you can see close-ups pf the fabric frames here.

* that is my sister and i holding with the easter bunny cake, i'm the little one.
my mom made that cake every year when we were little, we're going to make one this year with the kids, too. i love that cake!

* you can find the little abraham lincoln card and many more here. i love that blog, so many awesome free printables and packed with inspiration.

* the little vintage blue bird holding the umbrella i found here. love this blog too, i have printed off so many things there. love, love, love.

* and the mother theresa print is from heather herself. love that one!

i love this little spot in my dining room.
i spent a good part of the day cleaning, organizing and crafting away.
i also got the laundry folded and the downstairs floors swept.
it was a good day.
happy, happy monday to you!
join me here tomorrow morning for virtual coffee!



  1. Where do you find all these great blogs??
    Thanks for sharing all your great info...

    Sounds like you had a great, industrious day.

  2. Very cute. I had to laugh at your extra nail. I have a wall in my dining room with 7 holes in it and nothing hanging up...I'll get to it soon. lol

  3. I love checking projects OFF my list :D Way to go with the darling frame!! Love the fabric wrapped ones too.

  4. all of your frames are so awesome!! i have to make some of those fabric wrapped ones for myself. they are fantastic!!

  5. Love this little spot. And thanks for sharing your sources with us:)

  6. might snap this idea! too cute to pass by!


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