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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hello there, my coffee drinking friends.
Happy Tuesday morning to you and thank you for joining me here in this little spot for coffee today.

I am having my coffee early this morning n the front porch before it gets too hot.
I thought this summer I would finally be able to get into a better habit of waking up early to have some alone time before the kids are up, but I'm really struggling with it. The main reason is that I am still not sleeping great, I have a really difficult time falling asleep at night and then can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning. More on that later though, if you're lucky you might be treated with a
 "Mrs. Bramer Sees A Shrink" post later this week. 
I bet you will be on pins and needles waiting on that one, huh?

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning...
we would immediately be bitching discussing the weather. Oh my, is it hot. 
Hot and humid. Over 100* with the heat index. Ouch.
It is the kind of suffocating heat that almost takes your breath away when you walk outside. 
I keep telling myself that it won't last forever and thank you Jesus for air conditioning. 

Friday we went to the Beach just as we had planned.
It was a great time, just me and the kids. Perfect beach weather, hot and sunny but not too hot.
The kids had a blast. We were in the water most of the time with a little bit of playing in the sand.
We spent most of the day there, stopped for a fancy dinner at McDonald's on our way home and by bedtime we were all completely exhausted. And sun burnt. Well, Wyatt and I were. I think that was the longest period of time we had been in the sun so far this summer, and apparently I did not re-apply sunscreen enough. I did use SPF 50 though, I swear. I am usually good about covering myself because although I would like to have a little color,  I am too old to be sun-worshipping,
those days are long gone. I forgot how painful a sunburn can be!

*{all pictured edited in picnik with the "polaroid" effect in case anyone asks}

This morning we are headed to the Children's Museum.
The kids got free passes from the Summer Reading Program at the library and that is on our 
Summer List, too so we should be checking that one off later today. 

Oh-and speaking of the library? 
This mama is doing so good with her new-found library responsibilities, you guys would
 be so proud of me. Hope you all have a great day, thanks for coffee and make sure and link up!


  1. Oh sister I hear you about the hot, stinky, steamy weather. I pretty much equate this hot weather to a blizzard. It's just to gross outside to do anything. E said it felt like a hair dryer was blowing on him. Ha!

    Anyway, looks like you at least cooled off a bit at the beach. Fun times!

    Thanks, for coffee. And I hope you get some sleep.

  2. the beach looks so much fun!! hope you are able to stay cool during these summer hot ones!!


  3. Can you link up if you drink tea instead of coffee?

    And, being a Jew and such, can I thank God (instead of Jesus) for air-conditioning? Because praising the Supreme Being for AC really should be an interfaith event :)

    In any case, I loved those shots and the 'cool' editing you did. Ironically, it made them look all the hotter! Nicely done.

    Glad to hear the beach is good and I trust we'll hear about the shrink in due time. Good luck nursing that sunburn!

    This Good Life

  4. Your coffee always looks so yummy, I envy your coffee making skills!

    Great pics from the beach. I hope you stay cool, it is warm EVERYWHERE!!

    Thanks for hosting coffee :)

  5. ok...the sweet little girlie pic with the hat? absolutely adorable! too stinking cute!

  6. phew! so glad to have found you all!! blogger, eh??? what can you say...??
    other than i cannot believe how much your daughter looks like you - too, too adorable!!! xxx
    lovely post, as always :)

  7. I'm not going to comment too much because I love the hot stinky weather, a part of my spirit wakes up at this time of year. And how nice to be able to jump in the lake when it does get a bit too hot. My son got his first sunburn two weeks ago too - not too bad but it peeled and he freaked out a bit over that. I burnt my knees last weekend which kind of created a few special effects, but I'll leave that to your imagination! Thanks for the brew!

  8. Amazing pics..... I am itching for some beachyness and not just our local tiny one either! Couple more weeks! I do think of you and chuckle when I have a fine at our library! I am so proud of you!!

  9. i'm lovin' your summertime pics! fun fun!

  10. Beautiful Pictures....just stunning....slightly better weather than the Aussie Winter I am in xx

  11. love those photos! and the poloroid effect???
    i use picnic all the time and have never seen it!
    and also, my whole coffee post is to you today..he he!
    glad you had fun at the beach, lady.

  12. ps love that photo of you!
    you are lovely

  13. Cute pictures, but what is the poloroid effect on picnik, because I haven't seen it!


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