{Making Time For Date Night}

Monday, July 25, 2011

like most people, our date nights are usually a little too few and far between.
saturday night grandma & grandpa agreed (notice i didn't say offered)
 to take the kids for a few hours saturday night and although we wondered if we should save
 the night of babysitting until we really had something going on, we decided we really
 needed a night out together.
away from home. and any children.

we decided to drive to a little town about thirty minutes away for mexican.
i know, that's really a new one for us...but we do love our mexican and margaritas.
frozen margaritas in this heat really hit the spot, by the way.
it was the perfect night for a drive home through the country, so we took the long way home.
i love driving along the country roads lined with cornfields on both sides, no street lights,
the sky completely dark so you can see all the stars.

i think date nights are really important,
 to be able to have a block of uninterrupted time together, just the two of us.
 sure, it's hard to make the time, to find someone to keep the kids and all that,
 but i think they are so very necessary and we try to make them a priority as often as we can.
so thank you grandma & grandpa.

 ps- next time they are spending the night!

happy monday, y'all!


  1. Glad you had a lovely evening, you look gorgeous by the way xxx

  2. Beautiful gal, beautiful night! So glad you took that time. It's so important! :)

    Have a fabulous week!

  3. Ohmygoodness, it's so something we need to do_ date nights. It is hard to find someone to watch our kids etc...and so we have to be really creative nabbing that time alone.

  4. Date nights sure are important. Sure would make it easier if the grandparents would just offer every once in a while though. I hate asking (imposing) but ya gotta do it!

  5. Date Night, you forget how important it is to be alone with your husband every now and again! I love driving along country roads too.

  6. What a great time, Mexican and margaritas are always a good time. Glad you were able to have a date night together :)

  7. it's very important!
    we never have anyone to watch our girls but lately Savannah will babysit ava for an hour while we run out for lunch, always during the day and I am paranoid and we text and send each other videos the entire time!
    great photos, love your documentary!

  8. Oh my! Those pictures just took my breath away! beautiful!!

  9. you look so pretty. your style is really cute. what a lucky guy to be out with such a special mama. looks like you guys had a nice evening. i agree that it is so important, and also wish it happened more often for us. dont you want to VOW to always offer that chance for your own kids to go out and get a break?

  10. I agree 10000%. Date nights rock! So important. You look beautiful! Glad you had such a nice evening w/your hubby. :)

  11. this post is so sweet.
    love your creative layout.
    and also...you NEED to have california "mexican"
    you will never be the same.

  12. I'm a little jealous.. I need a date night SO BAD! And we love Mexican food! Yummmmm!

  13. date nights are so good! we're not very good about prioritizing either...now i wanna go on a date!

  14. You can never have too many date nights with your honey...


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