{Seventy Years}

Monday, May 2, 2011

This weekend we celebrated Eric's grandparent's 70th Wedding Anniversary.
It was a big weekend.
Seventy years.
Can you imagine?

Eric's grandma saved her wedding dress, shoes, veil, train, flowers she wore in her hair....all of it.
The wedding dress was in fantastic condition, hand-made by her aunt and so pretty.
Imagine, all of this was in 1941, during the War...it seems a lifetime ago.
 I think that not too long after they were married he was deployed overseas.
She saved her wedding toppers, a bridal shower napkin, her dress pattern and those little
bride and groom kewpie dolls. I am so glad she did!
I am in love with that wedding topper.

It was a long, busy weekend and it was wonderful to be able to get to celebrate such a
monumental anniversary with two really special people.
Not having any living grandparents myself, I feel really lucky that Eric's grandparents are in
 our lives and live close to us. A lovely weekend, indeed.



  1. oh how SPECIAL and LOVELY. i want 70. :) blessings! xoxo

  2. I can't believe she saved all of that. How beautiful. 70 years is amazing!

  3. Wow, what a blessing and two lives filled with memories! My parents will hit 50 years next year. Im surprised they havent killed each other yet but theyre still going:)
    Have a lovely Monday!

  4. Makes me a little sad that all I have left from my wedding is my cake topper. But 70 years married gives us hope. God Bless Them!!!

  5. That is incredible! Congrats to them. I'm so glad that I've saved all my wedding knick knacks too :)

    Happy Monday!

  6. oh my goodness they are the cutest! happy anniversary to them. 70 yrs. is def something worth celebrating!

  7. That is so lovely, congratulations to them both :-)

  8. Wow - that is amazing that she kept those items! I keep everything...because I loved going through my moms old things when I was a kid...and now I have those to keep, of hers. and her moms. So I know I want to save some things for my kiddo's. ;)

  9. In a word, "NO", I can not imagine 70 years with one person. But I am a product of the times (said with some regret and a nod of guilt). But I yam who I yam. Blessings to all of you.

  10. Beautiful post, Amy. What a blessing for you and your family to share this special anniversary with them.

  11. This is SO, SO special!! It makes my heart sing knowing two people can love each other for that long. So inspiring! May we all find that kind of love....and health. :)

  12. That picture of the two hands is breathtaking.
    What a wonderful celebration. My parents will celebrate their 50th anniversary later this year.
    Beautiful post!

  13. Awwww I love love love this post :)
    How sweet and romantic! She saved such little mementos from her wedding! Touched!

  14. Good for them and good for all of you making time to mark such a special occasion. BTW, I love the photo of the aged hand with the baby one...perfect!

  15. amy this post is pure joy...!

    history & love- they look soo wonderful sitting there together...how blessed are your kids to have this generation in their life...
    the photo of the hands- one young & one old- sums up a long family of love....

    just beautiful...
    melissa xx

  16. 70 years. Incredible. I got to wear my grandma's dress when I got married 13 years ago. It was the 50th anniversary for them that year. Really special. 70 years. I just can't even imagine. What a legacy...

  17. Seventy years, how wonderful. Real love does exist.

  18. The hands picture made me cry. I remember my gramma's hands and wish I had a picture of them. I miss her.

  19. This made me swoon.

    I'm not a wedding kind of girl. But I think I would be if it were a different time...


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