Friday, July 1, 2011

Throughout my six and a half years of parenting, I have come to realize a few things; at the top 
of that list is that this parenting job is hard. Hard, hard, hard. 
Rewarding and wonderful and fulfilling? Yes. And hard.
One thing specifically on my mind this week is that although having babies and littler
kids is physically exhausting,once they move out of the physically exhausting stage you move
 on to the mentally exhausting stage. The stage I/we will probably be at forever now, huh? 
Sunset from a few nights ago...I was so happy to see the sun go down, to know the day was nearly over, quiet time was near and the chance for a new and better day tomorrow.

The arguing the talking, the questions, the explaining, the whining, the teasing, all of it,
 day in and day out exhausts me. And sometimes gets the best of me.
It's been one of those weeks...not terrible, nothing out of the ordinary, just exhausting. 
The kind where I am repeating myself over and over, cussing under my breath and fantasizing about running away from it all--if only for a weekend.

I suppose you didn't come here just to hear me whine though, huh?
So what have we been up to this week, anyway?
Well, today we knocked another one off of the Summer List, I think we are making a
pretty good dent in our list so far.
We tie-dyed t-shirts today; red, white and blue. 
It was messy and I didn't have gloves so I'm thinking my hands might be permanently stained red...
but it was fun and we did make some cool shirts.

We made one for Eric too and I might just tell him that I made an appointment for us to all to
 get family pictures taken this weekend in our matching shirts...hahaha.
 I can't wait to see the look on his face, I know he will be panicking on the inside.
What else?
Ice cream.
The kids cannot get enough ice cream and popsicles in this weather.
 I don't blame them, I don't get real hungry for ice cream myself until summer hits.
Dilly bar anyone? Yes, please.

Happy Friday to everyone, hope you have a great weekend!
Now tell me, what your plans are for this big holiday weekend...? 
It is supposed to be super hot and humid here with a little chance of rain, fingers crossed that
it doesn't affect the fireworks. I love fireworks and probably look forward to them even more than the kids do. We are also looking forward to cooking out, spending some time at the cabin...
and I'll be hanging with these crazies all weekend while trying to hold on to my sanity:

Lord, give me strength.


  1. I don't think that you were necessarily whining-- just venting a little, and after all, you're human. I am impressed that you've done so many things on your list with the kids!! I'm worn out, too, by the bickering amongst my two-- its a newer development, and I'm learning how to mediate and also let them work it out for themselves. I love your red, white and blue tie dyes! We don't have big plans fir this weekend other than going to our pool club, seeing family and having a small,kid-oriented fireworks show in our driveway with a few of the kids friends. Weather is supposed to be nice here. Enjoy your holiday weekend, and I'm sure I'll see and hear about it on Virtual Coffee, if not before!

  2. oh honey, i've experienced nothing quite like raising my babes. it's no picnic, that is fo sho!! have a great weekend and have fun taking pics in your matching tees ;) my husband would just be doing cartwheels over that request! ha!!


  3. Ah yes. I know this feeling all too well. I'm hoping a long weekend with Daddy home will help rejuvenate us all :-)

  4. all that life can certainly get the best of me too friend.
    i love leaving theta house at night.
    even if it's just to go pick reedo and i up a cheap dinner.
    that helps me to take a breath.

  5. we've got no real big plans for this weekend. but a dear, dear friend of ours is expecting her 2nd any day now (literally) and so my mom and sis are going to be there while i watch her little girl:)
    should be fun.

    i love that first picture!
    nothing like catching a beautiful sunrise on camera.

  6. We all have days, weeks, and even sometimes months like that:)

    Love those shirts. . .that's something we have never done. . .not sure I could deal with the mess.

  7. Hard is an understatement. Lovely photos.

  8. you deserve an award for starting a project like that. momma of the year award or something. happy weekend to ya.

  9. Oh Amy, it is exhausting, at every age. Mine are 23 (and she lives in another country) and 17, and they are great, great, great girls...no trouble, but it's STILL exhausting. The word I always used was relentless...it just doesn't end. Which, I believe is a good thing. And which is why we also have blogging and Pinterest, and friends and wine.

  10. I just had one of those weeks too. It is tough and if you can keep the cussing under your breath you are still a step ahead. They just suck the energy out of you to a point of exhaustion that you feel like you will flip out any minute. I thought parenting would be difficult for other reasons, not the 24/7 noise. The fighting, the whining, just the non stop speaking. Sometimes you just need quiet. And then, when it is quiet you just want to hear them...


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