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Friday, July 22, 2011

The story behind the pictures::

don't the pictures make it look just dreamy?
what awesome kids.
what a great mom...why couldn't I be more like that?
no fighting, entertained for hours.
she has it all together.

Well, she doesn't. I don't.
It wasn't dreamy.
There was fighting.
They are awesome, of course, but far from perfect.
Wyatt was walking around the little "library" on all fours, lifting his leg and pretending to
pee on Charlotte's book displays.
They were entertained for all of 15 minutes.

I am not here to try and make my life look better than it is.
Easier than it is.
I could have just showed you the pictures and left it at that.
I was mentally exhausted by the end of yesterday, too lazy to even  make my dirty kids bathe.
This is my life and it's good even when it's not.
And I tell myself that all the time, just so I won't forget.
Now I am off to make some coffee and eat breakfast and rejoice in the fact that it is Friday.
Have a great day everyone!


  1. Thanks for the explanation, Amy. It *does* look dreamy and perfect, and I'm thankful to hear that the awesome work and planning and effort you put into a special time for your kids was just as "perfect" as those times are in my home.
    Thanks for keeping it real! :)

  2. You are an awesome mom because you put the whole library thing together in the first place and had a camera. I have thoughts of it but at the first sign of the kids bickering, I give up. Good for you for doing it!

  3. I love seeing the "real" side of things, since usually so many blogs just show the "perfect" things. It's hard for us (or me, at least) to share our true struggles and hard times with the blog world, because who knows is reading, right? But I think it's good to do a "real" post like this because then someone might realize that it's ok to not be happy and perfect all the time.

    All things aside, these pictures show how much you love your kids that you would put this together for them, and that they at least played along for a little bit! You're an awesome mom, and they'll appreciate this when they are older!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Yay for Friday. And yay for beautiful pictures, even on the not greatest of days. :)

  5. Oh I had the same kind of day yesterday ending with a screaming match with a 4 year old. I'm so happy it's Friday!! Atleast you have those great pictures and down the road you can pretend it was a fun, special day :)

  6. I am so glad you posted this. I love the pictures, of course, but it is nice to know that there are people out there that dont' 'have it all together'. lol. Sometime I read posts, and I'm like, "really?". lol. I know people look at me sometimes and go, "It must be nice." Ha. I'm like..."Yeah, you don't know the half of it." lol. Thanks for posting! :)

  7. i love you and the fact that you shared that wyatt was dog peeing on the books. THAT is why you are one of my all time fave ladies.

  8. You always seem to keep it real Amy, that's what we like about you! My post on my main blog yesterday was called "trying to keep it real." Key word - trying. I'm always a bit afraid to let all the ugliness of life show, but we've all been there! Your photos show that you can find the glorious even in those not so glorious moments!

  9. I love this. Thank you for being YOU!

  10. Thank you for not posting just the pictures and making me want to beat myself up for being a boring mom :) Much appreciated.

  11. i totally thought you went to the real library ;)

  12. Love the pictures and love your honesty!

  13. This post made me laugh, i love LOVE how you are so honest, thank you. Some amazing photos, how cute is Charlotte in her sweet little glasses. You are an amazing Mum, they are lucky to have you. But seriously what kids don't missbehave. I always used to fight with my brother but 20 odd years on we are the best of friends now. Enjoy your weekend xxx

  14. I love the back story!
    these photos are precious beyond words anyway!!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, so real. someday I hope to meet you guys!

  15. Lovely pictures, Amy...and yes, thanks for keep'in it real by sharing the back story. :-)

    Happy Friday...


  16. Totally enjoyed this post!! My favorite pics have to be the knee all "band-aided" up and the pup peeking out from behind the book!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  17. Loved this!!! Beautiful pictures, and funny ending. Thank you for keeping it real. :)

    I linked this in my "Friday Five" over at Kate's Library. Have a great weekend!

  18. This is an amazing blog post.
    Thank you.

    Amen. :)

  19. Thanks for the "real" post. I'm feeling the same way-- a lot of precious, fun moments with the kids, interspersed with sibling bickering and whining and demands and talking my ear off!! The photos are nice!

  20. Ha, that's hilarious. I was thinking as I looked thru your dreamy photos: how does she DO that????

    Thanks for the disclaimer!!! I'm still giggling....

  21. how I love this post!!! Life is not always perfect, in fact it is NEVER perfect...
    just relish and enjoy it for all it is, the good and the bad!

  22. "it is good even when it's not." speaks volumes to me!!!!! I think that is what I love about blogging the most... We can take time to reflect and remember the moments. Every moment with them is so darn precious! Even with the screaming, yelling and chaos!! I happen to be in love with your library! I wish you guys lived close enough to come visit our crazy little library!

  23. Ha! Perfect.

    She is cute in those little glasses.


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