Ten On Ten

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wow, August 10 already?
I guess it's true so here is this month's installment of Ten on Ten...

{where I started my day this morning, the back patio. }

 { wyatt's school supply list i encouraged made him copy off of the school website} 

{ my $7 shoes }

{ one of charlotte's 1.5 million stuffed animals }

{new converse for school }

{ one of the rare moments they weren't fighting or clowning today. granny was not amused. }

 { i heart photo booths }

{ love those blue eyes! }

 { freudian slip? i actually meant to say amy is GOING crazy...}

{ evening sky }

There ya have it, folks.
Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!
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  1. Awesome pics Amy....a great Target one!

  2. Well Amy you know I always love your shots. Target was as realistic as they come. Add in some occasional popcorn... LOVED the last shot!

    PS. I use photobucket to get that size.


  3. Nice set Amy! I love photo booths. The back patio looks wonderful and look at those gorgeous blue eyes!

  4. i love these kinds of posts...random and just part of the your everyday. great pics as always.

  5. Beautiful! You have such a great way of capturing pictures. I looove your shoes!

  6. I LOVE your set!!! Just great!!!

    PS: my kiddos, in BRAZIL, do the same as yours at the supermarket! How crazy is that???

    Kisses and blessings.
    (on the 10 on 10 since last March)

  7. wow, great captures! thanks for sharing your day!

  8. what a great ten on ten! the photo booth line-up is too cute - love your shots!


  9. love the target one. . .especially the part about granny! having just left my parents home, I can so relate!

    School supplies. . .SOOO don't want to go there!

  10. What a gorgeous selection! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful day!

  11. hi Amy, love your shots, and you know i really love your coffee shot. I'd love to use it on coffee|served daily, if you'd like to send it to me. kim@tbdesign.com. leaving on vacation next week (unplugged) and would be thrilled to post it while I am gone. happy end of summer. Kim

  12. Hey, we have 1.5 million stuffed animals too. I love the Target shots and Miss Charlotte's darling profile.

  13. Ha - tried on those same shoes (ended up buying a very similar blue stripe pair). It's back to school time....gotta love Target. Great images.

  14. I love the back patio, the evening sun, and those Chucks.

    Great 10, Amy.

  15. I love the evening sky pic. Ahhh Pokemon! I hear about Pokemon at least 3 times a day, I have no idea what he's talking about, but someday it will be about girls at school and what college to go to and if he can borrow the car, so I listen!

  16. One of my favorite sets! Love all the gorgeous shots of your kiddos. And back to school Chucks rock!


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