{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good morning.
wet and still raining morning, which we are pretty much used to around here lately...
but a good morning none the less.
Thanks for stopping by for coffee this morning.
Please come hang out here, leave you umbrellas and rain boots on the front porch and come on in.
I am busy making blueberry muffins while you all chat out there in the living room.

Look at this little beauty. Why hadn't I been using the frother-thingy on my espresso machine
 the whole time? I mean, seriously. I love it. Look at that froth.
I'm really pretty proud of myself over this and that's actually probably kind of sad, huh?
It doesn't take much to make me happy.

So if we were really meeting for coffee today...
I guess everyone would be admiring my coffee and mountain of frothed milk, topped off with cinnamon.
Because really, how could you not?
And then we would talk about the weather, like little old ladies, because that's just what you do
 over coffee. Rain, rain, rain...that's what we've had. 
Storms and high winds and possible tornadoes...yep, it's April in the Midwest alright.
How about you? How's the weather where you are?

I would tell you all about our Easter weekend; the kids had a blast, we actually made it to the early service at church Sunday morning and Eric made us a nice little breakfast for when we got home.
Pancakes, sausage, omelets and coffee. On my cute dishes with my new vintage pitcher
and juice glasses. I need to show you pictures, it is so cute.
By Sunday evening I was worn out and ready for bed early.
 Yesterday school was still out so we lounged around all day long.
Ya know, pajamas all day, not leaving the house....ahhhhhh...love those days.

The good thing about all this rain is that everything is turning so green now.
Oh and the lilacs. The lilacs are in full bloom!
We have one pretty small, kinda sad lilac bush but I got a bunch of lilacs from Eric's parent's house
over the weekend. Mmmm..they make the whole house smell so good. LOVE me some lilacs.

Well, if we were really meeting for coffee today I would tell you that I have a lot to do around here today but I would send you off with a little bag of blueberry muffins.
It's ballet night so I need to make sure Charlotte's clothes are washed and pack up something to keep Wyatt and I busy during ballet. It's the night of running around but that's okay,
ballet is over in about two weeks I think.

Oh--before you go I would tell you to please check out this post of mine from a couple days ago
 and please tell me if you have any book recommendations for me. 
I love getting a variety of suggestions from different people...I need a few really good books to read and I am making a list of all the suggestions I have been given so far.

Happy Tuesday everyone! 


  1. It's been raining here too, but as with where you are, it's been making everything lovely, lush and green. Finally feels like we live in a tropical country. Of course, that also means bugs all up in your business ALL. THE. TIME. Oh yeah, and the threat of dengue fever. Fun times.

    I'll pop over to your other post to see if I can offer some recent favorite reads! Thanks for coffee!

    P.S. Not sad at all about being excited over froth. Froth is SO YUMMY - and not always easy to get right!

  2. great froth, amy! i want one of those things :) easter was exhausting for me too. actually all holidays are i think...fun, but tiring! i think i still may be a little hungover! working on my coffee post now :) have a great day!

  3. I'm just a teensy tiny bit jealous of your amazing espresso machine froth. I'd be more jealous if I thought I'd actually use it, but I never even make my own coffee, I just let my husband make it. (I wonder if he'd use an espresso machine. Hmmmm...)

    I hope your rain clears up and you get a beautiful spring day.

  4. I would love a blueberry muffin, I don't have anything in my house for breakfast this morning, and no time to bake.

    I'm insanely jealous by your froth! I'd love an espresso machine, but I think I'd settle for one of those hand-held frothers instead. I keep meaning to order one…

    Happy Tuesday.

  5. there is always something good here!!!
    that coffee looks delish!
    and the green and the lilacs? lovely. please... take some pictures of those lilacs? i love them, and i miss them!
    the midwest weather has been startling to me! is this every year? i kow here in florida we are kown for hurricanes, but at least those are predictable! the tornadoes sound terrifying!

  6. Rainy days are perfect for blueberry muffins. If we were meeting for coffee I would tell you that I have lilac-envy. All of our trees (lilac or other deciduous types) have yet to show their leaves it has been so d*** cold. But we do not have tornado warnings. I will dip some of my easter chocolate in that froth and call it a coffee clatch!

  7. I agree about the terrifying tornadoes, glad we don't have those here!
    You made me hanker after some nice frothy cappuccino.... now THAT's not hard to get here in Italy!

  8. It was gloomy here over the weekend, but the sun is finally starting to show! I'm so happy you had a wonderful Easter with your family! And thanks for the coffee {and muffins} today :)


  9. We have the crazy unending rain too. Blah is how I feel about that. Although coffee and blueberry muffins-- now that's enough to turn on the sunshine. :)

  10. of course i would be admiring your amazing frothed milk! mmm...froth and cinnamon....

  11. Oh...I LOVE coming to your house for coffee...I always know I'll get goodies...Ha!

    I'm so sick of this gloom. We were all talking at work about how blase' we all were and we directly related this to the weather. So...at least it's an excuse to be grouchy...although I'd rather be happy...oh well.

    My lilacs aren't ready yet, but I LOVE me some lilacs...they are my favorite flower and fill the house with them every spring...if only they made a never ending blooming lilac...hmmmm...

    As for your book list. I would add the Hunger Games, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series and Friday Night Knitting Club. Oh, and I saw "Water for Elephants" on Friday (took the seniors from the retirement community, ironic right?) Anyway, LOVED it! But of course the book was better (as always...)

    Thanks for coffee and muffins - Have a FABULOUS week, and let's do a chant for some sun...sun...sun...sun...:-)

  12. http://beingtara52.blogspot.com/2011/04/you-know-youve-read-good-book-when-you.html

    here is a post with a list of my FAVORITE books ever!!!! enjoy!

  13. those yummy pictures of your coffee make me sigh...they look SO good!!!
    have a wonderful day my friend!

  14. We are still far away from lilacs blooming here...can't wait for that. LOVE the way they smell.

    I have a frother thing from IKEA that works great. I love extra froth. Makes it feel like dessert!

  15. Not only is that froth FANTASTIC... but HELLO - the photos of the froth are AMAZING! Great stuff.
    Hang on down there Chica.... I was thinking about you guys when I heard that central Illinois was getting some severe weather. May is just around the corner -yip-yip!

  16. wow! that coffee and the rain pics look so inviting! :)

    i live at Bangalore, India. Here it's started raining, though it's only April and it's supposed to be summer. :) It's part cloudy, part sunny in the mornings, rains in the evenings and is chilly in the night. the weather is actually lovely and pretty romantic. perfect for baking and listening to slow, old songs :) and reading too! :)


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