Not here...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I am not technically here today but over here.
Come check it out...and more of Kim's little space, you'll be glad you did.
I will check back later in the week but I am taking a little time off.
Peace out.


  1. I love the Lightning McQueen undies. My son is all about superheroes-- we bought an 8-pack. On your inspiration, perhaps I'll see if I can capture a view of the big boy undies-- or not. I may just enjoy your shot of this precious time! See you when you return!

  2. HA! E has those same underpants and when he wears them he runs around yelling "I'm faster than fast."

    Have a great break!

  3. a little break is good for the soul!
    but i DID miss YOU on my little break....just sayin'

  4. loved following you elsewhere- flippin target & holey slip & slides- same the world over!!

    melissa xx

  5. I went over to Kim's for a visit. ;-)


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