Friday, May 6, 2011

First I have to say THANK YOU to everyone for all of the comments on my last post.
All of your comments and encouragement and emails truly mean so much to me, you have no idea.
I know I am not alone.
I know I have quite a ways to go....and I am working on it.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

After a busy start to the week and dealing with a bit of a crazy mama, I decided Charlotte (and I) needed
 to get out yesterday afternoon and get some fresh air. We headed to one of our favorite little spots and if you have been reading here for a while you have seen pictures of it before....and sorry but this will be
 a bit of picture overload, I'm warning ya.
It was supposed to rain in the afternoon but it held off until we got back home, thankfully.
Don't you love it when things work out like that?

It was a wonderful afternoon exploring in the woods, just me and my little partner.
I have to say, I am looking forward to school being out in a few weeks and
to my boy being home with us again every day, I really am...
But, I am also really enjoying these last few weeks of it just being Charlotte and I at home, too.
These days will not last forever, as all of us mothers know all too well.

The Pine Forest is one of the coolest places in the park.
There are hundreds and hundreds of pine trees and it is so quiet and peaceful in the forest. And the little tepee (tipi?) structures are a favorite of the kids and grown-ups alike. Who wouldn't love to play in a stick tepee in the middle of a forest?

We saw geese and cardinals, four deer, frogs, butterflies, lilacs, bluebells, wildflowers
 and Charlotte found part of a honeycomb on the ground. 
We were super excited about that find and she just knew Wyatt would be so impressed with her discovery, so we had to get lots of close-ups of it.
Another favorite past-time while out exploring? Pointing out all the heart-shaped leaves, of course.

My discovery of the day was this mushroom-a morel mushroom to be exact.
And if you know anything about mushroom hunting (which I don't) this is the kind of mushroom you want to find. I had to take pictures of it with my phone and send it to Eric to make sure it was what
 I thought it was. It was, so we dug that baby up and took it on home--after I texted pictures to my mushroom-hunting friends threatening not to tell them where I found it. ha.

I love Spring. I do.
I know it sounds a bit cliche but everything is new and blooming and green and you can
just feel the promise of the new season.
A new beginning. And Lord knows we all need those.
Ps-YES, I do realize my girl is looking a little Crystal Gayle-esque here, I do.
I usually don't leave her hair down but her hair tie broke while we were out.
No, she hasn't had a hair cut and no, I am not anti-haircuts.
Yes, she will get a haircut one day soon.
These are the questions I answer every day so I thought I'd go ahead and answer them here, too. : ) 


  1. Great photos! Looks like a wonderful time with just you and your daughter....and what a cool find! I've only ever read about those mushrooms. I've never actually seen one. Too neat!

  2. where in IL is this at?!
    I want to go there! I live in Plainfield IL!
    gorgeous gorgeous photos!
    and I can almost smell the pine needles, oh how I LOVE that smell! My parents had 80 acres growing up and we had a huge row of pine trees in the front yard that I LOVED!

  3. My Elisabeth is trying to grow her hair out as long as your Charlotte's. She doesn't want it cut till she's 13. Due to it's curliness, i have to make her trim it at least twice a year. :)

    That forest is gorgeous! On one of our anniversaries, Evan and I went to Door County, WI where we went hiking and found a cottonwood forest. It was gorgeous.

  4. I LOVE the woods! This makes me homesick for my Virginia upbringing. Your photos are so gorgeous. And I love your daughter's hair. I wish I could grow my girl's long, but keeping her hair short is a must for a healthy relationship between she and me (she HATES to get her hair fixed and gets mad at me when I try to fix it).

  5. No such think as overload from your beautiful photos. Some day I'm going to come visit and we'll wander those amazing roads and fields together. Glad the weather has taken a turn for the better - so happy to see Spring. Have a wonderful weekend - Happy Mothers Day.

  6. Isn't it amazing the way a little nature can make everything else seem better?

  7. i am dreaming of someday going exploring with you and our (5 total) children.
    that would make me happy.

  8. Wow what beautiful shots. I feel like I am there with you, breathing in the fresh air. Charlotte is getting so big!

  9. Beautiful beautiful pics :)
    The place looks lovely.. Would love to visit here once in my lifetime :)

  10. Your pictures and words are so incredibly stunning and breath-taking!


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