Dream Small.

Friday, August 5, 2011

My theory; dream big but dream small, too.
Because we all need small attainable dreams, right?
So here is my small dream-come-true...
accidentally finding a photo booth in St. Louis. a real old-school photo booth.

I was so happy to see this photo booth, you have no idea.
With the stool to sit on that you can raise and lower by turning it.
A mirror on the outside.
Real black and white pictures that come out still wet.
And that same old rotten egg smell.
I could've posed all damn day.


  1. That. is. so. cool, AmY!

    I remember REMO in Sydney used to have an old fashioned photobooth and in my early 20s I would take a strip there every other month. I LOVE the process of the photo booth.

    You won't be able to keep away now... x

  2. Oh how cool! I would've posed all damn day too ;-)

  3. how COOL!! that is just the most fun ever!

  4. How awesome!!! I want to find one....

  5. I haven't seen one of those photo booths in years!!! I remember going in them with my dad when I was really little. They are some of my most treasured pictures.

  6. soooooooo awesome!
    what a great find!

  7. You're in St. Louis?! That's where I live! :) And where did you find that photo booth? LOVE!

  8. I love those things! We are on vacation and that is my fav. thing to do is have the family cram in there and get our pictures taken every year together. It is the best memento to out yearly beach vacations!

  9. Im so sad to say that I haven't taken any pictures in a photo booth. Sad I know. Now I want to find one and start posing. Loved your post - found you at yep, they are all mine :)

  10. so fun. who doesn't love a good old fashioned photo booth! happy weekend girlie.

  11. the photo booth is actually in the city museum in st. louis...a whole post coming on that awesome place later!!


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